The Midnight Special

Season 7 Episode 8

Host: Ted Nugent

Aired Saturday 12:30 AM Nov 24, 1978 on NBC

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  • I remember this day a bit different. I was there.

    I remeber this day a bit different. AC/DC actually played in the morning before Cheap Trick or Ted. They were on a tiny stage that was only about 6 inches high. There were only about 50 people there and they played Sin City, Highway to Hell & Have a Drink on Me. Someone complained to Angus Young that it wasn't loud enough and he gave a nod to his sound man then dropped to the ground and spun around while wailing an amazing solo. There were several hundred people there for CT & Ted. I also remember Ted Nugent playing Stranglehold seven times in a row because he didn't think that it was turning out right. I literally never listened to it for 20 years after that. I do remember Ted and Rick Nielson yelling back and forth about turning up the volume and blowing away everyone between the bands. An amazing day. I was working a summer construction job during college and it was the only weekday all summer that it rained and I got the day off. Someone was watching out for me!
  • Taping of this episode was Rock and Roll at its beat.

    I was lucky enough to be at NBC studios when this was taped. Ted Nugent,Cheap Trick and AC DC were there. Each had their own stage with Nugent at one end, Cheap Trick at the other and AC DC set up along the side with the audience in the middle. At one point Nugent and Neilson of Cheap trick were flicking guitar picks across the audience trying to hit each other on opposite stages... picks were flying for ten minutes while the film crew was setting up between the taping of Nugent and Cheap Trick. I ended up grabbing a few misfired Cheap Trick embossed guitar picks. AC DC finished up the show and rocked the house to the ground. Amazing bit of rock and Roll History.
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