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  • This won't last long.

    First of all, this is ABC family, you shouldn't have these weird, more adult shows on here. Okay, no the review. I've seen many previews for this show and it looks stupid. I watched the pilot episode on opening day, is it original? yes. is it semi-funny? yes. but, I was right it was stupid. The directing was off, as if he didn't know what he was doing, the lighting was horrible, and the acting wasn't so hot. The plot is horribly unrealistic, and the show itself looks more like an ameture web cast, or youtube series, more than a Television Drama, Sci-Fi show. This show is midly entertaining, but, it needs some major adjustments.
  • Fun show. Constant references to past sci-fi and spy shows. Reminicent of Get Smart and Avengers. Despite the fact that it is on Family Channel, there are often sexual references and mild language.

    Fun show. Decent special effects for a cable comedy series. Matt Keesler seems made for his part as a milk guzzling, boy scout type hero.
    Full of constant references to sci-fi and spy shows of the past. It makes for a fun game to try and pick up on these references and match them to their source. Reminicent of Get Smart, Avengers, and X-Files.
    Despite the fact that it is on Family Channel, there are often sexual references and mild language. My kids like to watch it with me, but, I find I sometimes need to skip certain parts when they are around.
  • The rapid-fire dialogue will keep your head spinning

    After finding success in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre with Kyle XY, ABC Family decided to take another stab at the field with the superhero/comedy The Middleman. Based on the comic books of the same name created by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, the series follows the exploits of a super crime fighter who's motto is "Fighting evil so you don't have to". The Middleman (Matt Keesler) and his newly recruited sidekick Wendy Watson (Natalie Morales) do battle with menacing aliens, mad scientists, and evil Sino-Mexican wrestlers in what at times seems like a small-screen rendering of Men in Black. The series stands up as more than just a pale imitation of that movie franchise, though, as it offers fast-paced episodes with rapid-fire, witty dialogue and a sufficient helping of modern day youth-savvy heaped on for good measure. Supported by an excellent cast, the series started out of the gate pretty strong then seemed to stumble a bit after its first two episodes (shades of last season's Reaper). Still it is definitely worth tuning in for, especially considering the dearth of genre choices available this Summer.
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  • Interesting superhero show that has obviously had a lot of effort put in to it.

    I liked the pilot episode for "The Middleman". The episode suffered somewhat from the fact that it was a pilot and therefore required a lot of time be spent on establishing and back story, but this was unavoidable and handled reasonably well, they even managed to use a montage scene without over doing it.

    Whilst the first episode was a little rough, it was plainly obvious that extensive effort had been put in to it by all concerned in the production. I think they have set themselves up for the possibility of a long running successful series if they can maintain the level of committment and are given sufficient time and support to establish themselves by the network.

    One of the few problems I think they may have is in defining and capturing a target audience. It seemed to me that the show was intended as a children's show combined with something to entertain the parents. Whilst I am aware of the lure of attempting to appeal to two demographics, there is always the risk that such a strategy may end up being unappealing to both markets, and I think this show is more at risk of this than most other shows.

    Also, the producers seemed to me to let slip a good opportunity to inject some excitement and visual attraction in to the show by not having "The Middleman" use some sort of fantastical sci-fi transport. Instead, he drove about in a very ordinary saloon car. Perhaps there were budget constraints, whatever the reason I would suggest that the producers could improve the look of the show relatively quickly simply by updating one vehicle.

    In short "The Middleman" first episode was good, and it has convinced me to watch more episodes.
  • This new sci-fi comedy on ABC family has smart dialogue and is heavy on the high and low brow cultural references.

    I had no idea that this was an ABC Family show when i watched it (Tivo'ed by a friend). The content seems pretty mature - i guess more for teens. The 2 main leading ladies on the show are definitely easy on the eyes. And the dialogue and content is pretty good. I mean, there was a Simone de Beauvoir reference in the 3rd episode. There are a ton of music and comic book references as well. In episode 1, Wendy Watson, or WW, or Dubby, lists comics that she has read and it is very specific. As a reader, i got it, but i can't imagine most people would... eg. She says Flash and the bossman asks "Barry Allen or Wally West". She just rolls her eyes because everyone knows Barry Allen is the real flash. Wally West was 'Kid Flash' who later became the Flash. The strange thing is that a Barry Allen Flash reference is aimed at people in the late 20's or older (even 30's and 40's), so perhaps this show is trying to appeal to parents and their 8-14 year old children? So far, i like it.... we'll see how the season progresses.
  • For its Pre-aired pilot. The producers bring you a mildly decent potentially eye catching show. Mixed with cool CGI gadgets, from some gadgets which look exorbitantly fake and unrealistic to some which are just plain 'cool'. But can it keep us glued?

    The pilot started like any other, establishing characters for those who needed introduction to the mysterious 'middleman'. If you like TV shows like Torchwood, Doctor Who or some other whacky shows with weird gadgets and mediocre acting, this is the show for you. Although the concept is interesting the fact remains that you can't just take anyone off the streets and start making a TV show and expect the wide range of gadgets to help you get ratings.

    Although there were times I felt Nostalgic due to the whole episode looking as if it is a remake of a 1970s comic TV show, gang shootouts, apes talking and weird creatures taking over the lab. A little cliche but also a little Men in Black combined with Inspector Gadget.

    In the end I Suggest you watch this episode at least one then decide to commit yourself to it or not. Two things which irritated me throughout was the way the middleman swears and the Chandler from Friends like attitude and talking style of the main actress.
  • Summarizing this show isn't the way to give it credit. The Middleman is a scifi/comedy about a girl named Dubbie who is recruited by "The Middleman" to work for a secret organization keeping the average joe from knowing about extra terrestial threats.

    I love the middleman! This show is quirky, hokey, and little bit scifi, as well as a little bit comedy. I enjoy the characters, I enjoy the premise, and I enjoy a clever show [again, even if it's a bit quirky]. I hope they fine tune it and make it a bit more coherrant so it has a chance of lasting, look at Kyle XY! ABC family is showing it has a flare for family friendly scifi [which is a good thing] I only wish they could devote a little late night time for some not so family friendly scifi! I was shocked to find a show like this one and Kyle XY. I like Middleman
  • Clever and campy - I can't believe they want to cancel this show.

    I was mildly curious when the commercials for this summer season filler show started airing, but I gave it a try, and found it to be addicting. It is campy and never takes itself seriously, and that is a great deal of its attraction. The characters are interesting, even the minor ones, and the writing is clever. The over-the-top dialogue is a big part of the humor, and if you pay attention there are all sorts of side jokes in there. For instance, an episode featuring reports of a ghost in a sorority house on Ray Parker Jr. Avenue. I look forward to watching this show every week, and if the rumors are true that it is not being renewed I'll be very disappointed. Like so many good shows that have not been renewed (Moonlight, anyone?) and replaced with substandard drek, I am feeling like the industry is pandering to the lowest common denominator and all the good shows are being weeded out and replaced with bad acting, bad writing, and Reality-du-jour. The Middleman is one of the better shows on television right now, as far as its capacity to just plain entertain me and make me laugh, and I would recommend it to everyone seeking some clever humor to lighten up their week.
  • Not a bad show

    There have been some stupid shows to come out of ABC Family. Such as Wildfire and Fallen. However, next to Kyle XY this could be the best ABC Family show. At first I thought this was going to be another Flash Gordon. Highly awaited but doesn't succeed. Middleman is the most different show on tv. Nothing at all like it on. ABC Family has made a good deal in showing it. This show could actually surpass every single ABC Family show in popularity... maybe even Kyle XY. Any way give the show a chance. You won't be sorry for doing it.
  • Temp worker ends up in industrial disaster, meets strange man and gets railroaded into joining a Men in Black sort of organization. Very funny, probably at least intentionally cheesy with effects and stories.

    From the beginning, I had a very "Men in Black" feeling from the previews for the show, and after watching the first episode through Itunes' special preview, I have to say I am still not too far off.

    Imagine if you will, a cheesy 70's era science fiction show about a man and woman fighting against the weird and evil of the world. You know, mad scientists, aliens, genetic experiments gone bad; the whole package. Now up date it for the 21st century except put in intentional cheesy effects and goofy dialog and you have a strong idea of what you're getting into. The girl is jaded somewhat and is strangely unaffected by the strangeness that literally just sneaks up behind her one day. Cue the hero: the dashing, strong and well-armed middleman superhero of sorts. He refuses to use profanity and plays off of a boyscout or Duddly-do-right mounty-like image but is okay with killing a bad guy or generally abusing anyone who gets in his way. Put them together and there you go.

    Sure it's like Men in Black, except perhaps more what the 2nd movie might have been without Tommy Lee Jones and the other woman from the first movie as Will Smith's partner, but that doesn't meant it isn't a laugh riot and wonderful if you can appreciate schlock, sci-fi antics and silly dialog.
  • Very Funny. Once I got into it, It grew on me.

    I didnt know what to think the first time I watched it. I thought it was a little different. But once I got into it and appreciated it for what it is.... A funny show, I started to like it. I Have to admit, the first time I saw it, I thought that it was a little over the top. But as I have noted, first impressions are not always the right ones. I gave it a chance, and just watched it with an open mind. It is a lot better than I at first thought, and very innovative in the way they present a lot of the comedy.
  • Well what can I say...

    ... about a show that's some crazy mix of the old, campy Batman TV Series, Scrubs, Red Dwarf, Men in Black, The Avengers (yay for black leather cat suits!), Ghost Busters and Austin Powers?

    "It makes me laugh"? My only complaint is that it's a little too rapid fire, sometimes you don't want to laugh because you might miss the next joke, stressful watching! ;-)

    Meh and it can be a bit 'girlie' at times but otherwise it's fine, especially once they got going after some so so early episodes. Worth watching and let's hope it's back soon.

    100 words? Well that's a bind. Hold on I'm at 107 now! OK I'll stop at 113.
  • Great show with a good grasp of comedy.

    While it took a little while to grasp the concept, having not read the comics, Middleman jumped right into the action and is compelling viewing.

    The writing is fabulous, and the show is both corny and over the top - just as a superhero show should be.

    The pretense of Middleman is that Wendy Watson ('Dub-Dub', or 'Dubbie' to her friends) is recruited from her temp job by the Middleman, to defend the world against Aliens, Mythical Entities, Evil, Mayhem and things that go bump in the night.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this show, and recommend it to anyone wanting a good belly laugh- with the overly conservative, uptight Middleman and his wise-cracking sidekick Dub-Dub beating a comedic path through their villanous opposition.
  • From episode 1, when Wendy meets The Middleman and Ida to join the fight to same humanity, to the season finale when she is pulled into a parallel universe; she and her friends charm us with their humanity. No challenge is too great for friendship.

    This show offers an intelligent send up of all action TV. What makes it wonderful is that there is no blood and gore. The characters are comic book people come to life with personalities. They are real without four letter words. Love and friendship count for something. The plot lines don't matter because the solutions are from "out of space and time." This is "Get Smart" "007" "Startrek" rolled up into a good laugh. Everyone in the cast seems to be having a ball. Clearly the people who think up the gadgets must be having a hoot. Keep it coming.
  • Hands down the best-written comedy on TV, and hands down my favorite.

    It's a simple, horrid fact that anything more complicated than a fart joke strains the average American's brain, so I understand why "The Middelman" isn't dominating the ratings.

    But come on, people! It should still be a hit. It doesn't take an encyclopedic knowledge of superhero comics to laugh at "the Middlemobile", a lifetime of hardcore gaming to giggle at "Gutwrencher 3", or a political science degree to snicker at the paint-splashing antics of Wendy's PETA-activist roommate.

    And how big a rock do you have to be living under to miss the humor in a boy band intent on world destruction and intergalactic domination?

    So if you haven't seen it, try it. If you try it and don't like it, watch it again. It won't take long for it to "click," and the laughing you do once it does are more than worth that minimal effort. Trust me.
  • Campy, Sexy, Cool!

    This is a must see for any fan who misses the "Campiness" of Sci-Fi / Fantasy.

    I find it absolutely amazing that this is a show primarily directed towards our youth! Some of the references are funny as He_ _! "The Story of "O" " reference was hilarious! I am way too old for this show but it's SO MUCH FUN!!!!

    The characters are full of little quirky idioms.It's like opening Christmas presents each week! Hey, that's Kevin Sorbo or WOW! That's Mark Dacascos (hope I spelled that right)!

    The Middleman makes me miss Jake 2.0 and Firefly even more! I sincerely hope this show gets the respect it deserves.
  • a fun mix of comics, sci-fi, comedy and pop culture

    Now coming into this show, I had no prior knowledge of the comics that it is based upon and this show has already proven itself as being able to stand with out it. The show is like a perfect mix of many different genres. The shoe takes the basic points of the men in black and gives it a distinct spin. The show balances the genres of Sci-fi, comedy and pop culture extremely well. The references usually spouted by Wendy are the types of things many people would equate the things she sees to. Giant genius gorilla would bring up gorilla grodd for me as well.

    The shows acting is great, wendy has the tough girl attitude with the cynical tone but curious nature. She really gets to the point of things and points out the silly things that in other shows would be brushed off. The middleman is the perfect mix of the Captain America sensibility. he is all business but can make the occasional joke but they are in his own deadpan way and sometimes only funny or even logical to him. The show gives references to comics, movies, music and television in great ways. The dialog is great in that it really does spin into sort of speeches. the sort of things that no one really talks like but you can accept it from them because of how good it is. This show is like a science fiction mixture of Men in Black along with the cinematic nature of pushing daisies mixed with the dialog and references akin to kevin smiths viewaskew movies.
  • Wendy Watson is a "Temp Jobber" is recruited by "Middle HQ" to be trained in becoming the Next "Middle Man", With help from the current Middle Man and Sensei Ping's unorthodox training and endless list of life lessions" Does "Dubby" have what it takes?

    This show is great from the cheesy one-liners, to the old school 1950s 'esque "aliens and monster" fight scenes. Hell they even had Kevin Sorbo guest star... and who doesn't love the seemingly endless supply of life lesson's taught to us by Sensei Ping :) I just wish that (if/when) They bring the show back that they focus more on the "relationship" between Wendy and The Middleman. I like their chemistry (not romantically) just as actors. All in all this is a very fun show and it's sad that is was buried amongst all the mediocre "Cop , Lawyer, CSI" shows and never really given much of a chance to shine...You just have to love Cheesy Comedies... I know I do :). It is a great show and I really hope they bring it back!
  • Funny, Appealing to both kids & Adults, something for the whole family.

    I've read many other comments for this show and my thoughts seem to echo the current majority. The Middleman is a funny, witty comedy full of side jokes and pop references that delivers a refreshing change from the stale, unrealistic "reality" shows that dominate today's programming. I look forward to each episode like a kid waiting for the Ice cream man of bygone ages.. The mere mention of canceling this show already just makes me hang my head in sorrow at the current state of what networks pander to deliver in their efforts of bringing us quality TV. May the Middleman and Dubbie be around for years to come!!
  • One of the most intelligent and entertaining shows to have ever been shown on American television for kids and adults alike.

    When you think of the better TV shows and films of recent time, a lot of them tend to be oriented towards both kids and adults. This is no exception. One of those classic, smartly-written shows with enough going on action-wise to keep the kids entertained, yet enough cultural references and highly witty dialogue to keep the grown-ups giggling like the aforementioned kids. Like a 50s sci-fi B-movie, crossed with Monsters Inc. with a hint of Buffy thrown in for good measure, the show never fails to keep you entertained.

    Do yourself a favour and watch this series - you will not be disappointed! (Oh, and please don't let them cancel this show - it'd be a travesty against entertainment as we know it, dagnammit!)
  • Wendy and the Middleman save the world.

    Totally awesome. Fast-paced action with very humerous and witty dialogue. The characters are fun to watch and while their battles are funny in the way that all superhero battles are funny, they take the extra care to not take that so seriously themselves. And the banter keeps everything from feeling redundant. This show is the perfect addition to my Mondays. Wendy is snarky but not mean. She's lively and fun to watch. The Middleman is quite attractive, especially when fighting off the oddest things, and keeps up with Wendy's fast thinking wit. The roommate is just flaky enough to be likable. Noser is hilariously out of place but a great grounder. And who could forget the mean, humerous, and cranky robot Ida.
  • OK, This is like a taste of Men in Black with a 50's sway to it.

    It was hysterical and couldn't wait for more. Very original and good use of the actors. Just love it. Story of Girl meets your cookie cutter 50's version of "Average Joe" with Kung-fu training and uses the words like "Jiminy, and Darn" which it made that much more fun to watch.

    I can see alot of Geeks as well as Kids watching it. The two main Characters have to get to know each other through a series of mishaps or planned by the middleman. The female lead "WW" I thought was a perfect, with the bored about life demeaner. Can't wait to see where this show will go next.