The Middleman

Season 1 Episode 1

The Pilot Episode Sanction

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 16, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • It pleasantly surprised me!

    Wendy is your normal woman. She needs a new job and doesn't live in a real home. She lives with her friends, Lacey and Noser. Her boyfriend, Ben, breaks up with her for a class project. She meets The Middleman, who fights evil. After some tests, she is eligible to become part of the team. She doesn't want to though. Later, she changes her mind and goes with him on a mission. There is a mysterious figure killing people and leaving behind banana peels. The Middleman and Wendy figure out that it's a genetically engineered gorilla. They also find out that a professor is behind it. They save the world by stopping her!

    This was actually a great intro! By the commercials, I thought it was going to be an absurd comic book-looking show with kid-friendly qualities. It surprised me by being really good and funny! I really like the characters and even though, it was a little goofy with the gorillas and stuff, I liked it! I can't wait to see the next episode! I give this one a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Cute and imitative, but, arguably, among the best summer TV fare, so far.

    Take a Janeane Garofalo look-act-sound alike, add a Goober-like mystery man, mix in some absurd and well-worn sci-fi plots and CGI effects, add liberal dashes from shows such as "Men in Black" (it was a made-for-TV cartoon series, too, ya know!), the thankfully-cancelled series "Special Unit 2", and even "The Avengers", along with quotes from just about every popular genre, and you have . . . well, I'm not really sure what it is, but, it was fairly palatable, if not original.

    Fortunately, this hodgepodge of everything under the sun manages to keep a brisk pace, which kept my interest long enough to want more, but, at the same time, my world will not stop revolving if it gets cut when the summer ends.

    So, by all means, check it out, but don't bother scheduling your life around it!
  • Wendy Watson a.k.a. Dub-Dub, is a struggling artist out of college going from one temp job to the next. On one of her jobs a freak accident occurs with a tentacle beast. The Middleman appears. The Middleman convinces Wendy to become his partner.

    The show seems cheesy, but it is not supposed to be taken seriously like other superhero shows that try too hard to push the drama. The characters are likable. Wendy Watson and the Middleman are very witty to each other's remarks. One particular trait is the Middleman's inept ability to curse, or his lack of cursing. It's a typical "good guys catching bad guys" show. It's a change of pace to see something light hearted that viewers can watch without complicated story lines and severe plot twists that would take viewers multiple episodes to catch up. The series looks very promising.
  • Different and silly. The Middleman shows promise.

    Expect a weird tentacle hentai monster, a mad scientist, Austin Powers vignette, and super intelligent gorilla mobsters in what I'd call a good but silly pilot.

    One of the major follies here and I suspect throughout the season is the micro machines chatter boxing dialog. Holy cow take a breath! Look at some of the quotes and imagine them said in one breath then imagine someone repeating it back that them. This would be something fun and geeky watch with someone who likes Austin Powers, Dead Like Me, or The Tick. I wasn't digging the roommate or the boyfriend. Weak love interests who are just cliches.
  • It was pretty good; I liked it.

    I wasn't expecting to like this show. When I saw I could download this episode off of iTunes before it was supposed to air, I jumped at the opportunity. Wendy surprised me with her witty and quick remarks and The Middleman was hilarious with his no-cussing rule and all the silly words he used. The milk thing was awesome! I think I'll like a sip of milk *thug*. Priceless. The whole ape thing was a little far-fetched for my taste, and I could have gone without it. Wendy's roommate was pretty cool, and the scene with her boyfriend was unforgettable. Kinky. Haha! The dude with the afro in the hallway gave a few chuckles. Hungry! Hungry like the wolf? Hungry eyes? Hungry, Hungry Hippo! I love the quick delivered lines in this episode and it's probably the only reason I want to stick around for more episodes. Pleasantly surprised.
  • It was entertaining.

    This show was actually not that bad. Although it did kinda go at a pace for a teen's show. If it weren't for the occasional swear wor or graphic comment, I would have guessed I was watching Nickelodeon. The actors are great, from the main ones right down to the guy who hangs outside Wendy's door. The plotline was alittle far stretched. I mean seriously, Gorilla's? Who ever wrote that was not in thier right mind. The show does go on to better plot lines and for that I'm truly happy. I will tune in for this show and maybe sometime down the rode it will be a favorite. For right now, it needs alittle more action. explosions would be extremly helpful.
  • this is one of the best pilots ever.

    I'm amazed. This is the best pilot I've seen in years. A dream come true, a comics turned into a smart TV. For every comics geek, popculture junkie, smart dialogues, perfect oneliners. If you are fed up with failures to see great comics on a big screen, this is your chance. Hillarious, you find yourself rewinding to hear a line again and pick up the reference.
    Chloe (24) gives a part of her life as a comedian. To watch with your comics-obsessed kids, you will all enjoy. Perfect.

    Thumbs up, Javi. If this show survives, there is a hope for this world.
  • One of the shows that you keep watching hoping that it will get better in time.

    The plot of the pilot episode was interesting, characters had a catchy dialogues, and from time to time it was really funny.
    But the real problem was that you could see that the actors are 'trying' to be funny. The scenes were textbook directed and not in a good way (you could actually imagine someone saying 'Action' at the beginning of the scenes). The whole show needs that 'final touch' because for now it look like good amateur work, not professional. I only hope that the actors will get more relaxed with the characters after few episodes, and that the plot will be good enough during the season.