The Middleman

ABC Family (ended 2008)





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  • This new sci-fi comedy on ABC family has smart dialogue and is heavy on the high and low brow cultural references.

    I had no idea that this was an ABC Family show when i watched it (Tivo'ed by a friend). The content seems pretty mature - i guess more for teens. The 2 main leading ladies on the show are definitely easy on the eyes. And the dialogue and content is pretty good. I mean, there was a Simone de Beauvoir reference in the 3rd episode. There are a ton of music and comic book references as well. In episode 1, Wendy Watson, or WW, or Dubby, lists comics that she has read and it is very specific. As a reader, i got it, but i can't imagine most people would... eg. She says Flash and the bossman asks "Barry Allen or Wally West". She just rolls her eyes because everyone knows Barry Allen is the real flash. Wally West was 'Kid Flash' who later became the Flash. The strange thing is that a Barry Allen Flash reference is aimed at people in the late 20's or older (even 30's and 40's), so perhaps this show is trying to appeal to parents and their 8-14 year old children? So far, i like it.... we'll see how the season progresses.