The Middle - Season 4

Tuesday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Sep 30, 2009 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Graduation
    Episode 24

    Axl creates friction with Frankie when he won't answer her questions about his graduation party. Sue tries for the sixth time to pass her driver's test. Absentminded Brick is reminded that as class historian he must present a slideshow accenting the last four years of school.

  • The Ditch
    Episode 23

    Before starting her new dental assisting job, Frankie makes a quick stop to pay a late power bill. When her uniform white lab coat has the other customers thinking she's a doctor, they let her cut in line. But when a client shows up who was at the power company, Frankie struggles to prolong the ruse, leaving Dr. Goodwin confused. Axl's out to ruin Sue's perfect school attendance by convincing her to ditch school for one day. Dr. Fulton attempts to find the reason behind Brick's opposition to transitioning to middle school. Mike and Axl's fishing trip is ruined when the boat becomes wedged into a ditch.

  • Hallelujah Hoedown
    Episode 22

    Frankie's decided to get something she actually wants for Mother's Day so she clues in the kids so they can pass it along to Mike. After she keeps failing the driving test, Sue goes to Reverend Tim Tom for advice on how to deal with her bitter feelings towards her friends who passed and got their driver licenses. Axl gets some stunningly news from Cassidy during the prom.

  • 5/1/13

    Frankie decides to beef up Sue's popularity on Facebook by creating several fictitious "friends". Tag's latest read, Tuesdays with Morrie, prompts him to force Mike to listen to his weekly long-winded stories. Brick and Axl need to find homes for some baby bunnies and kittens so they produce a video using the animals as characters in a James Bond knockoff.

  • Dollar Days
    Episode 20

    Frankie graduates from dental assisting school but has trouble getting through a job interview. Axl's band gets their first paying gig but Sue, as Darrin's girlfriend, starts giving unwanted advice. Brick joins the Prairie Scouts which, in turn, lands Mike the job of leading the troop's camping trip.

  • The Bachelor
    Episode 19

    Frankie can't hide her disappointment over whom "The Bachelor" chooses to marry. Sue joins the school's tennis team and Mike tries to toughen her up. After their big fight, Axl and Cassidy try to figure out where they both stand.

  • The Name
    Episode 18

    To help out while Frankie studies for her dental assistant school finals, her perfectionist sister, Janet, offers to help out around the house. Axl tries to act cool when Cassidy's ex-boyfriend drops in unexpectedly. Sue wants to change her middle name so her driver's license doesn't read Sue Sue Heck.

  • Wheel of Pain
    Episode 17

    Frankie and Mike create a wheel of pain, where a spin lands them on a consequence, to get the kids to admit they broke the family room window. Frankie needs to suck up to Mrs. Armwood to get a prime dental rotation spot.

  • Winners and Losers
    Episode 16

    Frankie gets ready for her annual television watching of the Oscars but starts to worry about Brick taking a three-day school bus trip to Chicago. Sue decides to find out if Darrin likes her.

  • Valentine's Day IV
    Episode 15

    As Valentine's Day nears, killjoys Axl, Sean and Darrin offer their services to help guys who want to break up with their girlfriends. Mike's romantic text to Frankie erroneously gets sent to a co-worker. Brick has a problem with Frankie's handling of his school artwork collection. Sue gets a surprise when ex-boyfriend Matt invites her to the school's Valentine's Day dance.

  • The Smile
    Episode 14

    While Frankie and Mike worry that Axl won't get a sports scholarship, Brick pesters them for an iPad. Sue tries to prove smiling is contagious for her science project.

  • The Friend
    Episode 13

    Mike's upset when Frankie arranges him an adult playdate with a neighbor. Sue's Wrestlerettes are in for a fight when the school cheerleaders decide to take over cheering for the wrestling team. Brick has Axl wondering if he's intellectually stimulating enough for his new girlfriend.

  • One Kid at a Time
    Episode 12

    In an attempt to spend quality time with each of their kids, Frankie and Mike devote each day of a three-day weekend to one child.

  • Life Skills
    Episode 11

    Axl and Sue discover they're enrolled in the same Life Skills class, and to make matters worse, Axl is assigned Sue as his life skills partner. Dr. Fulton tries to teach Brick how to make friends. Frankie and Mike are forced to deal with an unreasonable insurance company when a tree branch breaks Frankie's windshield.

  • Twenty Years
    Episode 10

    As Frankie and Mike's 20th anniversary nears, Sue does her best to involve Axl and Brick in putting together a party, while Frankie worries that Mike isn't interested in being with her anymore. After Axl reveals the ending of a book, Brick goes into a non-responsive state.

  • Christmas Help
    Episode 9

    Mike finds out that the furniture he helped Rusty move into his garage doesn't really belong to Rusty. And once Axl discovers the furniture, he turns the garage into his own man cave. Frankie decides to get a part time job where she can use an employee discount on gifts. Reverend Tim Tom casts Brick in the holiday play and asks Sue to make cookies for it.

  • Thanksgiving IV
    Episode 8

    Frankie invites a couple of Marine's to celebrate Thanksgiving with them but her parents' constant bickering puts a damper on the festivities. As Axel finds himself falling for his tutor, he finds out his foot is healed and he can play in the big game. Sue looks for the person who stole the chicken head off of her school mascot uniform while Brick is totally absorbed by a book describing how "Love Story" was filmed.

  • The Safe
    Episode 7

    Frankie's first day at school learning to be a dental assistant doesn't go so good. Frankie and Mike insist Axl better his grades when it looks like his broken foot will interfere with his chance of receiving a college sports scholarship. Sue and Brick think they've got an item that will fetch big money from the local pawn store.

  • 10/24/12

    Halloween is especially scary for the Hecks this year. Frankie and Mike need to teach Sue how to drive now that she has her learner's permit. Axl is excited that he gets to vote in his first election but Sue's adventure in driving may put a crimp in his football career. Brick changes after eating too much candy.

  • The Hose
    Episode 5

    Rita's back and when her hose goes missing, she sets her sights on Frankie. Sue's first official road trip as mascot is coming up, but when she sneaks a look at Mike's paycheck, she reconsiders. Brick's sex education is covered at school, but Axl decides to supplement it with some graphic details.

  • Bunny Therapy
    Episode 4

    Brick's new quirk is a source of concern for Frankie and Mike who seek out the school therapist for help. When it's suggested that getting Brick to bond with a small pet will help, the Heck's find themselves with a bad-tempered bunny. Once again Axl finds himself in trouble as homecoming approaches when he can't figure out which cheerleader he's dating is in fact his girlfriend. Sue makes the decision to try out for school mascot.

  • The Second Act
    Episode 3

    Frankie heads off to tech school when she's fired from Ehlert Motors. The new school year starts with Axl as a high school senior. Sophomore Sue decides to mentor a new freshman. Head-in-the-books Brick upsets Mike when he can't be bothered to meet Mike's new friends.

  • Last Whiff of Summer, Part 2

    Frankie's nostalgic summer plans go awry because of Mike's slip up. Axl is forced to attend summer school while Brick and Sue concentrate on summer projects of their own.

  • 9/26/12

    Once Mike lets it slip that Axl is his favorite, Frankie's plans for the summer are thwarted. Axl is forced to attend summer school to re-take his English class. Brick attends to his summer tomato project while Sue does her best to engage Mike so she can proceed with her scrapbook.