The Mighty B!

Season 1 Episode 4

Li'l Orphan Happy/Body Rockers

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM May 10, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Li'l Orphan Happy It's Mother's Day, but Happy can't bring himself to celebrate with the Higgenbottoms because he doesn't know where his own mom is. When Bessie realizes this, she sets out to find Happy's mother. Will Bessie find Happy's mother, or will her efforts be all for nothing? Body Rockers The Honeybees go on a field trip to the Science Exploratorium. While the Honeybees are watching a short movie, Penny has to go to the bathroom. Bessie goes with Penny to look for one, but they unintentionally get lost in one of the exhibits. Will they find a way to get out, or will they stay trapped there forever?moreless

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  • The first episode was okay, but the latter grossed me out.

    Lil Orphan Happy: On Mother's Day, Happy misses his long-lost mother. So Bessie, Ben, and Happy go look for her, but they have no stroke of luck. They soon enough come upon Rose, who has the same birthmark as Happy's mother. But Rose soon enough becomes an annoyance to Bessie. I liked this episode at first, but then I started hating it at the end. Rose makes Happy do bad things and she has a plan to steal meat, Rose soon enough ends up wettened by a bucket of water and turns out to be an imposter. At the end, Bessie says Happy does have a mother when the family has a hug. What disappoints me is that we never got to see Happy's mother, and that line was 100% cheap.

    GRADE: C+

    Body Rockers: I vomited from the crude potty humor, as well as the crude humor for the rest of the body. I can't finish my review since this episode was so disgusting!

    GRADE: F


    P.S. Writers, don't use potty humor or cheap lines ever again on the show.moreless
  • Two below-average cartoons, and the latter descends into potty humor.

    I didn't care for either episode- in Little Orphan Happy, its Mothers Day, and Happy is uh-not happy- because he misses his mom. Bessie, being Bessie, decides to search all of San Francisco for Mom. This episode starts out good, but once they find "Mom" the plot just kinda dies. Body Rockers started out very funny, with the Bee Scouts taking a trip to the Discovetorium. I liked the hippie tour guide, the "film of the future" that dated from the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidency, and the idea that Bessie and Penny think they've been shrunk and swallowed inside a human body, ala "Fantastic Voyage". Then Bessie starts to mention all the various ways they can exit the human body- she starts with the head, and then as she begins to get lower, Penny begs her not to stop. But they don't, unfortunately, and the result is one of the most blatant poop jokes I've ever seen. I'm not a fan of body function humor in cartoons, and this one was the ultimate. Too bad, because it ruined a fun beginning.moreless

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    • Penny: I can't hold it all the way to the head!
      Bessie: Think positive, Pen! You are a Bee. Picture your magnificent Bee wings flying you over a river of obstacles, letting all of your fear flow out of you!
      Penny: (pleading) Don't say "flow"!

    • Bessie:(while she and Penny are being drowned by chili) Penny, I'm sorry for lying! I never rode a baby elephant!
      Penny: I don't really have a unicorn in my basement!
      Bessie: (while being swept away) No! You do! I've seen it!

    • Rainbow: Look at these white blood cells, united together to fight off the government- I mean, disease!

    • Rainbow: When we get sick, it means a foreign bacteria or virus has invaded our bodies- just like bill collectors or guys in suits telling you to pay your taxes. We attack them, and we throw them out!
      (the kids stare at her)
      Mrs. Gibbons: (smirking) Hm... surprise, surprise. The hippie doesn't like to pay taxes...

    • Rainbow: (about Jumbo Jim) What kind of food should we feed this body today, anyone?
      Portia: Sushi....
      Rainbow: I heard chili. Chili it is!

    • Bessie: Did I say trapped? I meant stuck!
      Penny: Stuck!? Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever?!!?

    • Penny: (pointing to brain and talking to Bessie) Look! Someone forgot to flush!

    • Penny: I have to go right now. Right now!
      Bessie: I hear ya. When a bee has to pee, a bee has a pee!

    • Bessie: (on bus after Mrs.Gibbons tells girls to pair up) I call Penny! I know you all wanted her but, you snooze you loose!
      Penny: What'd I win?

    • Bessie: (to Rose after tattoo is washed off) You're not Happy's mom! There's an imposter among us!

    • Bessie: (looking around) This isn't a bathroom.... it's a brain!
      Penny: I can't pee in someone's brain!

    • Portia: (about Rainbow) Hear that, Messie? She called you stinky.
      Bessie: Yes, but she also said wonder!

    • Bessie: (to Happy) Are you still mad about the steak tip? I mean, I know I should have asked you first but, I just thought it was a nice gesture. I would have had you sign the card but, your paw print isn't legible. I mean, everyone thinks you're a rabbit!

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    • Dogs Playing Poker: When they are the dog prison, a group of dogs are playing poker. The scene is taken off of C. M. Coolidge's series of paintings of dogs playing poker. Specifically it is referencing the work entitled "A Friend in Need", as it shows a dog passing an ace under the table to another dog.

    • Title: "Little Orphan Happy" is a take on the comic strip, Little Orphan Annie.