The Middle

Season 4 Episode 15

Valentine's Day IV

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2013 on ABC

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  • Great V-Day Episode for The Middle!

    Great episode! Axl's plot was hilarious! Mike's plot was too! Sue was great! And then her and Darrin, awesome! The one thing I pretty much disliked in this episode was Brick and Frankie's plot. It was a bit annoying.
  • Not the best

    Well, at least they mentioned why Cassidy wasn't in this episode. She's out of town, at a wedding. Lame yes, but at least they didn't just ignore her as they did last episode.

    Axl and his friends, Sean and Darrin need some money (though I don't know why as two of them don't even have girlfriends and Axl's is out of town) so they decide to open up a break-up service just in time for Valentine's Day. So they spend the majority of the episode breaking up people and the girls react to the news badly. Finally, the guys realize that they don't like being mean and at the twelfth hour, they decide to change their plan and go to the Valentine's Day Dance to try and get people together but Sean and Axl run away as they are nearly beaten up by a group of angry girls.

    Valentine's Day isn't going well for Brick as he finds a homemade Valentine's Day card he made for Frankie in the trash. This upsets him massively and he begs Frankie to find him something that he made for her but everything he ever made for her was thrown out. Yet, apparently Frankie hasn't thrown out everything. Axl and Sue still have stuff around the house somewhere.

    Mike, in an attempt to be nice, sends a sweet text message to Frankie but it accidentally gets sent to one of his co-workers and that whole situation gets crazy. Jim (the guy who received the message) is touched, but then all the other guys get jealous and eventually Mike admits that it was meant for Frankie and the guys tell him that he needs to do more than that. Though he doesn't say the l-word, he still shows Frankie that he cares and finishes helping her with the dishes. At least that was sweet.

    Then to my favorite plot line. Sue decides to clean up after the Valentine's Day dance so other people can be happy. Then she gets a call from her ex-boyfriend, Matt, who broke-up with his girlfriend and will be thrilled to take her to the dance (he goes to another school). Naturally, Sue is thrilled but then, just as the boys realize what they are doing is wrong, Matt calls and says that he got back together with Sherry. Axl can't tell her because he doesn't want to comfort her and Sean can't deal with breaking people up anymore, so that leaves Darrin. Sue is upset but Darrin saves the day (literally). He announces that he will take her to the dance and so they go, though the dance is horribly lame with crappy music but Sue and Darrin liven it up some (he dances weird but she should know as he was her prom date last year) and he even stays to help her clean up and he says that he didn't just bring her to be nice. Instead, he actually likes her and they kiss, over top of the trash can. At least someone had a good Valentine's Day. Someone got a sweet, sappy plot line and no one deserved it more than Sue.

    Back at home, Frankie gives Brick a nice homemade Valentine card and though it is filled with meaningful messages, and he appears to be really touched, but once he is done reading it, he throws it away. That killed me, and brought the overall grade down somewhat.

    Still, though this episode wasn't that great, I haven't really liked any of the Valentine's Day episodes, as they included Frankie 'dating' Axl and Sue complaining about French kissing so at least this one was better than the last two years' episodes. What I really wanted and predicted is that Axl would continue growing up and do something sweet because he actually has a girlfriend this time, but because they mentioned her, I won't send ABC a nasty email, but I am not pleased because this show could have been so much better and Brick should have known better than to throw out Frankie's valentine. I expected better from him. Grade: B+