The Michael J. Fox Show

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Sep 26, 2013 on NBC

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  • 10 stars from me!

    Been a fan of Fox since Family Ties days! I've followed him through his struggles, and triumphs! Kudos Michael! You're doing awesome! ^_^ I laughed throughout the shows! :D Thank you!
  • Promising Start

    Certainly a little rough around the edges but Fox is impossible to completely dismiss and there is promise here. The supporting cast are all chosen and certainly give this series a shot at working. Worth a watch.
  • Don't Feel Bad For Laughing at a Serious Disease, Because This Show is Funny!

    This was a good pilot. It had some awkward moments in the beginning, but then it got back on its game and was very good! And, not only is Michael J. Fox funny, but this show has a great supporting cast! Mike's sister Leigh is hilarious! His wife Annie is also really good. His oldest son, Ian was pretty good. But I really liked Eve and Graham, the other two kids. And then Mike's best friend and former-and-now-once-again boss Harris is awesome.

    This episode was great. Mike's storyline was good. I also loved Eve's storyline with her project. It was funny how she decided to take advantage of the sympathy caused by her dad's disease. Overall, a great episode!

    I wrote a full-length review of this episode and "Neighbor" because this was a series premiere, and the two episodes made up a one-hour event. You can find it in The Michael J. Fox Show community on . It is titled The Michael J. Fox Show Series Premiere and "Neighbor" Review: Back at Work.
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