The Middle

Season 5 Episode 3

The Potato


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With the church van gone and the family car repaired, Sue may have to use the bus again. With Frankie and Mike's okay, Sue decides that she wants to buy a car so, to earn the money, she takes a job as a potato girl in the mall food court. Brick has been skipping all his classes at school, much to his parents' concern. Axl gets fed up with his terrible college roommate so he feels like the best thing to do is to sleep in his own bed at home.

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Oct 23, 2013
The Potato - stupid, stupid, stupid episode.Axl - if a student is paired with a pigjerk, don't schools accommodate switching them? If Axl is clever - didn't heusedto be clever? - wouldn't he have arranged to bunk somewhere else by now?Brick - aren't the teachers the morons, since they should know they don't have Brick as a student? Shouldn't the parents and the principal be proud of the fact that Brick is getting high marks in an advanced Spanish class?Sue - nothing new, still a Sad Sack who doesn't know when to shut the hell up in the game of life. Can't Frankie get her a cheap, used car from her former place of work? Remember, writers, FRANKIE WORKED AT A CAR DEALERSHIP?When did The Middle get so stupid???????????????????????
Oct 10, 2013
Another cute episode. The church finally reclaims their van from the Hecks who have been borrowing it for a very long time. Sue gets all excited about finding a job, but faces a moral dilemma (only Sue) when she has to wear a button that says she loves one of the baked potato place's products when she actually hates it. Brick is attending school every day, but after Sue told him that in middle school he'd be able to change classes after a while (a new period), he misunderstood and just went to classes that interested him. Of course Frankie overreacts with the principal, making a pretty funny scene when she's humiliated. You'd think she'd learn. Axl's found somebody who is actually a worse roommate than he is. But we never see they guy's face, since he's constantly playing computer games. I love this family. They know they're far from perfect, but they keep plugging along, and stick together anyway.moreless

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