The Middle

Season 4 Episode 16

Winners and Losers

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2013 on ABC

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  • Great Episode (While Promoting the Oscars)

    It's funny how much this show promotes other things on ABC, such as Dancing with the Stars, Castle, The Bachelor, and, now, The Oscars.

    Anyway, this was a great episode! The whole Chicago plot was hilarious! Sue and Darrin were great. Darrin's song was so hilarious!
  • It's better to sing your feelings!

    Where do I begin? With what my friend said, it's easier to express yourself in song than saying stuff.

    I'll get to that plot later. Because Brick is in fifth grade, he gets to go on a class trip. He's going to Chicago and Frankie is terrified about the whole thing. Brick is thrilled as he has never been to Chicago before (this is false because they all went during the first season so Brick could participate in a spelling bee). She even tries to volunteer to chaperon the trip but she doesn't get picked. She is upset about the whole thing as the whole thing is completely rigged as she put her name in four times. She is worried about him though Mike tells her to calm down as if anyone does kidnap him, after a few days, they will return him. Upon dropping him off, Brick pulls out this strip of gum and hands it to Frankie. And then Frankie forgets to pick him up from the school so he gets a ride home from the Donahues. Frankie was too busy watching the Oscars (yes, EW, this is shameless promotion, but somewhat realistic). Brick is upset that his own mother forgot about him. This causes Axl to say the Oscar for worst mom goes to Frankie.

    Now, the other plot line which was vastly more interesting. As everyone knows, Darrin and Sue kissed at the end of last week's episode and she is wondering what it all could mean, as crystal balls make people do crazy things. Sue is determined to find out if he really likes her or if was just some fleeting thing. So some major Sue flirting begins. And awkwardness ensues, from both sides. Sue crashes one of the band rehearsals in a little red dress and heels and nearly falls over. Naturally, Axl kicks her out, almost literally. Later, Darrin announces that he has written a song. It is easily one the funniest and most awkward scenes of the season, but Sue is so touched, she nearly starts crying. Sean and Axl think that it is the worst song ever.

    Everything comes to a head when Darrin (wearing the ugliest green shirt I have ever seen before) comes over unexpectedly during the Oscar Ceremony. Axl believes that he has to see him, though that is not the case. Sue invites him to watch the Oscars with her (and everyone else). Then Brick arrives home and Frankie goes to comfort him. Sue continues her flirting. And the just before the last commercial, they reach for each others' hand and Axl freaks out. We all expected that. And it is a major freak out. He forbids it and insists that Darrin is only doing it because Darrin feels sorry for Sue, though Darrin says that that is not the case. Then Axl says he will date Darrin's mom, though Darrin also nixes that because she just met someone on Christian Mingle. He drags his parents to their room and tells them the news. Frankie is delighted while Mike is not happy because he doesn't want his little girl to grow up. He then has a heart to heart with Darrin and Darrin is rather respectful, calling him sir and everything. Mike warns him that he works at a quarry and has access to dynamite. Sue and Darrin end up going out for FroYo while Axl rolls around in pain on the couch. Frankie and Brick look at pictures from his trip. She sees one from Wrigley Field and says that she didn't know they were going there. "No, just me," responses Brick.

    Overall, the episode was pretty good, despite them not mentioning the fact that Axl has a girlfriend and the inconsistency with Brick never going to Chicago before, but Eden Sher is utterly brilliant as Sue. Sue is also one of the greatest characters on TV right now. Darrin is also great and I like the two of them together so much, as he is really sweet, Frankie's words, not mine, though I completely agree with her. The only problem is now the show has two couples that I'm rooting for (Axl and Cassidy, Sue and Darrin) and I know that both of them can't last and it's upsetting. But, for now, I will take what I can get and enjoy the moment, because that's all you really have. Grade: A-