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  • For its Pre-aired pilot. The producers bring you a mildly decent potentially eye catching show. Mixed with cool CGI gadgets, from some gadgets which look exorbitantly fake and unrealistic to some which are just plain 'cool'. But can it keep us glued?

    The pilot started like any other, establishing characters for those who needed introduction to the mysterious 'middleman'. If you like TV shows like Torchwood, Doctor Who or some other whacky shows with weird gadgets and mediocre acting, this is the show for you. Although the concept is interesting the fact remains that you can't just take anyone off the streets and start making a TV show and expect the wide range of gadgets to help you get ratings.

    Although there were times I felt Nostalgic due to the whole episode looking as if it is a remake of a 1970s comic TV show, gang shootouts, apes talking and weird creatures taking over the lab. A little cliche but also a little Men in Black combined with Inspector Gadget.

    In the end I Suggest you watch this episode at least one then decide to commit yourself to it or not. Two things which irritated me throughout was the way the middleman swears and the Chandler from Friends like attitude and talking style of the main actress.
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