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Four months ago, The Michael J. Fox Show premiered, and I wrote a review covering the first two episodes. Thirteen episodes later now, I am going to share some of my thoughts over the first fifteen episodes of the season.

Over the summer, there was much anticipation for Michael J. Fox's return to television. On September 26, the show premiered, and its first two episodes were thoroughly entertaining. The next few episodes, while enjoyable, were nothing outstanding, although this is when we met the character of Susan Rodriguez Jones, who is very funny. The episode of "Golf" was very good, but then the show went back to being enjoyable, but not at all a must-see. The episode "Christmas" then was another very good episode.

The show got better in January. In the first two episodes of the new year, Harris and Leigh had a brief relationship, which I enjoyed. In the following two episodes, Mike and Annie were both very entertaining (together in "Couples", and individually in "Sochi") and we saw some depth from Eve.

Now let's look at the characters. Mike is always getting himself into awkward situations, and he does so perfectly. In fact, a lot of the time, that what makes the show's great episodes great. Annie is funny a lot of the time, such as in the most recent two episodes, other times, she seems to be just there. Ian can be funny; his quirkiness is enjoyable, and it was hilarious in the episode "Couples" when Graham walked in on him watching porn, and then tried to talk to Graham about it. Eve I still can't decide whether I like or not, is she hilarious or annoying? Graham was the highlight of many of the earlier episodes, such as when he got rid of the things he had never seen his parents use because they got rid of some of his toys, but recently he hasn't been quite as funny. Leigh, I have to say, just might be my favorite character on the show. She is very funny, except for in the last two episodes, where she has actually been very bland. Harris is also very enjoyable, especially in the episodes "Party" and "Couples".

The season still has seven more episodes, and it will resume at the end of February. What I am hoping is that Leigh and Graham will both find their old funny again and that Mike will continue to get himself into awkward situations. Also, I want to be able to decide on what I think of Eve!

Glancing at the ratings of the show, and, if you enjoy the show, glancing is all that you want to do regarding the show's ratings, if even that, it looks as if it will be canceled by the end of the season. But, one thing to remember is that the show is on NBC, and NBC makes some strange decisions sometimes, so it is possible, because NBC loves Michael J. Fox, that they will give the show like a 13-episode second season where they totally revamp the show and it is a total failure. But, looking at the ratings logically, the show will be canceled.

Overall, the show seems to be not bad, but not great either. I enjoy watching it, but I often get lazy and don't on Thursday nights; I just watched "Sochi" today and "Couples" yesterday, and it was nearly January by the time that I watched "Christmas" (although I was quite busy in early-to-mid December, so...). I will try to watch the show each week, but if it were to be up against another show I watch, or an upcoming one that I am going to watch, I would most likely opt to watch that show instead.

What are your thoughts so far on the first season of The Michael J. Fox Show?
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