The Middle

Season 4 Episode 18

The Name

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2013 on ABC

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  • A Broken Bridge

    The episode that I've been dreading has arrived.

    I'll get to that one later.

    Sue fails her driving test (surprise) because she messed up in all areas. But she is happy about it because she is still upset over the fact that her name is Sue Sue Heck. She tries to figure out what to change it to and comes up with some utterly stupid ideas including Coco. Finally, she settles on Lily because that is what her name means in French, but right before it is about to be legally changed (after spending the entire day in the court house), she realizes that now her name will mean Lily Lily so she doesn't want it changed and the clerk says that is the most unique name she's ever seen so Sue will remain Sue Sue Heck. The funniest moment came when Mike came home and ripped down the celebration sign.

    Because Frankie has to study for her big final, she is overwhelmed by everything around the house so her sister, Janet (a great Molly Shannon) arrives to help out but she is so organized and is trying to get the house organized though that means bothering Frankie constantly which means Frankie can't study. But Janet does help Brick a spectacular bridge out of pop-sickle sticks but he only wants his mother's help. Then Janet has a breakdown because her own home life is messed up and Frankie wants to study and can't talk to her. Janet has sent her only daughter (the miracle baby Lucy) away because Lucy constantly screams at her and even bit Janet once. Naturally, she and Frankie make-up.

    Now to the plot that angered me and my friends immensely. First off, Cassidy is back. (Nice that they let you out of the big Axl is having dinner with her and her parents and is being pretty nice, helping them out and everything. And then everything went shot to hell. Pardon my French. The ex-boyfriend (yes, he exists, I was totally wrong, she wasn't lying), Cliff (Ryan Rottman) shows up uninvented. Cassidy's parents are thrilled to see him again though Cassidy isn't. In fact, she's sort of upset that he showed up. So Mr. and Mrs. Finch invent him to dinner so Cliff (not my mom's car either people) joins them. Then, even worse, he shows up at the school the next day to let Cassidy know that he is still volunteering to build houses for the poor. Though Cassidy says that she is no longer interested, Axl insists that she still go and he even joins them, but, just as he does everything in life, he half-asses the project so a wall of the frame of the house falls down. I knew that would happen. He should have tried his best because Cliff was super good at this sort of thing.

    Axl arrives home, furious and blaming everything else. He was trying not to be jerk but things backfired. Then he just looks at Mike and says the words we've been waiting for, "I'm an I start clapping. Mike agrees with this statement.

    Just as things seem to be working out, with Sue finally embracing her name, Axl bikes (he broke his car by being an idiot in the season opener and driving into a demolition derby) up to Cassidy's house to give her a rose (how sweet, he finally learned) only to see Cassidy getting into her ex-boyfriend's car. Why? That is what my friends and I are asking. I knew that they probably wouldn't last but to have them end (though they haven't officially broken up) like this; it's just devastating, especially since Cassidy told Axl that her parents took the break up hard and probably would have picked Cliff over their own flesh and blood which is just awful (though I'm sure the Hecks would probably have picked Cassidy over Axl). I have never felt so bad for Axl and that's saying something. It only took him four seasons to realize that he is an idiot. And he gets punished for that realization.

    The show ended with the most upsetting words a viewer can see: To Be Continued. It better be continued. Next week can't come fast enough. Please place your predictions in the comment box. I'm no longer going to predict anything because I despise being wrong. Grade: A- (despite all my issues with it, it was great)