The Mighty B!

Season 1 Episode 3

Artificial Unintelligence/We Got the Bee

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 03, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Artificial Unintelligence When Bessie's idea of an Atom Smasher for the Honeybee Science Fair gets disapproved, she is forced to do something else. Then, she gets the idea of building a robot. She finally finishes her robot and is showing it off all around San Francisco. When Portia and Gwen see her robot, which she named Emily, they plan to spoil Bessie's chances of winning the Honeybee science fair! Will they previal, or will Bessie stop them? We Got the Bee When Bessie finds out that Portia has a Honeybee band, she is really excited to join it, but there's one problem...Bessie can't play an instrument. Then, Rocky teaches Bessie to play the drums and lets her be the drummer in his band, The Integritones. When The San Francisco Summer Concert Series finally takes place, Penny faints on stage and it's up to Bessie to save the day!moreless

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  • I only liked the latter, but I'll give this pairing a higher rating since the latter was excellent.

    Artificial Unintelligence: Disgusting, especially the scene when Ben picked at his belly button. In this episode, Bessie wants the mad scientist badge. So when Ben says to make a robot, it works perfectly with a Mac & Cheese brain (Ew!) and is doing chores for the family. Portia doesn't want Bessie to win the badge, so she throws away the brain and goes into the robot, called Emily, herself. She ends up destroying the science fair and when Ben and Happy give Emily her real brain, she fixes up the fair, making Bessie get the badge. I didn't like this episode, in fact, there were very few funny parts, the only part I majorly laughed at is when Bessie gave Ben and Happy the badge and the two were happy, but they got disappointed when Bessie said only to hold it on Tuesday nights. Terrible episode.

    GRADE: D+

    We Got the Bee: The first episode since The Sweet Sixteenth to deserve a perfect 10. In this episode, Bessie befriends Portia's band and wants to join, but Portia of course refuses. So Bessie decides to join Rocky's band and become a drummer since the other drummer has to go to camp, I just laughed at all of the things Bessie did to the band. I also liked when Penny said after looking out at the audience that there was 30 people out there, as Portia pointed out 300. I just liked this episode somehow and I don't see how some people hate it.

    GRADE: A+

    FINAL GRADE: Cmoreless
  • Two good installments.

    In the first cartoon, Bessie is a science prodigy who decides to build a robot for the science fair. This was a bit too much like Dexters Lab at the beginning (Bessie even looks a bit like Dexter). But then Portia decides to sabotage the robot by jumping inside and highjacking the controls. At this point I was suddenly reminded of the old Beany and Cecil cartoons because Portia ends up causing as much problems and misery for herself as she does for Bessie. Sort of like what happens to Dishonest John in a lot of the Beany cartoons. So it was pretty good. I liked the second cartoon a lot. Portia, Gwen , and Penny form a rock band, The Pretty Pretty Princesses. Bessie wants to join but its apparent she has no musical talent. Now I anticipated this cartoon going in several different ways, but I was wrong each time. First, Portia's band is quite good, and their song is very hummable. The cartoon then riffs off the joke that the drummer in a rock band is usually the guy who cant sing or play guitar. Finally the ending is not what I expected, but it is in keeping with Bessie's character. And the animation was quite energetic as well. I liked this episode, but I do suspect that a lot of the jokes went over the heads of kids who wouldn't know the Ramones, the Velvet Underground, or Phil Collins.moreless

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