The Mighty Boosh

Season 2 Episode 4

Fountain of Youth

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 16, 2005 on BBC Three
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When another bad gig is put down to Howard being old and past it, the boys use Naboo's magical amulet to transport themselves to the Fountain of Youth, where they hope to turn back the clock. However, to get there they must first go through the Desert of Nightmares where they encounter an evil cockney Sultan, a rebel army and Sandstorm, a beast made of sand that is incapable of love.moreless

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  • A spicy carrot and coriander!

    Hilarious episode chock full of brilliant dialogue and imagery; The sandpaper guy was perhaps one of my favourite 'villains' seen on the show yet, allowing Noel to play off his brilliant use of the gloves to great effect, creating one of the best laughs in the episode. During the middle section however, there is a distinct lack of Moon, which hurts the show's pacing and balance for me, showing that the two characters are just as important as each other; which is why the random exchanges between the two usually end up in my favourite scenes.

    The plot of the show is a little weak, with Howard looking for the fountain of youth because he's scared of looking old. To be honest I found it a little out of character, and couldn't understand why they didn't have Vince take up this motivation rather than Howard. The 'villains' too are a little less successful than usual, and not quite as interesting (aside from the sandpaper guy and the hitcher, of course) but are nevertheless key to some good scenes here and there. The musical numbers are far and few between in this one, but what is there is brilliant as usual, sticking to the crazy Boosh formula whilst remaining complete fresh and original.

    Overall a great episode, with some hilarious moments, but a little unbalanced all the same.moreless
  • Howard has an age crisis after several nasty comments about his age during a gig.Fortunately Naboo has an ace in the hole.

    The duo journey to planet xooberon across the desert of nightmares to find the fountain of youth.Unfortunatley vince is hailed as the chosen one by some tent dwelling blue people and thier midget leader.Howard is made his personal slave and is a tad annoyed at this.So much so that he steals vince`s amulet and gives it to a stranger

    who looks remarkably like a certain cockney hitcher.

    The songs are brilliant

    Time and Ilove the chosen one

    howard suffers more torment humilation and beatings than normal .

    as vince saunters througth unaffected by it all.

    The appearce of the green skinned evil cockney

    was fantastic "Im a cockney flower, watch me shower"

    as was his fate .

    Naboos promotion from having the odd scene in the first series to regular character in the second series is a huge mistake.

    The dude cannot act at all,ever,even if his life depended on it.He kills every part hes in .

    I regard him as the part to fast foward past

    problem solvedmoreless
  • Howard and Vince go on a quest to find the fountain of youth

    This one had me in stitches Rich Fulcher was so funny as the blue, big headed midget when he said \"Im four foot six with out shoeseys\" I couldn\'t stop laughing its such a childish word shoeseys, anyway this episode was quite rude with the sand stroms joke about not being able to hold him self and then having a w*** when Vince gives him a pair of gloves it was just so unexpected then we have the return of The Hitcher but now he more evil than ever, the part where he turns from pretty maiden to ugly old demon and knocks Howard out was funny.moreless

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    • Howard Moon: Vince, you've gone wrong.
      Vince Noir: I am the Chosen One. I have the amulet.
      Howard Moon: Yeah, well maybe it's time I had the amulet for a bit.
      Vince Noir: You don't accessorise. There's a simple truth to you.
      Howard Moon: Give me the amulet, you bitch!

    • Howard: Hey, remember the time we had that soup?
      Vince: Hahaha, that was brilliant!
      Together: Soup! Soup! A tasty soup! Soup! A spicy carrot and coriander!
      Vince: Chilli Chowder!
      Together: Crouton! Crouton! Crunchy friends in a liquid broth! I am gaspachio oh! I am a summer soup oh! Miso! Miso! Fighting in the dojo. Miso! Miso! Oriental prince in the land of soup!

    • The Moon: Shootin' star. Look at you. Shootin' star. You're a beautiful ball of light. Shootin' star. Get out the way! You're all in my per-per-perifernal vision! You're all over the place like a bluebottle! I'm the moon.

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