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Bessie Higgenbottom, a nine and three quarters years old girl who lives in San Francisco, is the world's most dedicated Honeybee scout. She has earned more Bee Badges than any other Honeybee in history. Bessie is a zealous over-achiever with an ultimate goal of earning the remaining 4,584 badges and becoming an awesome superhero called the Mighty Bee. When Bessie ever needs inspiration, she pretends that she is the Mighty Bee, whose powers range from people-skills to super strength and the ability to fly. But getting all the badges won't be easy. There are many obstacles lying in her way for her to overcome such as another Honeybee scout named Portia Gibbons who always tries to spoil Bessie's chances at earning the badge. Watch this show and follow Bessie on her quest to be the best!
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  • Change the channel

    A show about a girl named Bessie who is a Honey Bee scout and tries to earn every badge in existence including some outrageously stupid ones that shouldn't even exist such as a chicken pox one and you have to get sick in order to earn it or something like that. This is all to become some superhero called the Mighty Bee. Over even when she had her fingers fight over which was to be the dominate one gosh is that the best that the makers could do? I feel bad for the animators who had to squander their time and talent on this lousy show. I mean none of the characters are funny, likable, cool, or interesting in any way. The voices are also annoying too. Plus the so called humor is really design is also quite mediocre and hurts the eyes when you stare at it for too long. What is even more silly is that it took so long for this show to get cancelled. It really doesn't give a positive image of scouting at all. It was a total sign of Nick's decline.moreless
  • Could've been better.

    This show could've been so much better, but after my little brother showed me the show again after 6 years, it does not hold up. The show looks ugly, with awful character designs, very gross rubbery looking movements which make the characters look like rubber with no weight to them, annoying voices, and atrocious potty humor with fart jokes galore. Watching the show's unpleasant due to the characters who I cannot stand, along with the awful writing. But hey, the show's got it's fans, (Very, very creepy fans who find the characters maybe they see something in it that I don't.moreless
  • A decent cartoon with a great concept but contains several flaws

    In all honesty, in my humble opinion, The Mighty B was an okay and decent show. From what I know, this is what the show is about:

    "The show focuses on a 9 and 3/4 year old honey bee scout named Bessie Higgenbottom, as she is determined to earn every single badge in the honey bee handbook in order to become a superhero called 'The Mighty B' and will stop at nothing to get them"

    Personally, I find this concept to be wonderful and amazing, however, the way the concept was shown on the series ended up triggering several flaws.

    Some of those flaws consist of Bessie's lisp accent, being really annoying, some of the gross outs scenes, and several other problems.

    On the plus side, the show does have decent animation and it sorta has that 'pizzazz' that was used in Ren & Stimpy and that interests me. As for the humor, it varies. Some of the episodes are decent, while some other episodes are gross, and sometimes boring. Some gross episodes include Dopplefinger with the booger stuff, as well as the chicken pox episode. The episode with the animatronic kangaroo was sorta ridiculous and could have really been improved on.

    However, not all the episodes are terrible, there are some actually decent episodes. Some that I have on mind include Something's Wrong with This Taffy, the kajolica episode, the episode with the booster shot was amusing, The Apprentice, Bee Afraid, the news editor reporter episode and a few other episodes I found to be good. I think The Dragonflies has a better written script than the other episodes.

    As for season two, I haven't seen all the episodes so I can't say anything for that season.

    All in all, I found the show to be decent, and even though it has several flaws, at least I find it tolerable, unlike later cartoons, like Fanboy and Chum Chum, Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, etc.

    I kinda wish that one day this show will be given a second chance and could be improved on so it doesn't have so many flaws to it. I wish that the writer could fix the several mistakes made in this show. That's all I got.moreless
  • Ricky Sprocket got replaced by this BS?

    What the hell Nicktoons Network? You guys are morons! I can't believe you dumbasses canceled Ricky Sprocket and give The Mighty B another season instead. Losing respect for that channel if they want to renew unfunny garbage instead of their smart shows!

    Also eddieisswaysway why do you like this show? The characters, there designs and voices are bland and poorly devolped the animation is shit The only people who liked this are stoners.moreless
  • love it

    I love this show. Its funny and cute. The characters are fun!!

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