The Mighty B!

Season 1 Episode 1

The Sweet Sixteenth

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Apr 26, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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The Sweet Sixteenth
Bessie has been practicing for a monumentous occasion, her first ride on a real roller coaster called "The Punisher". She thinks that she is finally tall enough this year. When she steps up in line, she finds out that she is too short by a sixteenth of an inch without her hat! Bessie leaves and tries to put some clever schemes to get her taller into action. Will they work, or will Bessie be stuck riding the "Lil' Pun" and the "Teacups"?!moreless

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  • So hilarious, it deserves a perfect 10!

    In this episode, Bessie thinks she is tall enough to ride the awesome rollercoaster called "The Punisher", but Bessie is greatly disappointed to find out that she is a sixteenth of an inch from the limit. So she does whatever it takes to grow that sixteenth! I just laughed at this episode, especially when Bessie and Happy did their vocals before the rollercoaster started, I also laughed at what happens in "The Lil' Pun". "The Punisher" looked like a very cool coaster that I would like, if only something liked that existed... I also liked the ending when Bessie vomited from the outcome of the coaster and screamed "AWESOME!". I just liked this episode and it's my #1 favorite so far.

    FINAL GRADE: A+moreless
  • Bessie builds anticipation for an extreme roller coaster ride : The Punisher. However, when she arrives at the ride, she discovers that she is one-sixteenth of an inch short. Thus, she uses her hyperactive wit to think of strange ways to get taller.moreless

    I have seen this storyline many times. Someone wants to do something, but for some reason they can't, so they try some odd tricks. The plot really didn't get thicker than Bessie wanting to go on the roller coaster. The episode was filled with little clips of Bessie's attempts to get taller.

    Although, the humor of this episode is, personally, the best of the show so far. The shots of the Li'l Pun, accompanied by terrible "kiddie" music, were hillarious. I loved how the ticket-taker was randomly craving fries during his job. His voice acting captured the personality of someone who's simply bored with his job. Also, the use of the taffy machine went great with the animation style. My favorite part was when Bessie was being stretched on the monkey bars. I felt that they didn't have enough content for the episode, and instead stretched out certain parts to fill in the gaps. Bessie's victory dance before she got measured for the roller coaster was tedious and had me worried that the future jokes of the episode were going to be like this. The extra run-through of the roller coaster didn't add any humor, and is another example of filling the empty gaps in the running time.

    The vomit references were too much like recent Spongebob jokes. I could never think that something so disgusting could actually be seen on a children's channel. It's like when Squidward's toe was being ripped off, with the veins trailing behind it and the disgusting sound effects.

    I give "Sweet Sixteenth" an mildly average, but fun, 7.2.moreless
  • We had some good times, Lil' Phun.

    "Sweet Sixteenth" is the second 11 minute segment of the Nicktoon on Nickelodeon, The Mighty B!. It aired witht he first 11 minute episode segment of the series, "So Happy Together" on April 26th, 2008 which was the day that this new and exciting Nicktoon for Nickelodeon. It was written by Jessica Chaffin who plays Coco on Nickelodeons other hit series, "Zoey 101". I really had no idea she was such a good writer! This episode was so funny it almost made me wet my pants. Correction, I DID wet my pants. Epspecially at the end when Bessie puked. That was funny.moreless
  • Not particularly original or funny.

    The second installment of the Mighty B! has Bessie and her friends going to the amusement park to ride the thrill ride known as the Punisher. Unfortunately for Bessie, she is 1/16 of an inch too short and it looks like she will be stuck on riding the "Little Pun". This plot has been done before, I remember a "Dexter's Lab" with the exact same plot. And Bessie's attempts to fool the ride operator to letting her on aren't particularly great either. The best part is when she cheerfully throws herself into a taffy-pulling machine (after first telling Ben what property he can inherit)so she can get pulled, scrunched, and stretched out of shape. But thats about it. And I didn't care for all the vomit references.moreless
  • Bessie is dying to ride this huge roller coaster but is just a tad too short. The ride operator won't let Bessie on. She goes through all kinds of schemes to get taller, like stretching herself at a taffy factory and on an torture rack at the museum.moreless

    This episode is hilarious. Lots of great visual gags. Stretched out Bessie is very funny, and if you are a fan of "squash and stretch" animation, you'll love this one. In that respect, it is very literal. Writing is good, and the acting is great. Amy Poehler rules. She is just as funny as a cartoon. Some of the dialog sounds like she improvised and she is listed as a show creator, so it isn't surprising that it is so funny. The ride operator character is pretty funny, too. The art in the show is very cool - almost looks like Cartoon Network instead of Nick, and I mean that in a good way.moreless

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