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  • Temp worker ends up in industrial disaster, meets strange man and gets railroaded into joining a Men in Black sort of organization. Very funny, probably at least intentionally cheesy with effects and stories.

    From the beginning, I had a very "Men in Black" feeling from the previews for the show, and after watching the first episode through Itunes' special preview, I have to say I am still not too far off.

    Imagine if you will, a cheesy 70's era science fiction show about a man and woman fighting against the weird and evil of the world. You know, mad scientists, aliens, genetic experiments gone bad; the whole package. Now up date it for the 21st century except put in intentional cheesy effects and goofy dialog and you have a strong idea of what you're getting into. The girl is jaded somewhat and is strangely unaffected by the strangeness that literally just sneaks up behind her one day. Cue the hero: the dashing, strong and well-armed middleman superhero of sorts. He refuses to use profanity and plays off of a boyscout or Duddly-do-right mounty-like image but is okay with killing a bad guy or generally abusing anyone who gets in his way. Put them together and there you go.

    Sure it's like Men in Black, except perhaps more what the 2nd movie might have been without Tommy Lee Jones and the other woman from the first movie as Will Smith's partner, but that doesn't meant it isn't a laugh riot and wonderful if you can appreciate schlock, sci-fi antics and silly dialog.
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