The Midnight Special

Season 7 Episode 2

Host: REO Speedwagon (September 22, 1978)

Aired Saturday 12:30 AM Sep 22, 1978 on NBC

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  • This was great i cant belive that Reo hosted it

    When I watched this episode i was so happy that Reospeedwagon hosted a second time it was sweet i love the videos Keep Pushin', Time for Me to Fly, Roll with the Changes & Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight. The other videos are okay but no one i mean no one can beat Reo speedwagon. every time i watch it it makes me smile and relive the time when these videos came out even every time i hear Reo Speedwagon on the radio i think of the time i first watched it all those years ago. I love Reo Speedwagon