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  • Interesting superhero show that has obviously had a lot of effort put in to it.

    I liked the pilot episode for "The Middleman". The episode suffered somewhat from the fact that it was a pilot and therefore required a lot of time be spent on establishing and back story, but this was unavoidable and handled reasonably well, they even managed to use a montage scene without over doing it.

    Whilst the first episode was a little rough, it was plainly obvious that extensive effort had been put in to it by all concerned in the production. I think they have set themselves up for the possibility of a long running successful series if they can maintain the level of committment and are given sufficient time and support to establish themselves by the network.

    One of the few problems I think they may have is in defining and capturing a target audience. It seemed to me that the show was intended as a children's show combined with something to entertain the parents. Whilst I am aware of the lure of attempting to appeal to two demographics, there is always the risk that such a strategy may end up being unappealing to both markets, and I think this show is more at risk of this than most other shows.

    Also, the producers seemed to me to let slip a good opportunity to inject some excitement and visual attraction in to the show by not having "The Middleman" use some sort of fantastical sci-fi transport. Instead, he drove about in a very ordinary saloon car. Perhaps there were budget constraints, whatever the reason I would suggest that the producers could improve the look of the show relatively quickly simply by updating one vehicle.

    In short "The Middleman" first episode was good, and it has convinced me to watch more episodes.