The Middleman

ABC Family (ended 2008)





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  • Summarizing this show isn't the way to give it credit. The Middleman is a scifi/comedy about a girl named Dubbie who is recruited by "The Middleman" to work for a secret organization keeping the average joe from knowing about extra terrestial threats.

    I love the middleman! This show is quirky, hokey, and little bit scifi, as well as a little bit comedy. I enjoy the characters, I enjoy the premise, and I enjoy a clever show [again, even if it's a bit quirky]. I hope they fine tune it and make it a bit more coherrant so it has a chance of lasting, look at Kyle XY! ABC family is showing it has a flare for family friendly scifi [which is a good thing] I only wish they could devote a little late night time for some not so family friendly scifi! I was shocked to find a show like this one and Kyle XY. I like Middleman