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NBC (ended 2014)
Well, this is my third try at writing this article. I've been facing many technical difficulties that have resulted in its deletion before I could publish it. Let's hope that third time's the charm! (Sorry if anything looks at all funny.)
The pilot episode of The Michael J. Fox Show started out kind of awkward, but when it got good, it got good. I really liked the episode.

The characters of Mike, Annie, Eve, Graham, Leigh, and Harris were all really great! Also, Ian was pretty good, but he hasn't really reached greatess in my oppinion at this point. Kay I felt like there wasn't enough of to really judge. Anyway, I'm really liking The Michael J. Fox Show.


Ian: How would I describe Dad? He's from Pennsylvania. He's not as funny as he thinks he is.

Police Officer: Can I get you to sign an autograph? My uncle's got Alzeimer's.
Mike: Um, I've actually got Parkinson's.
Police Officer: Either way.

Mike: Did you get a haircut? It looks exactly the same.

Eve: That's actually a serious internal question. I'll find out what I want to blackmail you for and I'll get back to you.

Leigh: Those are the idea of waffles, more than actual waffles.


In "Neighbor", Mike deveolps a crush on a neighbor, Leigh pretends to be a single mother, and Eve has a friend who she believes is a lesbian.

I really liked Mike and Leigh's storylines, especially Leigh's, it was hilarious! Eve's storyline was pretty good, though awkward in spots. Anyway, I'm really excited to watch future episodes of this show!


Annie: What would be a "cool" side-effect?
Mike: I don't know. Anything Aqua-Man does.

Eve: So, please, no lesbian jokes.
Mike: I don't even know any lesbian jokes.
Annie: I know one but I don't get it.

Leigh: I'm so behind on this article for Us Weekly. If it was Us Monthly then I'd have more time.

Annie: You were talking in your sleep again. About Kelly. Sounded like you put up quite a struggle right up until you immediately had sex with her.

Leigh: It felt nice to have someone appreciate what I do. Even if it's something I pretend to do.

Mike: (throwing a peice of bread at Harris) Oops, Parkinson's!

Graham: Two hundred words? That's a lot!
Leigh: Finally, someone who understands me! I'm going to start coming to you with my problems now.


What did you think of "Pilot" and "Neighbor"?

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