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  • It's great! looooove

    I find it absolutely ridiculous that this show doesn't get emmy nods. It's just plain weird. And can you imagine Malim Bianik of big bang got nominated in her supporting actress role and the actress playing Sue Heck hasn't ever been nominated!!! 'Gag' She ought to have been getting nominations every single year. I will start a petition online next year for just this purpose. Yes I'm that vexed. She's a great actress and should get her due recognition.
  • one of our famiy favorites

    this is without a doubt one of our familys most cherished shows honestly the more and more time we spend with the hecks the more they remind me of my own family they all have those qualitys some u love some u absolutley hate about them its sweet funny and fits right in with our family i kindof have a thing for sue the daughter shes just so sweet and loveable u gotta love her i recomend that your family trys this family
  • We need LESS of Brick, and MORE of Brad!

    This was always one of my favorite shows, particularly for the excellent kid actors who all deserved Emmys (and the oldest two still do). But little, sweet, quirky Brick, who looked like a little elf with his high voice and earnest face, is no longer cute. He used to be my favorite character when he was little. Now, he's just a rude, patronizing, and terminally annoyed adolescent, irritated that he's surrounded with such incompetents. We expected this behavior from Axl, as he was suffering from a terminal case of teenage coolness, so it was funny and it worked. But Brick, who in real life has OI, was presented to the audience in such a way as to make us believe he's on the Autism Spectrum, probably Asperger's. I taught middle school special ed, and I can tell you that the writers hit the nail on the head: Adolescent male Aspies are NOT cute anymore, and they frequently come across as deliberately patronizing know-it-alls. (See "Big Bang Theory") The result for the viewer is NOT entertaining, as people in real life don't want to be around these narcissistic, overly-critical Aspie's, so it's not fun to watch them on TV, either. I agree with reviewer Cindy below who suggested they ship Brick off to military school; it would do his character some good. The best character on the show is Gay Brad (Brock Ciarlelli), as I will never get tired of watching him. Send Brick away, and let Brad move into his bedroom. Then let Mike have to deal with his discomfort around Brad.
  • Like it but 1 character doesn't fit!

    Yep, Frankie. Watch the 1st episode; the one where she gets her new driver's license in the mail. She looks like she SHOULD look for the character of a busy, frazzled mom (and personally, as a guy, I think she looks good there). But somewhere along the line she got glammed and is glammed in every scene, whether just waking up or having a hangover. Bottom like, she looks ridiculous. Plus her character stinks. When doesn't she whine? When isn't she unhappy? Also, her role modeling is severely messed up. Doesn't want her kids lying, stealing and cheating, but she does it all the time. Ruins the "comedy" for me. Love the other characters--they seem real and imperfect and they pull it off well. I gave only 6 stars because Heaton's character brings everybody down.
  • A very outstanding show

    I swear, "The Middle" is so funny. I love the show, but sometimes the characters are so annoying. Secondary, major & minor in particular. I love the main characters, they're really funny and cool. I really hope this show can end with Brick graduating high school. Now that would be perfect for the series. I always knew ABC and WB has the best shows. Honestly, one of the greatest family shows in television history.
  • Middle serial in India

    Middle season 7 is not broadcasted in love that anyone tell when this season be watch-able in India?
  • Dysfunctional but close family

    I stay up late at night to catch it! I look forward to a solid hour of The Middle before sleeping. Funny and it shows the family is solid dispite its dysfunction. Characters are on target with the exception that most daughters are not quite as sensitive and uncoordinated as Sue Heck but Eden Sher does a fantastic job. I really appreciate the humor in this family comedy.
  • Meaning middle class

    Why is this show overlooked by the Emmys for the unfunny and overrated Modern Family? Maybe because this show hits too close to home. The elite don't want to admit the existence of poor people in this country but this show proves with humor and sweetness that they do and are surviving just well, thank you. A true American classic.
  • Top Shows - Dysfunctional families: reality, reminds me of Malcolm

    Pretty consistent, messed up, hilarious at times, and how life is like in poverty. Favorite Character: Sue. I saw her in person too :D Early on in season 5, decided its better than Malcolm in the Middle and I love that show too, more early on though.

    Up until early season 5, 015 ep (09-14, July-August 2015) ABC, ABC dot com
  • brick sucks

    Its ok has its funny moments the only character I can't stand is that weird kid brick that stupid thing he does when he looks down and talks to him self and the way he talks and looks they coulda found a better actor to portray the character.
  • Love it

    I have binge watched this show and i love it! Just one thing keep Frankie likable, Do not overdue it with the screaming, nagging etc. I wille definitely tune in next season! let go to collage Sue Heck! Make it an other year of Sue!
  • Funny show but...

    I find the Middle funny but i cant take the Mom and her bad attitude ,screaming and nagging she is such a b---h, but still lets the kids walk all over and disrespect her. She created the monsters. I cant stand Brick. He is not funny or cute in anyway. If I had a child like him he would be in a special school. far away from home. Id like to smack him with a book. I want to break his finger off when he sticks it up for his parents to wait for him to finish reading something. He is to way over the top. Poor Sue gets nothing from her parents. I love Eden Shers portrayal of the picked on sister. I hope they start dressing her better for college. Not like a old lady crossed with a first grader like they do now. Charlie McDermott and Neil Flynn are hilarious. Send Brick to Military school, since the show is so much like Malcom in the Middle. I would not miss that character at all. I just wish they would turn Frankie into a less annoying character
  • Best Show On ABC

    The Middle is a really great show. I enjoy watching it on Wednesdays. It is funny, and it's not really one of those shows that are a very bad influence. It is pretty funny, and just overall good!
  • The Middle is at the Top!

    Great family comedy! Always meaningful with a plethora of important messages, hilarious and heartwarming. I just finished watching the 2015 finale and was brought to tears by Sue's classmates' AMAZING graduation tributes after having a good laugh over Axl's living room "clubbing" antics. Fabulous writing and acting by ALL, but I really have to give special kudos to Patricia Heaton and since I am older than her, I can ask this question,"where DOES she get the energy?" She really is a comedic genius. So glad you will all be back in the fall!
  • Funny show!

    There is something addictive about The Middle! The characters grow on you, I watched all 6 seasons in just a few weeks. Now I'm waiting for the next one! It's a shame it doesn't seem to be very well known, it should be.
  • Funniest Show Out There

    For the life of me I can't figure out why it hasn't picked up more awards. It's so well written & acted. To be honest it is so much better than Modern Family. It seems there are many who haven't heard of it, but once they get a taste of it, really love it. Every show is hysterical. Love all the characters. Keep it coming! It gets harder and harder to find a show that the whole family can enjoy together. The Middle appeals to all ages, thanks!
  • Never really got into it

    I watched some episodes both on ABC and in syndication, never really grew on me. everything from the characters to the writing seems a dull to me
  • Great Show always looked over by Emmys

    I can't understand why all three of the kids have not been nominated for an Emmy. I've always heard comedy acting is not easy. These three sure make it look easy. They are naturals. Boycott the Emmys until Eden, Charlie and Atticus are nominated!
  • Love this show!

    I absolutely love thid show. It is laugh-out-loud funny and touching all at the same time!!!
  • Amazingly Funny and Relatible!

    This is such a good show and I feel that it can be something the average family can relate to. They have the same family problems and eventually solve them. Axl is too annoying and I think he should be kicked off the show. Sue is my favorite character and I just love how naive and funny she is.
  • It;s a great show

    love the show , but clean up the house once and a while
  • The Middle

    Love this show never understood why it never qualified as best comedy on the air.. Perhaps too real for some people.
  • Great Show

    I love the show, especially the little kid. He is a great actor... Every night I look forward to watching this am a 73 year old and really enjoy watching the show and especially Brick...
  • Frankie's Appearance

    I have always enjoyed this show until the new fall 2014 season. What is up with putting heavy dark fake eyelasses on Frankie? She never looked like this in past unreal for her character. Her character doesn't have time for always character isn't glamorous. I watch the reruns but don't have a lot interest in the new season. I do however like the character of thing when will she succeed.
  • What's up with the sound?

    Love the show, but the way they mic the actors drives me nuts. The sound is too compressed and unnatural. Whenever there is a pause between lines, there is a very annoying rumbling sound like a fan or an air conditioner.
  • Mother's work habits

    I love this show and all the characters except the mother. While Mike brags about always being on time and never missing work, the mother is always late, leaves early, sneaks out in the middle of the day, and worst of all, routinely steals office supplies. This is, in general, such a wonderful family show that I hate to see her providing children with such a terrible role model as a working mom. Each child is wonderfully unique in their own way and a joy to watch and Mike excels as the strong, supportive husband.
  • way better then "Modern Family"

    Why wasn't the award for best comedy drama or whatever given to them rather than the dummer than dum "Modern Family

    I love everything about The Middle, too many to mention but I'll try, the acting by each one of those actors, the writing, . attitudes, realistic, down to earth views on kids, some successes, some failures, all dealt with love and caring. Sweet actors, able to make exaggerated situations funny and somewhat are they, I miss the show.
  • Dissapointed

    I would like to be able to watch this funny show in my home. But the characters take the Lord's name in vain so much that I find it too offensive to watch with my kids.
  • Lovely

    This show is so silly stupid, but in a very good way. just love it. especially the slapstick-ish parts of sue (sue). laughed my a* off.
  • The most relatable show ever

    This show is just a hilarious and realistic depiction of a modern day, type B, dysfunctional family. All the characters are so funny, I love how Frankie acts like she has busy work when she doesn't want to admit that she doesn't do much for her family. The way Mike is careless and just agrees with Frankie on everything. I love how Axl is considered stupid but he is the voice of reason and has moments of wisdom. Sue is just so hilarious for her positive attitude about everything (even though her acting is a little cheesy) and Brick is just so funny the way he can't be social and always has his nose in a book. Like this one where Brick had his birthday party at a library LOL.
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