The Midnight Special

Season 4 Episode 13

Helen Reddy / Petula Clark / Peter Frampton

Aired Saturday 12:30 AM Dec 19, 1975 on NBC

Episode Recap

--Petula Clark - "My Love"

--Helen Reddy & Petula Clark - "Super Loving Lady"

--salute to Johnny Cash. Features songs "Rock Island Line" & 'I Saw A Man"

--Helen Reddy (host) - "Best Friend"

--Ohio Players - "Love Rollercoaster"

--Hit of the Week: The Kinks' "Celloid Heroes"

--Peter Frampton - "Show Me the Way"

--Cotton, Lloyd & Christian - "I Can Sing I Can Dance"

--Helen Reddy - "Where Is My Friend?"

--Ohio Players - "Honey"

--Cotton, Lloyd & Christian - "I Go to Pieces"

--Peter Frampton - "Do You Feel Like I Do"

--Helen Reddy - "I Am Woman" (with closing credits)

Additional song (according to another source):

--Peter Frampton - "Baby I Love Your Way"