The Mighty B!

Season 1 Episode 2

Bee My Baby/Bee Afraid

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 27, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Bee My Baby When Bessie comes to deliver taffy to Gwen's house, she finds out that Gwen is babysitting. Bessie would love to babysit. Portia and Gwen trick Bessie and Penny into babysitting while they go to the mall! Bessie thinks that it's going to be easy, but she soon realizes that babysitting is hard work. Can she do it, or will she give up? Bee Afraid Bessie is the only Honeybee in her troop who doesn't have the Happy Camper Badge. Bessie decides that it's finally time for her to get it. She packs up her things and heads out into the woods. Portia, Gwen, and Penny don't want Bessie to get the badge so they try to scare her into leaving the woods. Will they prevail, or will Bessie face her fears and get the Happy Camper Badge?moreless

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  • One episode was great! The other one was okay as well.

    Bee My Baby: A hilarious episode, Bessie, Penny, and Happy are tricked into babysitting Gwen's baby when her and Portia tell them that they can earn a badge from doing so. Everything goes well, until Bessie finds a crazy baby who causes a huge chase in San Fransico. I really enjoyed this episode and one like this should come again.

    GRADE: B+

    Bee Afraid: This one was okay, I laughed around the beginning, but it drowned at the end. Bessie is the only Honeybee who doesn't have the Happy Camper's badge. So she goes with Happy, Gwen, and Portia to a campsite. I was creeped out when Penny was telling her story (just look at her, scary), but I laughed when she was confused after Bessie pinched her. This episode was okay, not the best, not the worst, but I'll put it on the lower edge of the scale since it lost its comedy and was very boring.

    GRADE: C-

    FINAL GRADE: Cmoreless
  • it was ok.

    This episode was the second episode of the great new series, The Mighty B! It aired as part of a two episode premiere weekend. It was the second of two great episodes aired on the weekend of April 26th, 2008. It aired on Sunday morning at 10:30, while the other episode aired Saturday morning at 10:30. Bee My Baby was about when Gwen and Portia trick Bessie and Penny into babysitting Gwen's little brothers by telling them that they would earn their "Brat Wrangling" badges by doing so, which was a lie. And Bee Afraid was about when The Honeybees go on a camping trip and Bessie if afraid of the outdoors at night, but she has to stick around to get her "Happy Camper" badge. They were two ok episodes, not the best, not the worst.moreless
  • Two cartoons, one good, the other not-so-good.

    First up is a babysitter cartoon that is the old "innocent-baby-wandering-into-danger" plot. Bessie, Penny and Happy babysit, Gwens' little brothers. The youngest wanders off and ends up in alls sorts of peril, with an alarmed Bessie in pursuit. This plot has been done many times before, going back at least to the old Popeye movie cartoons, and there was nothing here particularly original or new. I really didn't find anything funny about it at all. Give it a 5. The second cartoon also started with an old plot: the "person has to spend the night in a spooky setting" plot. Here Bessie has to spend the night in the woods on a camping trip in order to get her "Happy Camper" merit badge. It starts out slow, but then takes off when the campers tell their spooky campfire stories. Portia's idea of a scary story is funny, but Penny's horror tale (which hit too close to home for Portia) had me chuckling. The rest of the plot is gravy. So its a 7 , which gives an average of 6 for the entire episode.moreless
  • These are actually two different episodes. In one, Bessie is trying to get her camping badge, but she encounters some frightening challenges along the way. In the other, she gets tricked into thinking there is a babysitting badge.moreless

    I like both of these episodes a lot and I'm looking forward to seeing them again. I'm really into the animation on this show - the backgrounds look really cool and the characters are really well designed and the animation looks real and classic instead of computer crap that just got churned out. Bessie's character is especially funny to watch - her expressions are even more priceless than amy poehler on SNL. She is a lovable, annoying character - like Charlie Brown or Sponge Bob, you've got to love her. The babysitting episode was funny, and I liked the San Francisco setting. The camping episode showed another side to Bessie's sidekick friend (penny?). Worth watching again.moreless
  • The second episode of THE MIGHTY B! !

    Penny is perhaps my second favorite character of the series right now, she was absolutely hilarious in " Bee Afraid " . And I didn't notice Ben in either of these episodes! Where was Ben? Nobody knows . . . ! ! ! So, this was the second out of the rumored to be twenty episodes in the Mighty B! and it was clever. I liked the first and second episode equally. The Mighty Weekend is turning out quite well, but The Mighty B! needs a new time slot for new episodes, I am barely awake at 10:30 in the morning!moreless

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