The Mighty B!

Season 1 Episode 1

So Happy Together

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 26, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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So Happy Together
The Honeybees are having a dog show, which is the perfect opportunity for Bessie to earn the Animal Appreciation Badge. But there's one problem...Bessie doesn't have a dog, so she sets out to find a dog. Eventually, she finds a stray dog with a torn ear who she names Happy. Happy is reluctant to be part of Bessie's family, and he longs for his old life. Will Happy stay or leave forever?moreless

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  • A great start to a spectacular series.

    This episode introduces Bessie Higgenbottom, who dreams of getting all of the Honeybee Badges to become The Mighty B! We also see Hilary, Benjamin, Rocky, Portia, Gwen, and Mary Francis. So Bessie needs the first of over 4,000 badges, the Animal Appreciation badge. In the dog show, the winner will obtain it, according to Portia. So Bessie needs a dog, when walking down the street one day with Ben. The two find a stray dog and adopt it, naming it Happy. Bessie starts to overappreciate Happy, as Happy does the opposite to Bessie. During the dog show, Happy runs away, but after seeing Bessie in misery, he comes back. At the end, after they show Portia ends up cheating and the crowd's enjoyment after seeing the true relationship with Bessie and Happy. Bessie get the badge. I don't see why everyone hates this episode, it gave a great introduction to every character. And it showed how Bessie and Happy met. I'm glad that some people do like this episode, like me! Although Portia did freak me out near the end.

    FINAL GRADE: A-moreless
  • A good way to start off the show.

    Now, while the pilot episode of the Mighty B! might not reveal a whole lot of character development, they DO introduce the main characters all in this episoe, so it is fine. The story is Bessie Higgenbottom a girl who is determined to get all the honeybee badges wants to get a dog so she can enter it in the honeybee dog show and win the animal appreciation badge. Luckily she finds a dog down by the wharf (with a torn ear) and against his will she takes him in and names him happy. She trains him until the big day where she is 100% confident that Happy will win until Happy runs away due to Portia and Gwen insulting him. Bessie decides to let happy go because that is what he wants, but in the end Happy comes back because like it or not, he grew loyalty towards Bessie. Bessie and Happy end up winning the animal appreciation badge, but more important, Bessie got a new best friend.moreless
  • Drags a bit while the series introduces us to the characters, but a good ending justifies the episode.

    The pilot to the Mighty B! is about Bessie adopting a stray mutt, then entering it in a dogshow to win a merit badge. This plot has been done several times before, so it isn't particularly original. And because this episode serves to introduce the characters, the pace drags a bit throughout. In other words, it really wasn't that funny until we get the payoff, which is inspired by the Urban Legend known as "the Mexican Pet". That's very funny and manages to justify the entire episode. Not a bad opener for the series, lets hope the plotlines become more original from here on out...moreless
  • Bessie is a very ambitious honeybee scout who dreams of becoming the Mighty B - a pumped up superhero version of her. She is trying to get the dog show badge, but she doesn't have a dog. She gets Happy and it seems like the start of a great friendship.moreless

    I had already seen this episode because they put it on a Spongebob DVD last year. Anyway, it is a great show, and this episode really kicks it off. Amy Poehler is hilarious as Bessie. The character is a lot like some of Poehler's SNL characters - hyper little girls with big dreams - but it is nothing like any other girls I've seen in cartoons. Andy Richter is great, too, as Ben - in fact, they have really good people doing the voices on this show. The writing is very funny and the animation is beautiful. It reminds me of Ren and Stimpy, but like a cuter version of that for kids. It is like the old shows Nick used to have, which I loved, because they were funny even if you weren't a kid. I'm glad they finally have something good again, because you can only watch so many Spongebob reruns...moreless
  • A great start to a great show.

    The Honeybees are having a dog show, the perfect opportunity for Bessie to earn another badge. But Bessie doesn't have a dog... until she finds Happy, a stray mutt with a torn ear. Will this free-spirited pooch settle down to his new life as a show dog?

    This episode is the pilot episode of the what is as of now, a new Nicktoon on Nickelodeon. It was one of the funniest of the four episodes that aired on "A Mighty Weekend" or April 26 and 27th 2008. It wasn't the funniest and not the best of the series so far but I still liked it and it was a great start to the series.moreless
Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

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Keone Young

Keone Young

Mr. Wu

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Brian Posehn

Brian Posehn

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Dannah Feinglass


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    • Ben: Every superhero needs a sidekick!
      Bessie: (sighs) I'm not the Mighty B yet, Ben, I still have 4,584 badges to go!

    • (Bessie goes up to the audience, bumps her head on the microphone, then lowers it to herself)
      Bessie: H- Hi. My name is Bessie Higgenbottom. And Happy sends his sincere regrets....but we have mutually decided to part caring friends.
      (audience gasps, then Bessie hears barking)
      Bessie: Happy?
      (Bessie tries to find Happy in the audience, then finds out it's just a bulldog barking at a smaller dog)
      Bessie: And...he...(her eyes tearing) no dog. (runs off-stage)

    • Bessie: Happy! Come back! (Happy barks) First of all, we don't use words like that. Second of all, how was I supposed to know you hated dog shows? (Happy barks) Happy! Such language!

    • Ben: (about Portia) Look everybody! She kissed a rat!
      Rocky: Rat kisser!!

    • (Happy steals a steak from a butcher)
      Butcher: Hey! Come back here! That's my lunch!

    • Bessie: (telling her mom reasons to get a dog) One: I've always wanted a dog. Two: If I get a dog, I can put it in the Honeybee dog show and win the Animal Appreciation badge, and that is the badge that I really really really really really really really really really really want.(later) Forty-five: If we got a dog, it could guard our apartment! Forty-six: Dogs are nice. Forty-seven: Dogs aren't cats. Forty-eight: When your tired, you can rest your head on it like a pillow! (later) Seven- hundred twenty-nine: If I got a dog, I would rescue it, and there are over 1682 homeless animals in the city of San Fransisco! Go would it be great Mom? Would it be great if I rescue a homeless dog?
      Hilary: Yes! Bessie! Yes go! Rescue a dog.
      (Bessie gets excited)
      Hilary: But you have to take your brother.
      (Bessie's excitement fades)

    • Portia: (about Happy) Well, that's a filthy thing! Where'd you get him? A shelter? With all the dirty people and all the dirty things?

    • Bessie: Hey Rocky!
      Rocky: Hey Bessie! Want to hang out with us?
      Bessie: (grabs Rocky's skateboard) I wish I could but I can't but, I'll see you later! (runs off with Rocky's skateboard)
      Rocky: Oh, no.....
      (Bessie flies through air after jumping a hill)
      Bessie: Well, that's gravity for you!

    • Mr. Wu: So, Mighty B, it appears you have defeated me. I honor you with a fresh dumpling! (feeds Bessie dumpling)

    • (Bessie grabs the microphone after losing the dog show)
      Bessie: Just so you know, I'm fine with losing. Happy's one of a kind and he's my friend and I love him! Always tip your waitresses!

    • Bessie: Bessie Higgenbottom reporting for duty! (trips)

    • Bessie: I made up this whole training schedule. It's color coded and I used those markers that smell like candy but, they don't taste like candy....

    • Bessie: (sees dog lying on street and walks up to him) Hi! I'm Bessie Higgenbottom and- (gasps) Look at your torn ear! Awesome! I hate perfect ears! I hate perfect anything! (smiles widely)

    • Ben: (about Happy) I can't believe it! He's the worst dog I've ever met!
      Bessie: You're six! How many dogs have you met?!

    • Ben: Are you going to your troop meeting? Can I come?!
      Bessie: (sings) Noooooooooooooooooo!

    • Mr. Wu: So, Mighty B, we meet again.
      Bessie: (in Mighty B form) Prepare to face the awesome sting of the Mighty B!

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