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Bessie Higgenbottom, a nine and three quarters years old girl who lives in San Francisco, is the world's most dedicated Honeybee scout. She has earned more Bee Badges than any other Honeybee in history. Bessie is a zealous over-achiever with an ultimate goal of earning the remaining 4,584 badges and becoming an awesome superhero called the Mighty Bee. When Bessie ever needs inspiration, she pretends that she is the Mighty Bee, whose powers range from people-skills to super strength and the ability to fly. But getting all the badges won't be easy. There are many obstacles lying in her way for her to overcome such as another Honeybee scout named Portia Gibbons who always tries to spoil Bessie's chances at earning the badge. Watch this show and follow Bessie on her quest to be the best!
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  • The show was of the time.

    This show was okay, the plot didn't really make sense and I didn't get it until the Miriam Breedlove episode.

    The characters were fine. My personal favorite was Gwen when she wasn't with Porsia which was very rare but it still happened.

    Porsia was a fucking bitch, she was a character that was: stuck the fuck up, mean to the main character and one of those characters that you personally wanted to strangle

    Penny was a horrible friend, in one episode, Gwen and Porsia had continued to stay in "The Hive" that Bessie had built with I believe Macaroni noodles and glue, Bessie, Happy, Ben and Penny were trying to lure Porsia and Gwen out with food, of course Porsia calls Penny and demands food and saying "please" after and of course Penny gives it to her and when Bessie asks why she responds with "what!? She said please!"

    Ben was okay, he was sort of relateable, when he was around his mom, he tried to act perfect like most kids do, when Bessie was annoying him he would try to reason before snapping at her.

    Bessie was hated by almost everyone in the honeybees. In one episode she lost her dog to Porsia all because SHE WOULDN'T LET HIM HAVE A COOKIE BECAUSE SHE WAS TRYING TO IMPROVE HIS HEALTH! When she got to the meeting room the day after everyone LAUGHED AT HER! That's like laughing at someone who just got their best friend taken away from them because they wouldn't give them a piece of cake and their enemy would. My favorite part was when she finally told Porsia and everyone else to buzz off or what it seemed like, to fuck off because she deserved it

    Happy was one of my favorite characters in the show

    1. he was a dog and I loved dogs

    2. He always outsmarted everyone

    3. He was always hiding something wether it was 500 steaks behind the fridge or going to a nightclub when everyone was sleeping

    the close ups were gross.... I don't really have to explain it.

    Personally I liked the voice acting, everyone's but Penny's and Porsia's. Bessies lisp was kinda sweet

    Porsia's voice was that typical diva's voice. Another reason why I want to strangle her

    Penny`s voice was like a female Patrick Star but even more annoying because it seemed like she had a stuffy nose, her scream in the animatronic kangaroo episode was annoying and actually gave me a headache because they decided to repeat it 4 fucking times...

    The background art looked pretty nice when it wasn`t something disgusting (although be careful when searching up the mighty b backgrounds because someone decided to put fucking Porsia in her panties and a shirt on there which is what all fandoms do but that`s just pedophilia right there and anyone who uses it is probably a

    Bessie talking to her finger recently gets a lot of hate towards it but I see it as having an imaginary friend, also it`s not like she does it in every single episode, and yes I do know about the one episode where she competes between "Finger" and his supposed French cousin "Fingar" to see who is better until they start fighting when in reality shes having a pointer finger war with herself until she washes away the marker on fingar's "face" supposedly killing

    overall I think the show was okay and deserves the average rate of 5.4 it has right now.moreless
  • Fuck this ugly ass godawful Spongebob ripoff!

    Title (and my rating) says it all.

    I hate this piece of shit "show"!
  • youre all crazy!

    The people writing most of these reviews are like in their mid 20s. This show was meant for the age audience of probably 9 or 10. When I was that young, IT WAS AWESOME. This follows with their newer god awful shows. It sucks to you guys because you're adults. If you want a more mature humored and animated show, go to Adult Swim. Or, watch anime?? Dont go to Nickelodeon and expect to find 3D frickin Shakespeare, okay?

    this show was honestly pretty good. I personally enjoyed it and looking back at it now, its about the same level of weird and interesting as Invader Zim. In my opinion. It didn't go deep into moral lessons or anything and that's fine for the targeted audience. TARGETED. Dont go to some PBS network and complain that the commentary is crap. Grow up. Farts are funny when you're young. Gross out scenes are cool when you're waking up on Saturday as a kid. I personally would love if it came back on even if just for a week. I loved it.moreless
  • Change the channel

    A show about a girl named Bessie who is a Honey Bee scout and tries to earn every badge in existence including some outrageously stupid ones that shouldn't even exist such as a chicken pox one and you have to get sick in order to earn it or something like that. This is all to become some superhero called the Mighty Bee. Over even when she had her fingers fight over which was to be the dominate one gosh is that the best that the makers could do? I feel bad for the animators who had to squander their time and talent on this lousy show. I mean none of the characters are funny, likable, cool, or interesting in any way. The voices are also annoying too. Plus the so called humor is really design is also quite mediocre and hurts the eyes when you stare at it for too long. What is even more silly is that it took so long for this show to get cancelled. It really doesn't give a positive image of scouting at all. It was a total sign of Nick's decline.moreless
  • Could've been better.

    This show could've been so much better, but after my little brother showed me the show again after 6 years, it does not hold up. The show looks ugly, with awful character designs, very gross rubbery looking movements which make the characters look like rubber with no weight to them, annoying voices, and atrocious potty humor with fart jokes galore. Watching the show's unpleasant due to the characters who I cannot stand, along with the awful writing. But hey, the show's got it's fans, (Very, very creepy fans who find the characters maybe they see something in it that I don't.moreless

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