The Middle

Season 4 Episode 19

The Bachelor

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2013 on ABC

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  • I know how Frankie feels

    When it comes to being a tv viewer, I get disappointed over results over things (game shows, reality contests & sporting events are exempted). I always hoping for something musical to happen & I get idsappointed over the outcome. If this was like horse racing, I'd lose my shirt (LOL).

    It was funny that Brick set her straight (of all the Hecks).
  • as Good

    First off, Sue was hilarious! Fantastic! Finally she found something she's good at, frustrating her opponent with compliments so she can win the tennis match! This was hilarious! Then, there's Axl and Cassidy. This was pretty good, though I feel like we can't relate to Axl as much as we could have. I did love the fireworks though. That was funny. And then there was Frankie being obsessed with something else on ABC. The Bachelor this time. This would have been too far with anyone else, but with Frankie, it made sense! It was very funny, and I knew something would happen with Brick because I thought it was odd how he was sitting next to her reading while she was watching The Bachelor. So, although odd, it did make sense that he would know about the show and be able to talk to her about it.
  • Just the Way You Are

    Frankie, I can totally relate to you. See last week's post, I was upset for days. But now, I can look at Cassidy without wanting to smash her face in. But Axl, you need to grow up, right now. One step forward and two steps back, Axl. After last week's episode, I expected better.

    Things seem to be going well for Sue. In addition to having an awesome boyfriend who really does care about her (he later tells Frankie that he only has eyes for Sue, which completely grosses Axl out because Darrin is not supposed to say Sue's name in front of Axl), she accidentally makes the tennis team. She doesn't do well, though Mike tries his darnedest to make her better but she can't help from complementing her opponents. She is just so sweet and doesn't care that she is losing all her matches. It embarrasses Mike, so he tries to toughen her up. But this fails because, in her own words, "I don't have anger inside me". But it finally works to her advantage (as I predicted); her opponent can't take the constant love and loses the match. Finally, the words that have never been spoken before via Frankie's narration, "Sue Heck She is happy and so is Mike.

    In the meantime, Frankie is obsessed with the TV show, The Bachelor and is sort of like me when I'm watching The Middle, though I'm not that bad. Frankie signs Axl's test that he received a D on (come on, Axl, you're with Cassidy now, you should try and do better), let Sue stay out past her curfew to make out with Darrin in his car (I could totally see Axl doing something like that, but Sue? and Brick had to pay full price for a lost library book, which is totally believable. But Blake picks Kendall over Alyssa and Frankie is devastated and mops around the house for days. Finally, Brick talks to her about the show and he tells her that it was probably for the best because Alyssa wanted children while Blake didn't so it was better that he broke her heart now rather than later. This is able to relieve Frankie and she can finally get some sleep.

    Now to Cassil (Cassidy and Axl) or as Sean calls them: Caxl, but whatever. They have a fight, though Cliff and Cassidy holding hands meant nothing to her and she scolded him for it later. Then Axl, trying to follow Darrin's advice of singing his feelings, but it completely backfires when the sparklers nearly set her house on fire, just as my friend predicted. Then, in chemistry class, they try talking, which doesn't go well because they don't really talk well together. Cassidy thinks Axl needs to think things through (which he doesn't do) and his excuse is that when he likes someone, he just acts. Later, in a horribly awkward scene, Axl thumb wrestles with one of his ex-girlfriends while Cassidy rolls her eyes in the background. Luckily, in the end, Cassidy stands outside Axl's window with two much smaller sparklers. He comes out and she starts to sing Bruno Mars's Just the Way You Are (which has already been done in Glee) and then they kiss, because Cassidy realizes that when you love someone, you don't always think.

    I did think that they were going to break up as did my friends but they didn't and I'm happy for the moment because it was such a sweet moment and I'm a sucker for the happy romantic ending. So I'm back on the Cassil bandwagon for a little while, but I won't try and predict things anymore because I'm always wrong. Which might be a good thing.

    This was a good episode though Frankie is crazy and takes shows way too seriously. I'm also pretty bad, but I have to get out of bed each morning. I liked how Brick also watched the show with her. His best line? Axl has a gift. For making salad because that is something he and Cassidy did together. Still, everything worked out which is wonderful. The only problem with this episode? It could have used more Sarrin because they are equally as cute as Cassil. I wonder what will happen to both in the future. Grade: A-