The Mighty B!

Season 1 Episode 12

Ten Little Honeybees

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jun 27, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Ten Little Honeybees
Portia is having her ten and a half birthday, so to celebrate, she's having an awesome party to which all of the Honeybees are invited. Ms. Gibbons gives Portia is solid gold locket, and the it's time for cake. When Portia blows out the candles, she screams! Someone stole her locket! This theft has Bessie on the case to find out who the culprit is. Will Bessie figure it out?moreless

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  • Not Funny at all

    Not only this show really unfunny but it follows the continuing trend in children's TV shows of not making any sense whatsoever. It is just like CatDog or ChalkZone, in fact this is like a spin-off of ChalkZone. The characters in this are wellI tell you bellow

    Gwen- you might have guessed it, she's an asian stereotype. she tries to act like he is cool but comes off as arrogant jerk.

    Portia-again the character is just how you think it is, she acts like a teenage girlWHY? She also had bad teeth, again WHY? She seems completely out of place in this cartoon, mainly do to her being a jerk to her friends, lazy!

    Penny- Out of place, maybe because he is the only sane member of portia's group, like Winzer from My Gym Partner's a Monkey she could of been the only ok character in the show. However he seems like a rip-off of Katz from Courage the Cowardly Dog, which is better than this show.

    Happy-No complaints, Not as bad as Bessie himself

    Bessie- series protagonist, She is the worst of the bunch, not only is She stupid he is also annoying as can possibly be. Her voice makes her sound like he is mentally Fast. She is apparently "every honeybee's worst enemy" WHAT how is that even possible, if Bessie was there first and last enemy his last that I would understand, think it was stupid, but still understand.

    The plot of the show gee is that the million dollar question! As far as I can tell, Portia, Gwen and Penny makes Bessie's life horrid as possible. One thing however the torchar they gives her sucks! In one episode it amounts to Bessie annoying people in a party. In another they everyone except Bessie get into rollar blading. Did I mentionPenny is a terriable friend?

    Another thing we should hate about this show is that Penny is ugly and has a swollen voice.

    On the whole it is not as bad as My Gym Partner's a Monkey or Pearlie. However it still is really bad and I hope Nicktoons Network realizes viewers do not want shows like them and go back to make shows that at least try to make some sense.moreless
  • Dective bessie!!

    So i really liked this episode i thought it was hilauous! So this episode is when portia inviets all the honeybees(including bessie) to her 10-and a half birthday party(weird i wish i had those)and she gets a really shiny birthday locket from her mother and it gets stolen so bessie is up to the case and tries to find out who stole it. It was funny when she started blaming all the wrong people and started saying bum bum bum!! all the time although it got annoying(lol) it was funny how it turned that shw accidently stole it and she got kicked out!! So this eppisode was funny and cool.moreless
  • I was laughing so hard that I started to cry!

    This episode was hilarious, Portia is throwing a birthday party for turning 10 1/2 and she invites all the Honeybees. I laughed when Bessie sang "Birthday Cake" when it was time for cake. When a blackout occurs, a golden locket that Portia got from her mother is gone, so detective Bessie is on the case. I liked how Bessie thought of how everyone stole the locket. I also liked how she went "Bom bom bom!" I was surprised that Bessie stole the locket at the end and she ends up getting kicked out of the party. The only thing that stopped this episode from getting a ten was Penny's disgusting feet. Other than that, this episode was a hilarious and memorable episode.

    FINAL GRADE: A-moreless
  • This episode is very funny and I liked the twist ending.

    When snobby ol' Portia is having her birthday party for being 10 1/2 years old she invites the honeybees to her party. Surprisingly she invited Bessie to the party and when she is going to blow out her birthday candles someone steals her locket that was given to her by her mother! Bessie tries to figure out who did it and makes fun of "Bum bum bum!" when she is deducing who did it. In a twist ending you find out that Bessie did it uninentionally by dancing and accidently hooking the locket into her uniform. Overall this is a pretty funny episode and my favorite part was when Bessie rubbed her feet in Portia's face. I can't say she didn't deserve it.moreless

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