The Mighty B!

Season 1 Episode 5

Bat Mitzvah Crashers/Super Secret Weakness

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 17, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Bat Mitzvah Crashers When Bessie and Penny attend their first ever Bat Mitzvah and have the time of thier lives, they realize that they should do it more often. They begin to crash a bunch of Bat Mitzvahs, and eventually set their sights on the ultimate Bat Mitzvah. Will they succeed, or will thier master plan backfire? Super Secret Weakness Bessie finds out that every superhero has a secret weakness, and she will stop at nothing to find the Mighty Bee's weakness before everyone else. When she finds out that the Mighty Bee's weakness is zucchini, she plans to rid the whole bay area of this fowl vegetable. Will she succeed, or will the Mighty Bee taste defeat?moreless

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  • How can Super Secert Weekness get so many likes?

    his is the PERFECT summer show! It makes you want to go outside as soon as it comes on. The animation is atrocious (Just as bad as ChalkZone), and it's just nothing close to funny. What's with the formula of stupid loser son and preppy disinterested daughter? Not only is there nothing original about this show, but it's just tedious to watch. Some of the writing hasn't been too bad, and there are a few sight gags, but everything is just so predictable and... Boring!

    3 seasons, just enough to carry thru summer, then the new fall lineup will come out and this one will get kicked to the garbage, errr, recycling pile.

    Goode riddance.moreless
  • Super Secret Weakness was okay, but Bat Mitzvah Crashers was so terrible, they should write country music about it.

    Bat Mitzvah Crashers: After Penny takes Bessie to her neighbor's Bat Mitzvah, the two have the best day ever and they start crashing everyone's Bat Mitzvah, which becomes a problem for their honeybee sessions. So when the two commit to stop, they found jackpot when Portia's cousin throws a bat mitzvah. I just found this episode terrible and it was so terrible, they should write country music about it. I only liked when Portia started a friendship with Bessie at the end, but it won't effect my grade!

    GRADE: F

    Super Secret Weakness: Better, but not the best. In this episode, Ben is reading comic books, realizing that every superhero has a weakness, and asks Bessie if the Mighty B has one. Bessie refuses to say yes, but she ends up having a terrible dream of having allergies, which starts a weakness. So goes on weakness patrol with Ben, Penny, and Happy. They test everything in the world to see if Bessie is allergic, I laughed when Bessie used Happy to see if she was allergic to dog. It all goes well until Zucchini comes last on the list. This part grosses me out, Bessie tries it, but ends up vomiting out all the stuff she ate that day. Bessie now thinks she is allergic to zucchini, and starts a boycott with Ben, Penny, and Happy. Portia is upset that Bessie is on TV and teams up with Gwen to scare Bessie with zucchini. But after eating it, she's okay. What made me laugh next is that Hilary is watching a report of zucchini being banned from Japan with twins previously from the episode, and then Portia comes up saying "Mommy! I'm on TV!" LOL! The ending creeped me out though, be careful about your thoughts, Bessie! This episode was average.

    GRADE: B-

    An episode like Super Secret Weakness should happen again, but an episode like Bat Mitzvah Crashers should not.moreless
  • One good episode followed by a so-so episode equals Fair.

    I liked Bat Mitzvah Crashers a lot- it seems Penny and Bessie go to a Bat Mitzvah, really enjoy the experience, and decide to start crashing every Bat Mitzvah in sight. This works until it begins to interfere with their Honey Bee Scout activities (gasp!). They swear off Bat Mitzvah crashing, then learn Portia's cousin is holding the ultimate Bat Mitzvah party. There are some funny jokes in this one, there are some nice scenes (particularly their cooing over the baby monkey) and its nice to see Portia in a sympathetic role for a change. All and all well done. I can't say the same for the second installment- where Bessie becomes determined to find out what the equivalent of kryptonite is for the Mighty B. It starts out fine, but then the plot just kinda peters out towards the end. It just did not strike me as funny. One other thing about this series, sometimes the visuals are funny, sometimes the dialogue is funny, but rarely are the visuals and dialogue funny together at the same time.moreless

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