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The Mighty Boosh

Thursday 10:30 PM on BBC Three Premiered May 20, 2003 Between Seasons


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Welcome to The Mighty Boosh guide. Come with us now on a journey through time and space... to the world of The Mighty Boosh... Written by and starring Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, The Mighty Boosh is an off-the-wall adventure based on their Perrier award-winning comedy show. In the first series, The Mighty Boosh is a show about two zoo keepers, Howard Moon and Vince Noir, who work at "The Zoo-niverse", a dilapidated but magical zoo. It is run by Bob Fossil, a demented American with a military disposition. Vince is a regular 'Mowgli in flares', due to his affinity with animals and adoration for all things Seventies. Howard likes to think he is more the brains of their zoo-keeping outfit, destined for better things. Each week they get involved in a different adventure. Whether they end up in the Arctic tundra or monkey hell they somehow always manage to get back to the zoo intact. In the second series, the plot focuses on Vince and Howard's journey to become a successful band. The two move in with Naboo and Bollo, and hijinks ensue. This series introduces the characters of Tony Harrison, Saboo, Kirk, and the Head Shaman. In the third series, Vince and Howard are shopkeepers at the Nabootique. Crimping becomes an artform, being the focus of the episode "The Power of the Crimp." The show becomes increasingly surreal and satirical.moreless

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  • Dave Brown

    Dave Brown

    Bollo/Joey Moose

    Noel Fielding

    Noel Fielding

    Vince Noir/Tony Harrison/The Hitcher/Spider Dijon/Old Gregg/Various

    Julian Barratt

    Julian Barratt

    Howard Moon/Head Shaman/Crack Fox/Various

    Matt Berry (II)

    Matt Berry (II)

    Dixon Bainbridge

    Rich Fulcher

    Rich Fulcher

    Bob Fossil/Eleanor/Various

    Victoria Wicks

    Victoria Wicks

    Mrs. Gideon

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    • The Best Thing on Planet Earth

      I worship this show like its my religion. I swear down, you will not regret watching this. It is possibly the funniest thing ever. I love everything about it, it has a mixed combination of humour from that of a 5 year old to an old age pensioner living in a home with a cat and seventy grandchildren. However be warned: Once you go Boosh, you cant go back.
    • The perfect combo of Sitcom and Surreal

      The Mighty Boosh is one of the best british imports to the states since Monty Python's Flying Circus. And why, you may ask, would that be? Well, take two crazy unrealistic stereotyped characters (Howard Moon, the over conservative voice of reason, and Vince Noir, the rock/new wave expert with a glam obsession) and put them in very odd situations. Just the description should seem golden and hard to mess up, and they do a good job of keeping it fresh. Season 1 has them at the Zoo, which was my least favorite place for the show, and then the later seasons move them to Nabootique. These places aren't really important though because they're never in the same place in any episodes. With funny and crazy reoccuring characters and fresh humor, the boosh is a cult classic.moreless
    • Lolz Love It SOO Much!!!

      Lolz Loved It SOO Muc I Didn't Think I Was Going To Like. I Only Watched It Because My Friend Said She Would Kidnap My Dog If I Didn't. I Really Loved It :) If You Like English Zoos, Freaky Weird Comedy Them You Will LOVE This Show Like I Do. Im Total In Love With English Shows And This Is Added To My List Of Fav Shows. It's Stupid Funny. Child Like And Adult Humor. Just the Right Amount Of Both. Spuer Wierd And Crazy But I Total Think It Is Super funny and Very Good. Noel Feilding Is Great In This.moreless
    • The greatest show in the history of television.

      Never before has a show been this fun, exciting and original. In a time where television is at an all-time low, with shows like "How I Met Your Mother" and "Sex and the City" gaining popularity and raping people's minds with their inane stupidity, it is amazing that there are still shows of this calibre being produced. Noel and Julian have so much raw comedic talent that they can really do anything they like with the show and it will still always be the same, brilliant Boosh. If you ever feel down over the tripe they air in America, let The Mighty Boosh restore your faith in television and remind you that the britons do it so much better.moreless
    • If only shallow futuristic prostitutes, beady-eyed jazz loving men, and a giant gorilla could be found in the same show...

      The very moment this show appears on the screen it's pure amazing. You have two gorgeous British guys who are complete opposites. I've not seen every episode but I can comment on a few specifics.

      Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt... sexual tension to say the least. I mean, I can't be the only one who hyperventilated and screamed when Vince and Howard kissed in the bouncy episode. Vince Noir, played by Fielding, is a shallow trend and music obsessed man with only one brain cell. He hates jazz but puts up with it for the sake of his buddy Howard. Howard Moon, played by Barratt, is an understated kind of funny and ends nearly every sentence in 'sir.' He wears ridiculous outfits, but not like flashy skanky Vince outfits. Mainly polyester meets tropical meets thrift store gone wrong. He's got beady little eyes and squints, kind of like he's boring into you sole. eels...

      Anyway, the point is, this show is funny, the men are gorgeous, and the random interruptions from the moon make it thoroughly pleasant.moreless

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