The Midnight Special

Season 7 Episode 32

Host: Suzi Quatro

Aired Saturday 12:30 AM Jul 20, 1979 on NBC

Episode Recap

Opening credits (Wolfman Jack voiceover, announces guests)

--Suzi Quatro - "Stumblin' In"

--Queen - "Love of My Life" (music video)

Commercial break

--Suzie Quatro - "Evie"

--David Naughton - "Makin' It"

Commercial break

--Carly Simon - "That's the Law" (music video)

--Roger Voudouris - "Get Used to It"

Commercial break

--Promo for next week's show with Mac Davis (next week's host), Suzi Quatro and Wolfman Jack

More commercials

--Suzi Quatro - "If You Can't Give Me Love"

Commercial break

--David Bowie - "Boys Keep Swingin'" (music video)

--Paul Warren & Explorer - "The Others"

Commercial break

--Roger Voudouris - "Can't Stay Like This Forever"

--Suzi Quatro - "Breakdown"

--David Bowie - "D.J." (music video)

--Roger Voudouris - "Just What It Takes" (or "You Got What It Takes")

Commercial break

--Paul Warren and Explorer - "Faded Glory"

--Suzi Quatro - "Non-Citizen"

Commercial break

--Carly Simon - "Houses" (on film, music video)

Commercial break

--Suzi Quatro thanks her guests and reprises "Non-Citizen" (with closing credits)

Note: Another source listed different Carly Simon songs:

--Carly Simon - "Vengeance" & "We're So Close" (music videos)
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