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How to get the show more highly recognized

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    Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on what we could do to set out to get "The Middle" more highly recognized? I think that's a hughe thing all us middle fans gotta all gather and poll for. I think we all need to set out to get it more highly recognized, convince more people and get more people into it, really increase the viewership more and more eventually. Wouldn't it be facinating if we could even increease the viewership up to say, 20 point something million or more? Anywhere in the 20 millions or more?

    "The Middle" is one of the greatest, most awesome shows ever and of all time, it really defiantly should be and deserves to be. In fact, I think it's also supposed to be, but the problem is abc does not quite give "The Middle" as much advertising and recognition as they should and probably are supposed to. So I think we need to set out to get it more recognized, well known, gain more fans and it it up to more larger and higher viewerships. I think the same also needs to be done for the other shows as well in abc's wednesday night block, "Modern Family", "Happy Endings" and even "Suborgatory". The abc Wendsday night line-up is the greatest comedy block of the week of today's times.

    While I know they are still managing to maintain their good ratings, which is great, I think it would be great to increase up to larger viewerships, gain more fans. They are some of the greatest shows, and I think we need to get more people introduced to them, convince more people to give them more decent chances and try to get them all just as hooked as us.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

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