The Middleman

Season 1 Episode 3

The Sino-Mexican Revelation

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 30, 2008 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Lacey and Wendy are commiserating over money woes, and Wendy doesn't get paid until she completes training. Lacey reveals she's working at a pirate-themed sports bar where the waitress wear tight shirts and short skirts. On her way to work, Wendy's car breaks down but a musician, Tyler, is passing by and offers help. Wendy mentions that Lacey is working at the Booty Chest and Tyler considers working there. As he gets the car working he mentions that he was offered a position at a temp office, but someone already had it. The office: The Jolly Fats Weehawkin Temp Agency.

At Middleman HQ, The Middleman admits they looked for other people in case Wendy didn't cut it. The Middleman is cleaning up for Sensei Ping, his former master, and reminds Wendy not to mention Ping's age, the fact he wears a Mexican wrestler's mask, or the Clan of Pointed Stick. He also makes sure Wendy has memorized the ritual greeting. Ida arrives and says O2STK wants them to check out a museum heist before they pick up Ping. The stolen item is a diamond that can be used to create a laser cage. They go to the museum and impersonate Mossad agents, and check the place out. It's been torn apart by freakishly tall people with perfect timing. The partners don scanning glasses and look around so Ida can run a forensic scan. With time running out, Wendy volunteers to go get it. The Middleman needs the company car and has her go to get Sensei on her own.

At the airport, Wendy spots Sensei Ping, wearing his Mexican wrestling mask. He isn't impressed with her or her car. At the museum, The Middleman support an unfied piece of biomass and Ida identifies it as chocolate mole. They both realize what that means: deadly danger for Wendy and Sensei Ping.

Wendy finally snaps as Sensei Ping criticizes her car, and asks him the three things she isn't supposed to ask. He forces her to pull over and plans to make her pay, but she notes the O2STK won't be thrilled if he kills her. However, Sensei has paused because Mexican lucha libre wrestlers have surrounded them. The wrestlers use the stolen diamond to create a laser cage and contain Ping, and then knock Wendy out. The Middleman finds her later and wakes her up, and she explains how they were pulled over and Ping was captured. The Middleman recognizes the wrestlers as having a blood feud against Sensei Ping. However, Wendy has to explain how the car was pulled over and that she provoked Sensei Ping. The Middleman is not impressed and says that in 17 hours when Sensei Ping fails to meet with the Clan of the Pointed Stick, they'll send three assassins to kill them. He advises her to prepare to move overseas under a false identity and takes her off the case and sends her back to her sublet.

Wendy gets back to the sublet and after chatting with Noser, goes inside to find some ice cream. Lacey has quit her job but remembers there were some Mexican wrestlers there at the Booty Chest. Wendy dons Lacey's outfit and gives a cover story about needing to get back a contract. At Middleman HQ, The Middleman determines that a high-intensity laser was stolen from the University of Guadalajara and Ida determines it has the same power consumption signature as Teledyne Water Pik with a custom high-output heating element and an aftermarket turbo-powered water accelerator. Ida pinpoints the five people in the city who own the water pik.

At the Booty Chest, Wendy spots the wrestlers and then finds that Tyler is working there. She claims to be doing research on an art project, and Tyler warns her away from the wrestlers. He learned about Mexican wrestling when he was raised as a military brat, and the two compare notes. Wendy insists on delivering food to the wrestlers and then takes their leader hostage with an atomic de-moleculizer. She demands to know where Sensei Ping is and he admits they have taken him to the Dread Pyramid of Itzilichlitlichlitzl in Yucatan. They also plan to capture The Middleman, Ping's apprentice. They have a water pik hidden in a van outside to lure The Middleman in. Wendy drops her gun and takes on the wrestler, and Tyler comes to the rescue. Tyler and Wendy are thrown out as the wrestlers in the van knock out The Middleman and haul him away.

Ida checks in and Wendy discovers that Tyler has been knocked unconscious. She advises Wendy to get away before the assassins and the police arrive, and leave Tyler for the paramedics. At Middleman HQ, Ida is buying tickets for Buenos Aires to avoid the assassins, but Wendy insists on rescuing Sensei Ping. She suggests they call O2STK, which Ida reveals they made it up and it just stands for "Organization Too Secret To Know." Ida suggests that Wendy fly using the Middlejet, which is parked above the Middleboat. Wendy notes that her pilot father taught her how to fly.

Wendy flies to Yucatan but makes a call to Lacey en route. Lacey is dressed as a yellow teddy bear and at work and Wendy asks her to check on Tyler at the hospital. Lacey agrees, but admits she has to know what Wendy's new job is. Wendy doesn't say anything.

At the Dread Pyramid, Sensei Ping and The Middleman are both contained in the laser cage. The wrestler's leader, El Maestro De Ceremonias, arrives with his men and says Ping will pay for the murder of El Sapo Dorado, the greatest wrestler ever to slap the canvas. Ping demands to be heard and explains that El Sapo Dorado sought him out for the ultimate challenge. After a series of duels over 25 days, El Sapo Dorado finally suffered a fatal heart attack. Ping buried him with honors and took his mask as a tribute to the one man he could never best. Ping declares his right for trial by combat. El Maestro agrees and tells Ping to select his champion.

Wendy locates the Pyramid but there's no landing strip. Ida advises her to bail out and parachute down, and then use the wrestlers' plane to fly back. When Wendy proves reluctant, Ida does it for her.

The Middleman prepares for battle and the wrestlers send in Cien Máscaras. Ping explains that the man was cursed by an Aztec mummy so he is now a hundred men wearing the same mask. All one hundred enter and The Middleman takes them on. He dispatches of at least 75 of them, but one of them gets his leg in a hold and breaks it. Meanwhile, Wendy sneaks in and disables the laser cannon. Sensei Ping is freed and he congratulates her, and then says he'll take it from there. He also congratulates The Middleman, noting he was twice his age before he took on a hundred men. He removes the mask and declares the blood feud ends today. The wrestlers attack en masse but Sensei Ping defeats them all until only El Maestro De Ceremonias remains. The leader moves to attack Ping, who unleashes the Wu-Han Thumb of Death.

Later back in the States, Wendy goes to visit Tyler but the doctor says he has two-day amnesia. When Tyler starts to wake up, Wendy makes a hasty exit.

The Middleman comes to visit and chats briefly with Lacey. He totally understands that she has to wear a yellow teddy suit to create, having worn a badger suit as a boy. He finds Wendy painting a sad painting and notes that she impressed Sensei Ping…. and The Middleman too. He gives her the first paycheck and a set of keys to a new StreetSmart car. Lacey notes that it has a vanity plate: MDDLMN2.