The Middleman

ABC Family (ended 2008)





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  • a fun mix of comics, sci-fi, comedy and pop culture

    Now coming into this show, I had no prior knowledge of the comics that it is based upon and this show has already proven itself as being able to stand with out it. The show is like a perfect mix of many different genres. The shoe takes the basic points of the men in black and gives it a distinct spin. The show balances the genres of Sci-fi, comedy and pop culture extremely well. The references usually spouted by Wendy are the types of things many people would equate the things she sees to. Giant genius gorilla would bring up gorilla grodd for me as well.

    The shows acting is great, wendy has the tough girl attitude with the cynical tone but curious nature. She really gets to the point of things and points out the silly things that in other shows would be brushed off. The middleman is the perfect mix of the Captain America sensibility. he is all business but can make the occasional joke but they are in his own deadpan way and sometimes only funny or even logical to him. The show gives references to comics, movies, music and television in great ways. The dialog is great in that it really does spin into sort of speeches. the sort of things that no one really talks like but you can accept it from them because of how good it is. This show is like a science fiction mixture of Men in Black along with the cinematic nature of pushing daisies mixed with the dialog and references akin to kevin smiths viewaskew movies.
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