The Middle - Season 1

ABC (ended 2018)




Episode Guide

  • Average Rules
    Episode 24
    At Brick's year-end parent-teacher conference, Frankie and Mike find out that he might be held back because of 31 not returned library books. Meanwhile, Axl takes an aptitude test and it reveals that he is academically gifted and Frankie stands up for Sue when none of her teachers acknowledge that she is in their classes.moreless
  • Signals
    Episode 23
    Frankie points out to Mike that his social ineptness has been passed on to Brick, leading Mike to decide that both he and Brick need to be more social, and the Heck family BBQ is the perfect time to try. Meanwhile, Axl volunteers to clean the family pool in an attempt to get girls to stop by and swim and Sue tries to raise money for a local parish because her new friend, Reverend TimTom might be leaving in order to keep costs down.moreless
  • Mother's Day
    Episode 22
    Frankie tries to enjoy Mother's Day, despite her bitterness that Mike gets treated far better on Father's Day. She decides to go visit her mother for a few hours in order to escape, but discovers that she makes her mother wait on her hand-and-foot. Meanwhile, Sue steals a motivational magnet from a store because the message on the magnet enticed her to.moreless
  • Worry Duty
    Episode 21
    Frankie gets concerned when Axl's on-again/off-again girlfriend Morgan returns and tries to make him become the man she wants. Meanwhile, Brick learns what being a mother is all about when he has to take care of a baby chick for a science project.
  • TV or Not TV
    Episode 20
    After failing to pay the electric bill on time, the electric company shuts off the Heck's power. This leads Frankie and Mike to cut down on their unnecessary expenses, including their cable TV. The kids take up other activities to fill the void, but Frankie and Mike have a hard time figuring out what to do. Meanwhile, Brick and his other socially-challenged friends have to go outside for recess when the school library shuts down.moreless
  • The Final Four
    Episode 19

    Mike's dream comes to fruition when Frankie's boss, Mr. Ehlert, offers him two tickets to the Final Four. Unfortunately, Frankie's uncle dies and the funeral is set for the same day, leaving the two in a battle and Frankie making Mike choose what life event is more important to him. Meanwhile, Sue gets Brick out of going to a birthday party by impersonating Frankie over the phone, but the plan hits a bump when Frankie needs to call and tell them that Brick cannot attend because of the funeral.

  • The Fun House
    Episode 18
    Frankie fears for her job when a motivational consultant comes to get the sale team into shape. While Frankie is putting in many extra hours, Mike has to deal with the children and their issues, including making the house more fun for Axl and his friends, giving advice to Sue's ex-boyfriend and helping Brick with a school project.moreless
  • The Break Up
    Episode 17
    Frankie and Mike are excited when they find out that Axl has a new girlfriend Morgan and that he is in love. But just as the family is adjusting to his new bright outlook on life, Morgan dumps him, leaving him heartbroken. Meanwhile, Sue learns that she isn't the best babysitter when she looks after Brick and lets him watch a scary movie.moreless
  • The Bee
    Episode 16
    Brick shows considerable talent in his school's spelling bee, and Mike decides to train him for the regional bee. The family gets set to go on a road trip to Chicago for the regional bee when they realize that they forgot one thing—Sue's birthday!
  • Valentine's Day
    Episode 15
    With Brick at his first sleep-over, Axl on a date and Sue at her first boy-girl party, Frankie and Mike believe that they will have the house all to themselves for a quiet and romantic Valentine's Day. However, all of their plans unravel.
  • The Yelling
    Episode 14
    Frankie makes a deal with her kids, that if they do their homework and keep chores she won't nag them. Meanwhile, Mike takes a job as a night driver with Bob.
  • The Interview
    Episode 13
    Mike begins searching for a new job when the quarry is shut down for scientific research because of the discovery of a dinosaur bone. He soon feels like a dinosaur himself when he realizes the drastic changes in technology that he can't seem to keep up with. Meanwhile, Frankie helps Brick in his quest to be elected school historian.moreless
  • The Neighbor
    Episode 12
    Frankie feels that a fight with her trashy neighbor Rita is imminent when Sue has a confrontation with her sons. Meanwhile, Axl is asked to teach Brick how to kick a ball for gym class, and bribes him in order to do so. But later, Brick turns the tables on him and bribes him for a favor of his own.moreless
  • The Jeans
    Episode 11
    Sue demands that Frankie and Mike buy her a expensive pair of jeans so that she can fit in with the cool kids at school, while Axl wants a car so he can impress a girl. Meanwhile, Frankie makes Brick take care of Aunt Edie and Aunt Ginny's dog Doris for a few days in order to teach him responsibility.moreless
  • Christmas
    Episode 10
    While Frankie practices for a solo that she'll be singing at midnight mass, Mike takes over the responsibility of organizing the Heck's Christmas and tries to help Brick get over a sudden pre-occupation with death that's dampening his Christmas spirit. However, Frankie gets jealous when Mike does all the holiday chores she loved doing.moreless
  • Siblings
    Episode 9
    Frankie encounters three perfect siblings and vows to make her children stop fighting and become a loving family. Meanwhile, Aunt Edie makes a costly mistake at the quarry, and Mike considers firing her.
  • Thanksgiving
    Episode 8
    Frankie's plan to have an idyllic family Thanksgiving backfires when Mr. Ehlert demands his staff work over the holiday. Brick goes missing in a corn maze.
  • The Scratch
    Episode 7

    Frankie accidentally hits Brick's arm with a beer bottle when trying to get the trash out before the garbage truck leaves. But when Brick innocently tells his school that the scratch was caused by his mother throwing a beer bottle at him, a social worker comes to evaluate the Heck family. Meanwhile, Bob helps Mr. Ehlert shoot a commercial for the car lot.

  • The Front Door
    Episode 6
    When Axl accidentally breaks down the front door, Mike insists that, he fix it in order to teach him a lesson, which leaves the Heck house wide open for days. At work, Frankie needs to sell a car within a week or she will have to wear a dog suit outside the lot for promotion. Meanwhile, it's picture day at school and Sue is concerned because she has never had a flattering picture taken of herself.moreless
  • The Block Party
    Episode 5
    Brick's teachers tell Frankie and Mike that he is "socially challenged". Mike believes that enrolling Brick on a basketball team is a good way to get him to interact with others, but the idea falls through. However, when Mike enters the neighborhood block-party lawnmower contest, he realizes that Brick has some special talents. Meanwhile, Frankie joins a booster club in the hopes of raising enough money for Axl's football team to buy new jerseys, but Axl refuses to give his old one up.moreless
  • The Trip
    Episode 4
    Sue sells sausage and cheese samples for the school. All her efforts go in vain as the school fails to see this. Frankie demands her daughter fights for her rights. Meanwhile, Brick discovers love with his current girlfriend a little stressful as she bosses him about.
  • 10/14/09

    Frankie and Mike's romantic anniversary get-away is ruined by various family matters, including Brick being sick, Sue being lovesick, Axl just getting his learner's permit, and two psychotic aunts and their dog.

  • The Cheerleader
    Episode 2
    Trying to save her job, Frankie organizes a publicity stunt by filling a car with jelly beans. Meanwhile, Sue fails to make the swim team and realizes that she needs glasses and Brick starts reading his mother's romance novels when he can't check books out of the library.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Frankie is struggling in her career as a car salesman because she has yet to sell one. Meanwhile, Sue wants to become part of the school show choir, and Brick wants Frankie to come into school dressed as a superhero for a presentation.