The Mighty B!

Season 1 Episode 10

Boston Beean

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jun 25, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Boston Beean
Bessie is hosting a foreign Honeybee, Sissy Sullivan, who comes all the way from Boston. At first, the girls seem to get along perfectly fine, but when Bessie realizes that Sissy is better than her at everything, it inspires her competative spirit. Then, at a troop meeting, Bessie finds out that Sissy can also sell more taffy than her, so, to outshine her, Bessie orders 500 boxes of Honeybee taffy, but there's one one wants to buy taffy! Can Bessie pull this off?moreless

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  • Bessie finally meets her pen pal all the way from Boston, but the two might not have as much in common then they thought.

    I really liked this one, Bessie finally meets her pen pal who comes all the way from Boston on the far eastern coast. At first, the two have a lot in common. But then, Bessie is upset at how much better she is. What I personally liked is that the voice actor for Bessie's pen pal, Sissy, was Amy Poehler, the same voice actor for Bessie. I also liked how Hilary was irritated by Bessie's pen pal's mother. I have to admit that this episode was just as good as The Sweet Sixteenth and Beenadict Anorld and deserves a perfect 10.

    FINAL GRADE: A+moreless
  • This episode is by far my favorite one.

    This is my favorite episode in the Mighty B! so far. Why you ask? Because Bessie finally gets a rival but things get complicated because her rival is also her bee mail friend. The plot starts out with Sissy Sullivan a honeybee from Boston coming to visit Bessie in San Francisco. Along the way they realize that Sissy always kicks Bessie's butt in whatever they are doing, wether it be from eating with chopsticks or surfboarding. Bessie is shown to be jealous which is nice character development because she has always been undefeated. Sissy though doesn't care about her amazing talents and actually helps Bessie beat her own record. Sissy is an example of a good friend even if Bessie is jealous. I hope Sissy returns so maybe we can see more character development between the two.moreless
  • It was truly awesome

    Bessie is hosting a foreign Honeybee, Sissy Sullivan, who comes all the way from Boston. At first, it seems like the two girls come from the same mold. But when Bessie realizes that Sissy does everything just a little better than Bessie does, Bessie's competitive spirit starts to get the better of her. This is a truly great episode, one of the best in the series I think. It was so cool, with Sissy and all. She should really return in a future episode of the series. That would be so cool! This was a very very very awesome episode. 10moreless

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    • Bessie: (dusting badges while standing on Sissy's shoulders) Thanks, Sis. I've been trying to reach that row forever!
      Sissy: My pleasure. It's truly awesome.
      Bessie: I organize it using the Dewey Decimal System. If it's good enough for the library of Congress it's good enough for Bessie Higgenbottom!

    • Virginia: (coughs) Sorry, I got that jet-lag.
      Hilary: (pours drink) Oh, this should help. Yorgomata?
      Virginia: I'm a what?

    • Sissy: Hey! Someone's a real sharp dresser!
      Bessie: Awesome accent! Everything sounds so glamorous when you say it!

    • Bessie: Where are they? I hope the plane didn't take a wrong turn mom. Mom, maybe we should call the Honeybee exchange program! Mom, what if our guests are lost?
      Hilary: Honey, calm down. They should be here any minute!
      Bessie: Ah, but I can't stand it! I can't wait to meet my foreign bee friend!
      Hilary: Bessie, I keep trying to tell you, Sissy's from Boston! The east coast isn't another country!
      Bessie: Does she speak English? Does she watch TV? Is her winter my summer? Does she wear pants?!

    • (Bessie awakes to Sissy up and active)
      Bessie: What time is it?! Did we miss a meeting
      Sissy: No, I'm just an early bird.
      Bessie: I am too! Sometimes I don't even sleep I get up so early!

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