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The Middle should have more hour-long episodes, because it allows even more crazy to happen. Remember the season four premiere? It allows for a good and high climax to the funny, something that The Middle can do very well, adding more and more layers to the initial problem(s).

It starts out as a simple trip that's going to be better than the previous ones, Frankie has decided that she will keep crazy from happening, and the family will have a normal vacation to Disney World. The problems start when Brick wants to make a stop in North Carolina to meet his online girlfriend, and Axl insists that his parents can't talk to him all summer because he got all B's at school (with a B- counting as a B). Later, Sue, who has been hilariously obsessed with this trip, wants to have a turn driving, She ends up ruining the driver's side of the car, with the doors not being able to open. Then, they reach North Carolina to find out that Brick and his girlfriend have broken up, and we get a funny encounter with her family. But, things are looking good as the family makes it to Orlando, that is, until they find out that their tickets are actually for Disneyland "You know, the one in California", creating the perfect ending to part one of this crazy finale.

In part two, its the usual one thing after another goes wrong, and it was great! Once they are eventually allowed into the park, Sue quickly passes out. Next, Brick spends way to long getting a mouse-ears hat. Next, Sue tries to find short lines for rides, which does not work out, and Brick thinks that he lost his hat, but, because it's Brick, it was actually in his backpack the whole time. Then, Axl gets in a line that they think is moving, but it's actually the line to leave. And that's day one of two, with zero rides. Then, they get a hotel room, and it's fantastic. It seems to good to be true. But, remember, this is the Hecks. The next morning--or afternoon, I should say--they wake up at 3PM. Franticly, they hurry to Disney World in an attempt to have at least some fun, but it ends up an argument. Mike wants to go to Epcot, and everyone thinks it's for beer, but it's because he wants to take Frankie to Paris! Aw, he has feelings! This was so sweet! Way to go Mike! And now I'm crying. So, they run off to fake Paris, leaving the kids at the Magic Kingdom to do whatever. They first plan on going their separate ways, but then change their minds and go on a bunch of rides together. It's a great ending to their short trip, and a fantastic way to end season five.

This was definitely the show's best season finale, and is number two to only the season four premiere for the show's best episode of all. I'm very excited now for season six of this fantastic show!


That's why I'm coming to you, the biggest failure I know.

Axl: Old people brag about the weirdest things.

Frankie: No one is entertaining any princesses.

Timothy: We have three different fonts to chose from.
Frankie: Uh-oh, he said the f-word.

Axl: Maybe we should just put her down.

Mike: Disney World: one. Hecks: zero.

Frankie: Do whatever you want, take your phones. I'm going to Paris with your dad.

Brick: Rides are way more fun than I thought. They have signs, and in different fonts!

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May 25, 2014
Recently binged watched this to catch up and I agree that this is a contender for one the best episodes. Loved every moment of it (but the first half was better imo)
May 23, 2014
i absolutely loved this episode and it also had me in tears when mike revealed the real reason he wanted to go to epcot! awwwwww
and the ending was so cute as well! i didn't want the episodes to end :)
May 23, 2014
This is kind of off topic, but how fucking cool will it be if Eden Sher plays Ms. Marvel?
May 23, 2014
Of course, she'd be a PERFECT Squirrel Girl if they had the 'nads to make that movie.
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