The Mighty Boosh

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 15, 2007 on BBC Three

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  • Mightyboosh comes back to our screens once again and most people fail to see its greatness yet again.

    Mightyboosh is like a lot of british comedy, wierd and wonderful, you can never get tired of it and its always random and fresh to the taste. I liked this episode because it had be laughing right from the start.

    The show begins with a few classic jokes, lines and plot development and some more jokes that go un answered, until a little later on, which make you laugh more "and howard, if your going to get up to any kinky buisness, dont advertise it on the shop window"

    The hitcher makes a return, i think theyve changed his makeup a little, his polo seems different, but its still the same, what are people complaining about?
    The episode is a fantastic start and i cant wait to see the rest, it follows the boosh tradition of jokes and music and i cant wait until next thursday, any disagree'rs should not be posting here and outweighing the fourms as its a great show and more countries should get to see it and not be put off by a few whiny kids who didnt like an episode.
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