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  • Funniest Show Out There

    For the life of me I can't figure out why it hasn't picked up more awards. It's so well written & acted. To be honest it is so much better than Modern Family. It seems there are many who haven't heard of it, but once they get a taste of it, really love it. Every show is hysterical. Love all the characters. Keep it coming! It gets harder and harder to find a show that the whole family can enjoy together. The Middle appeals to all ages, thanks!

    For the character of Frankie. Really? Lies, steals, cheats, whines, yells--doesn't let any grass grow before she has to let everybody know AGAIN how dissatisfied she is. Ok, I know it's a comedy, but I don't find this character's behavior funny at all; I don't find her to be the least bit nurturing or endearing--was that intentional on the writers' behalf? (Of note--have the same feeling of Patricia Heating's character in Everybody Loves Raymond--just a shrew!) If we were to talk reality, how would a lying, stealing, cheating, whining, lazy parent expect better from her kids? In contrast--I love Mike and all the kids--and I think the actors are stellar! Love their lines, their facial expressions, their delivery. Would love to see the kids go on to bigger things. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't watch at all. Ok, back to Frankie--here the house is supposed to be run down, in need of work, in need of cleaning, and yet "Frankie" is always perfectly made up with a new jacket every time she wears one. (Sue, on the other hand, wore the ugly heart coat forever!) Let's see--if Frankie is always supposed to be portrayed as airheaded, hare-brained, forgetful and overwhelmed, how is it that she's always put together? Um--doesn't really match the rest of the show AT ALL. Anybody notice this? Was this seriously the best choice for the role? Glad the rest of the cast/characters pull it together. Again, I know it's a comedy, but the realistic (dirty house, fighting kids) doesn't quite coincide with the nonrealistic (make up in bed, when she first wakes up, new clothes--even tho I'm sure the costume people make sure hey're ulgy, you very rarely ever see her wear the same thing twice--not REALLY like real life, right?) I like the other characters enough to start off with a 10, but the Frankie character brought my rating down to barely a 6.
  • Never really got into it

    I watched some episodes both on ABC and in syndication, never really grew on me. everything from the characters to the writing seems a dull to me
  • Great Show always looked over by Emmys

    I can't understand why all three of the kids have not been nominated for an Emmy. I've always heard comedy acting is not easy. These three sure make it look easy. They are naturals. Boycott the Emmys until Eden, Charlie and Atticus are nominated!
  • Love this show!

    I absolutely love thid show. It is laugh-out-loud funny and touching all at the same time!!!
  • Amazingly Funny and Relatible!

    This is such a good show and I feel that it can be something the average family can relate to. They have the same family problems and eventually solve them. Axl is too annoying and I think he should be kicked off the show. Sue is my favorite character and I just love how naive and funny she is.
  • It;s a great show

    love the show , but clean up the house once and a while
  • The Middle

    Love this show never understood why it never qualified as best comedy on the air.. Perhaps too real for some people.
  • Great Show

    I love the show, especially the little kid. He is a great actor... Every night I look forward to watching this am a 73 year old and really enjoy watching the show and especially Brick...
  • Frankie's Appearance

    I have always enjoyed this show until the new fall 2014 season. What is up with putting heavy dark fake eyelasses on Frankie? She never looked like this in past unreal for her character. Her character doesn't have time for always character isn't glamorous. I watch the reruns but don't have a lot interest in the new season. I do however like the character of thing when will she succeed.
  • What's up with the sound?

    Love the show, but the way they mic the actors drives me nuts. The sound is too compressed and unnatural. Whenever there is a pause between lines, there is a very annoying rumbling sound like a fan or an air conditioner.
  • Mother's work habits

    I love this show and all the characters except the mother. While Mike brags about always being on time and never missing work, the mother is always late, leaves early, sneaks out in the middle of the day, and worst of all, routinely steals office supplies. This is, in general, such a wonderful family show that I hate to see her providing children with such a terrible role model as a working mom. Each child is wonderfully unique in their own way and a joy to watch and Mike excels as the strong, supportive husband.
  • A very outstanding show

    I swear, "The Middle" is so funny. I love the show, but sometimes the characters are so annoying.
  • way better then "Modern Family"

    Why wasn't the award for best comedy drama or whatever given to them rather than the dummer than dum "Modern Family

    I love everything about The Middle, too many to mention but I'll try, the acting by each one of those actors, the writing, . attitudes, realistic, down to earth views on kids, some successes, some failures, all dealt with love and caring. Sweet actors, able to make exaggerated situations funny and somewhat are they, I miss the show.
  • Dissapointed

    I would like to be able to watch this funny show in my home. But the characters take the Lord's name in vain so much that I find it too offensive to watch with my kids.
  • Lovely

    This show is so silly stupid, but in a very good way. just love it. especially the slapstick-ish parts of sue (sue). laughed my a* off.
  • The most relatable show ever

    This show is just a hilarious and realistic depiction of a modern day, type B, dysfunctional family. All the characters are so funny, I love how Frankie acts like she has busy work when she doesn't want to admit that she doesn't do much for her family. The way Mike is careless and just agrees with Frankie on everything. I love how Axl is considered stupid but he is the voice of reason and has moments of wisdom. Sue is just so hilarious for her positive attitude about everything (even though her acting is a little cheesy) and Brick is just so funny the way he can't be social and always has his nose in a book. Like this one where Brick had his birthday party at a library LOL.
  • Love the Middle the best show ever

    The best, The best show ever. Every single one of the actors and actress are the best in their roles. I can't even find a word to express my appreciation for all the artist, writers and creators of this lovely show. Love every single of them. I would like to know what channel shows the episodes besides channel 5.
  • Best show on TV.

    I love it. Great casting. Very well written. All the characters play off each other very well. Great supporting cast as well. You will laugh and be entertained. What more can you ask for?
  • A Less Modern, Modern Family

    I love this show! Its my favorite one, along with Modern Family. I think the 2 shows are a little less modern than them though :) I always watch this with my dad! We love it!
  • team Heck....

    I laugh every time.
  • The Middle Makes and Impact on The Canfield Family

    Our family cannot watch any other television program together. It seems others are just inappropriate for all ages. We enjoy seeing each character contribute. We have laughed and contnue to laugh.
  • Top Shows - Dysfunctional families: reality, reminds of Malcolm

    Most ep, havent seen recent ep much (09-14)
  • "Not Very Jesusy!

    I was watching "the Middle" tonight, and I heard the line: " not very Jesusy".

    As a Catholic Cristian", I am upset!

    The writers must learn to "Keep the Customer Happy", or lose Audience, and their Jobs!
  • It's a very cute show! (Whispers below face) Very cute show!

    I'm not into current prime time tv shows like I was back a long time ago. This summer while waiting for America's Got Talent to be on, I was introduced to The Middle. An Indiana family who are funny. Gotta like the mom who takes care of the kids & hold down a job at the used car lot. Girls would think Axl's a hottie for sportin the underwear in his house. Sure Axl plays the guitar, but I wish he could sing once. The last time that happened on broadcast tv (outside talent reality series) is a tie between Malcolm in The Middle & Complete Savages (both 2005).

    But the best character I like is Brick. Has the same haircut as Dewey on Malcolm In The Middle. Plus he likes to whisper below his chest (or as I call it, the secret word whisper)! If the family were playing "Password", Brick would probably say, "The Password is.. ".
  • The Last Episode

    I don't appreciate the disrespect showed on the last episode for JESUS and the way Frankie acted in church. My husband and I WILL NOT be watching this show ever again! This was totally uncalled for. JESUS died for our sins and HE is my LORD and SAVIOR and HE is NOT to be MOCKED. Read in your BIBLE: ROMANS 14:11
  • Hilarious!

    This show is great! Even though it's from the mom's point of view and it talks about how annoying the kids can be, I can still easily relate to it (I'm 13)! The jokes are so true to life, and the characters are really funny, especially Brick! It's nice to see a sitcom that makes home life look more real as opposed to peachy-keen and wonderful like some shows.
  • Magnificient!

    There are really good sitcoms out there; like BBT;HIMYM, ROE, Hope etc; as mentioned below; The Middle is a gem; I am in my early 30's and I love this show. What really touched me is there is no skin business and the show is pretty much clean. Other shows have got immse exrtra marital affairs, kissing, skin show to sell and make them attractive. But THE MIDDLE stands out of that. The best character, difficult, but Frankie is brilliant; Mike very natural, BRIC is outstanding; Axel & Sue they are immensely talented. Thanks to the team to bring this wonderful show. Please keep this show going.
  • Not Bad

    As a parent of grown children, I find this amusing.
  • This show makes Wednesdays the best day of the week!

    I just love this character in this show is so good I can,t decide which one I like better,I cannot wait to the new episodes start this september