The Mighty Boosh

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 15, 2007 on BBC Three

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  • Elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite as good as either.

    I had first seen the Eels music video on youtube, not really knowing what the rest of the episode was about. After watching the episode in it's entirety I have to say it's by far one of my favourites. The Mighty Boosh has such great random characters. Example: "Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo." It doesn't get any better than when the hitcher urinates all over Howard. The entire episode is packed full of great jokes and music. It's also a great opportunity to see Howard work on his eye contact which makes people uncomfortable. It also had more involvment with the Shaman council. Noel's character Tony Harrison is just brilliant. "This is an outrage!"
  • D'you like that, boy? Cockney urine!

    This show is amazing. This episode featured a fantastic return of the Hitcher. Can't believe that people are moaning about the lack of his prosthetic nose. He's lost the giant thumb too... big deal, this is the Boosh, I don't think it's supposed to make sense!

    I don't mind them reusing old characters and personally hope Ruddy and Spider feature in this series, or maybe Old Gregg comes to get Howard back.

    Pure genius... and if you don't like it, I'll come at you like a nun sandwich!!! I just hope the rest of the series can carry on as this one has started.
  • An excellent bunch of ideas stapled together with some really bad ones.

    Oh, what to say?

    The first episode of this series was supposed to be something both sureally brilliant and funny. And it was, for a while anyway. The front section of the episode had some classic lines and superb concepts. The return of Tony Harrison and Saboo (looking very well since Nanatoo killed him - but death is always optional in the world of The Mighty Boosh) was fantastic, providing some of the best lines and gags in the episode, you cleft! Howard and Vince continue to be as idiotic as ever, Vince has a certain degree of charm and idiot savant to him that protects him where as Howard is just a total loser. The dialog between them both is top stuff and provides much of the initial enjoyment in the episode.

    The high point of the episode is Rich Fulcher's character Eleanor. He manages to look just the wrong side of 'bloke in a dress' without going too far and his/her obsession with Howard is delivered with such gusto that every line is hilarious.

    But the episode takes a turn for the worse when the cockney hitcher turns up. He's a very tired and overused character for the Mighty Boosh guys. One who really needs to die again and stay dead. While he was hilarious in the first season and sheer genius in the second he just feels forced into this script because Noel Fielding likes dressing up as him. Unfortunately the sections with him on screen are not good until Eleanor turns up and shoots him.

    Also, Howards inability to recognise the Hitcher from his previous encounters is perplexing and really a waste of some potentially great lines explaining why he's not dead.

    All in all it wasn't the best episode, there was too much repeated old material garbled in with the new stuff. Julian? Noel? Running jokes aren't that funny...

    At least next weeks episode was/is much better. :D
  • Inventive, bizzare and hilarious, yep the Boosh is definately back.

    I loved this episode, many people seem to be a bit miffed how the Hitcher has returned again, but I think he's ace, just as funny as he ever was; spouting rambling stories and polo references. I feel that the Nabootique was also a great idea to introduce to the show, it seems to give the characters more things to do without them having to go on a random adventure (although they are funny). The return of the shaman provided a nice feel good factor to the show while contrasting with the creepiness of the Hitcher and the man-woman. All in all a good episode, definately worth watching as it gives you some great surreal laughs, I might add that the final 'Eels' song is great and does a nice job parodying the pointlessly strange new rave culture.
  • Mightyboosh comes back to our screens once again and most people fail to see its greatness yet again.

    Mightyboosh is like a lot of british comedy, wierd and wonderful, you can never get tired of it and its always random and fresh to the taste. I liked this episode because it had be laughing right from the start.

    The show begins with a few classic jokes, lines and plot development and some more jokes that go un answered, until a little later on, which make you laugh more "and howard, if your going to get up to any kinky buisness, dont advertise it on the shop window"

    The hitcher makes a return, i think theyve changed his makeup a little, his polo seems different, but its still the same, what are people complaining about?
    The episode is a fantastic start and i cant wait to see the rest, it follows the boosh tradition of jokes and music and i cant wait until next thursday, any disagree'rs should not be posting here and outweighing the fourms as its a great show and more countries should get to see it and not be put off by a few whiny kids who didnt like an episode.
  • Naboo, Bollo and various Shamen go on a stag party(yawn). Vince and Howard meet the Hitcher(again- although Howard doesn't seem to recognise him!)Basically,take any previously-used characters, randomly put them in a script et voila...EEls!

    They've run out of ideas -plain and simple. In earlier series they reused a lot of material from the radio show, now they are reduced to univentive references to previous episodes. And talk about predictable - the Hitcher (a cockney villain) is involved in a protection racket....WOW! I bet that took a lot of thinking up!
    It pains me to say this as I have been a big Boosh fan for years, but this was the worst thing they've ever done.And what happened to the great songs/witty lyrics they're known for? The music in this was woeful. I hope the series improves...or they might as well close down the Nabootique now.
  • what happened to the cockney?

    howard and vince
    are now working at nabootique
    while naboo himself goes on a stag party with the council of shaman .Saboo and tony harrison having been magically ressurected(i suppose).
    howard and vince place a bet as to who can sell the most stuff. howards elbow patches and rapist eyes loose to vinces celebrity ankle tags and wide eyed charm.
    while vince is out pursuing one such celeb to tag howard is accosted by the green cockney.
    oh dear what have they done to him?
    what happen i didnt recognise him at first
    this really bugs me.
    after urinating in howards face (and a strange eel based song and dance routine)he threatens him and give him till midnight to come up with 1000 euros.
    how will our heros survive the night?

    they jokes were good the graphiti
    the elbow tags the strangely familar middle aged woman

    i loved all the tony harrison scenes aswell
    and his bickering with saboo
    i was expecting a mention of "the chrunch"

    i just hate what they done tothe green man
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