The Midnight Special

Season 8 Episode 3

Host: Blondie (October 5, 1979)

Aired Saturday 12:30 AM Oct 05, 1979 on NBC

Episode Recap

Midnight Special - October 5, 1979
Episode transcript:
Opening credits (with Wolfman Jack voiceover, announcing the guests)
--Blondie (hosts) - "Dreaming"
--Deborah Harry intro following song, comments on the music industry.
--Robert Palmer - "Bad Case of Loving You"
Commercial break
--Blondie - "Slow Motion"
--Bram Tchaikovsky - "Girl of My Dreams"
Commercial break
--Supertramp - "Goodbye Stranger" (music video)
--Local commercial break
--Midnight Special promo with Wolfman Jack (who's coming up on show) followed by NBC promos for "Chips," "B.J and the Bear" and "A Man Called Sloan"
--Local commercials
--Blondie - "Heart of Glass" (live performance, with Deborah Harry's anti-nuke speech)
--Robert Palmer – "Jealous"
Commercial break
--Blondie – "The Hardest Part" (lip-sync performance)
--Supertramp (video) – "The Logical Song" (music video)
--Commercial break (1) Local Commercials (2) Midnight Special promo (with Wolfman Jack and Bram Tchaivowski) (3) NBC promos for TV movies: "American Graffitti" & "When Hell Was in Session" (4) Local commercials
--Rick James
--Robert Fripp (musical experiment)
--Commercials: (1) Coca-Cola ("Have A Coke And A Smile"); (2) movie: "...And Justice for All"; (3) Ford 4x4 Pickup truck; (4) Pillsbury Dough Boy chocolate chip cookies (with little girl, possibly Drew Barrymore)
--Blondie – "Accidents Never Happen" (lip-sync performance)
--Robert Palmer - "Can We Still Be Friends"
Commercials: (1) Irish Spring; (2) Minolta XG-1 camera (with Bruce and Christie Jenner); (3) Memorex with Ella Fitzgerald and Chuck Mangione; (4) Slenderalls / Underalls
--Supertramp - "Breakfast in America" (music video) Commercials: (1) Schlitz Malt Liquor (with bull); (2) Bell Telephone System (long distance – "reach out and touch someone"); (3) U.S. Army; (4) Freshen-Up Gum ("didn't know the gum was loaded")
--Blondie - thanks their guests and performs "Heart of Glass" (with closing credits). Same performance as earlier in show but with different camera angles.
Also performed on this show: --Bram Tchaikovsky - "Lady from the U.S.A." --Rick James - "Love Gun" & "Fool on the Street"

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