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  • team Heck....

    I laugh every time.
  • The Middle Makes and Impact on The Canfield Family

    Our family cannot watch any other television program together. It seems others are just inappropriate for all ages. We enjoy seeing each character contribute. We have laughed and contnue to laugh.
  • Top Shows - Dysfunctional families: reality, reminds of Malcolm

    Most ep, havent seen recent ep much (09-14)
  • "Not Very Jesusy!

    I was watching "the Middle" tonight, and I heard the line: " not very Jesusy".

    As a Catholic Cristian", I am upset!

    The writers must learn to "Keep the Customer Happy", or lose Audience, and their Jobs!
  • It's a very cute show! (Whispers below face) Very cute show!

    I'm not into current prime time tv shows like I was back a long time ago. This summer while waiting for America's Got Talent to be on, I was introduced to The Middle. An Indiana family who are funny. Gotta like the mom who takes care of the kids & hold down a job at the used car lot. Girls would think Axl's a hottie for sportin the underwear in his house. Sure Axl plays the guitar, but I wish he could sing once. The last time that happened on broadcast tv (outside talent reality series) is a tie between Malcolm in The Middle & Complete Savages (both 2005).

    But the best character I like is Brick. Has the same haircut as Dewey on Malcolm In The Middle. Plus he likes to whisper below his chest (or as I call it, the secret word whisper)! If the family were playing "Password", Brick would probably say, "The Password is.. ".
  • The Last Episode

    I don't appreciate the disrespect showed on the last episode for JESUS and the way Frankie acted in church. My husband and I WILL NOT be watching this show ever again! This was totally uncalled for. JESUS died for our sins and HE is my LORD and SAVIOR and HE is NOT to be MOCKED. Read in your BIBLE: ROMANS 14:11
  • Hilarious!

    This show is great! Even though it's from the mom's point of view and it talks about how annoying the kids can be, I can still easily relate to it (I'm 13)! The jokes are so true to life, and the characters are really funny, especially Brick! It's nice to see a sitcom that makes home life look more real as opposed to peachy-keen and wonderful like some shows.
  • Magnificient!

    There are really good sitcoms out there; like BBT;HIMYM, ROE, Hope etc; as mentioned below; The Middle is a gem; I am in my early 30's and I love this show. What really touched me is there is no skin business and the show is pretty much clean. Other shows have got immse exrtra marital affairs, kissing, skin show to sell and make them attractive. But THE MIDDLE stands out of that. The best character, difficult, but Frankie is brilliant; Mike very natural, BRIC is outstanding; Axel & Sue they are immensely talented. Thanks to the team to bring this wonderful show. Please keep this show going.
  • Not Bad

    As a parent of grown children, I find this amusing.
  • This show makes Wednesdays the best day of the week!

    I just love this character in this show is so good I can,t decide which one I like better,I cannot wait to the new episodes start this september
  • Relatable, Quirky, and Plain Well Written. The Middle is a refreshingly funny TV Series

    Over the past 5 years or so, there have been many unfunny sitcoms. But for every few turds out there, there remains a gem. The Middle is that gem. The way I look at it, it's if Malcolm in The Middle and King of The Hill merged in a way. But the Middle has likable characters like Frankie, the mother. Mike, the dad. Axl, the oldest son. Sue, the daughter. And Brick, the youngest son. All of them get into awkward situations, and relatable or not they can all be pretty funny. But nonetheless, it may not be a screwball show or anything but it's still a funny in-depth look at dysfunctional middle america. And with out a doubt, it's one of my favorite shows on TV.
  • super funny

    love the show, soooo refreshing
  • BY FAR THE BEST SHOW ON TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My family and I thoroughly enjoy watching "The Middle". It is a highlight of our busy week to sit down together and share a few laughs watching the Heck Family. We can all relate to many of the characters and they help us to laugh at our own quirks, insecurities and obsessions. They are down to earth and they all have something special to offer. We hope that Axl commutes to college so that he can still be part of the show.

    Kudos to the writers and actors and actresses as they hit the nail on the head week after week. We have all episodes on DVD and DVR and watch them several times over for a quick pick me up!

    Best wishes for a long run and keep up the great week - your viewers truly appreciate your efforts!
  • Never miss an episode, it's too funny!

    Love the characters, love the show. My TV is set to tune the show in automatically every Wednesday. So Wednesday's line up is perfect; starting with the Middle. When the rest of the airways are clogged with "reality" it's great to have The Middle to thoroughly enjoy.
  • Funny, funny!

    This show is so funny!!! All of the characters have their unique quirks that makes them likeable, memorable, funny and it just works greatly for the show. I hope it gets a long run.
  • Nice Family Show

    What a nice family show I can still watch with the wife and kids. Makes me laugh every episode. Thanks ABC.
  • Amazing!!!

    Probably the best family tv show in recent times.

    Makes u wanna go live with heck family so badly. Seemingly normal family with everyday issues shown in a beautiful way. Kudos to the show writers.

    Recent episode S04E19 was the best of the whole lot.
  • I'm Still Beating My Fist On The Floor...

    from laughing that is!. Great show. Excellent characters. Terrific acting. Clean and damn FUNNY. I only wish it was on twice a week or an hour show. But then I also loved Malcolm In The Middle and Freeks & Geeks. :)
  • Soooooooo funny!!!!

    This show is freakin' hilarious!
  • (Malcolm in) The Middle...

    I'm not quite sure what to make of this programme. Is it a remake of Malcolm In The Middle but with 90% of the humour removed?
  • Patricia Heaton's Right-Wing Agenda Turned Me Off This Show

    I enjoyed watching The Middle in its first two seasons, even though it was a carbon copy of both Malcolm In The Middle as well as the Canadian sitcom Corner Gas. The stories were delightful as to remind viewers of how great sitcoms used to be. I especially enjoyed watching Brick, who whispers what he just said to himself. Axl, however, was too much of a slacker and Sue too much of a loser, like her mother, who just couldn't get a sale at the used car dealership.

    However, Patricia Heaton seemed to have gotten the knickers she wore from the series pilot in a bind, as she became the female Rush Limbaugh, criticizing Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke after Ms. Fluke advocated for contraception. I even wrote to prominent The Middle sponsor Volkswagen, requesting that they yank their advertising from the Wednesday night comedy. Even though Ms. Heaton later apologized, she should have kept her foot out of her mouth. Unfortunately, when The Middle finally does cease production, it will be marred by this ugly political affair instead of the quality episodes Ms. Heaton should have been doing.

  • Awesome show!

    Love this show. So funny and realistic!
  • Best comedy show ever

    This show should never end, and its very funny.
  • Best Comedy i Ever seen

    I love this comedy!! I wish it never ends!!!
  • They must have bugged my house

    While the show is laugh out loud funny, my family (one husband, four boys) and I have often squirmed in our seats while watching this show. Many of the plot lines could have been stolen from our lives. We recognize and identify with the personalities and the day-to-day frustrations (man oh man do I recognize the housekeeping that goes with being busy and being the only person in a houseful of people who is interested in things like germ-prevention and not looking like a hoarder :) ). I think my husband fell in love with it when he observed them using a broom handle to keep the dishwasher door closed (Yes we've done that and we thought we were were the only ones) when it was broken. But last night's Christmas episode really spoke to me for personal reasons. Well-done guys.

    I really wish I could thank the producers of The Middle for giving us a show that we can relate to--that doesn't paint the lower middle class as backwards, poorly educated, or crass and foul-mouthed. We needed this.
  • Best easy watched comedy ever!

    For me it places on alltime n1 of all comedy/drama series ever! I just love all the main characters. Took a few watches to learn to love it but i think this series is very very underrated to say the least
  • Modern day "Roseanne".

    Love this show. Love how realistic it is. Great cast.
  • Poor man's Malcolm in the middle

    The annoying midget mother is just that annoying. The dad is lame, not funny at least. Nobody on the show is funny really. Sue is fun to laugh at maybe. That's it.

    Nothing ever happens. Like literally. Way too high rating. It's ok to watch if you're really bored I guess.
  • Brilliant!

    Was very hesitant about this show originally as I thought it was just going to be another Malcolm In The Middle but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very different and contained so much original comedy. I definitely think it has got better with age and I truly hope that it can stay with us for a long time. I was so pleased to see Neil Flynn portraying someone else than the janitor (don't get me wrong I love the janitor) and it's refreshing to see him as a dad and family man. Always look forward to this show :)
  • It's just one of those shows were you're like, "THAT'S LIKE MY FAMILY!"

    Ahh yes, The Middle. First off:

    It's one of the most relatable TV sitcoms I've ever seen. It's a show I watch with my family, and one of the rare shows that we mutually like.

    PLOT: A suburban family in Indiana living in the middle-class.

    CHARACTERS: Sue is a darling. Every time she's on screen trying to fit in at school or no one remembers her name makes you feel so bad for her, yet it provides comic relief nonetheless. Axel is your typical teen-age boy, and Brick... well, he's a tad awkward, but that makes him even more unique. Frankie and Mike provide the more adult side of the humor. They're relationship is so realistic, it's fascinating.

    HUMOR: The Middle constantly makes jokes about living in the middle-class. For example, when things stop working (like the oven), they avoid getting it fixed and use it for different purposes. And those kinds of things are really funny, again because they're relateable.

    Do yourself a favor and watch this show.
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