The Mighty Boosh

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Jun 29, 2004 on BBC Three
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Episode Summary

After Ivan the bear becomes angry and escapes from his cage, Fossil arranges a place for Ivan at an Animal Offenders Institute. All Howard and Vince have to do is get there and back, in one piece, without falling foul of the Hitcher.

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  • "I'm the juicy dangler"

    As far as Mighty Boosh goes this is one of the best. It doesn't get better when Howard asks the Hitcher about his thumb, and he goes into about a 3 minute rant about his enormous thumb. "as i raised my thumb up to smash his tiny skull in, i could see in his little insect face, i could see him thinkin 'ooooh i created that monster.. i created that thumb and now it's killin me! my own beast and creation killin me dead. the sweet irony.' i think he was sayin that. it was a long time ago in hindsight he could have just been sh**tin' himself." i nearly spat out my soda when i heard it. Watch it. Watch it over and over.moreless
  • This episode has to be the best episode in series 1 for the song at the end

    This episode is the best because of the hitcher who was cleverly thought of and came out with some weird comment like "im just going for a sprinkle you onion" or "its coming out of me like a great yellow cable", I also liked the song he sang when Howard falls in to his Box and he starts singing "trapped in a box by a cockney nutjob" but the thing I liked most about the hitcher was that I didn't know it was Noel Fielding (Vince Noir), until I went on to the official Mighty boosh web site and it was said Noel Fielding Vince Noir and The Hitcher.moreless
Peter Wlliott

Peter Wlliott


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Gurbax Singh

Gurbax Singh


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Dave Brown

Dave Brown

Choreographer/Joey Moose / Various

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the scene where Vince runs into Brian Ferry in the forest and Ferry tells Vince about Baboo Yagoo/The Hitcher, he says 'he is as real as this forest' and part of the set collapses behind them. This was not planed, but Barratt and Fielding thought it was such great timing they left it in. Noel Fielding was trying not to laugh when he delivers his line but couldn't help smiling. They mention this on the DVD audio commentary.

    • The t-shirt Noel Fielding is wearing in this ep has a picture of his dad on it (who has appeared on the show). His hat is also the same hat Johnny Depp wore when he guested on The Fast Show.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Vince: Funk. Funk. Jazz's deformed cousin.

    • The Hitcher:You wanna know about my thumb do ya boy? Intrigue ya does it boy? My Thumb? Let me tell ya 'bout it. I come from a long line of hitchhikers, all with bleedin' massive thumbs. You see the thumb its a tremendous boom to the hitchhiker, helps with work. Ya know what I mean? Only problem was, when I was a child, my thumb was tiny. Not just tiny like a single sugar puff, Disgusting! Even my own mother would reel back in horror, like an anaconda, 'Aagh! What is it!? Get it out of here! It's tiny! It's horrible, it's revolting! Take your tiny thumb and get out of here and never darken my door again!' she'd say. I had to leave the family unit, in search of a miracle. I wandered the streets, looking for the answer. And people told me of a magic shaman: part man, part hornet. So I went looking for him. I went everywhere. I combed the universe in search of the stripy insect shaman. Turns out he was in a local primary school, in the bin, reeling about with the apple cores. Like they do. And I stood there, with my thumb out, and he stung it, and he stung it. He grabbed onto it, it was like he was making love to it with his sting. In and out, in and out, more and more! Oh the puss, the pain, the black voodoo, the wet jigsaw puzzle! I didn't know what was happening. Oh for days I was in a trance. But when I came to, there it was. Like a fleshy maraca! A thumb of gigantic proportion! 'A miracle!' I said, 'A miracle, you're a true wizard! How can I ever repay ya?' And he said to me, 'Five hundred euros.' 'Five hundred euros!? You won't see penny one from me you slag!' And as I raised my thumb up, to smash his tiny skull in I could see in his little insect face, could see him thinkin', 'Oh, I created that monster! I created that thumb! And now it's killing me! My own beast and creation, killin' me dead. The sweet irony.' I think he was sayin' that, although it was a long time ago. And in hindsight, he coulda just been shittin' himself.

    • Bob Fossil: Naboo, you saved my life! Now I must kiss you passionately on the lips! (Naboo fires a dart at him) Argh, my nuts!

    • (After Naboo and Bollo hit Brian Ferry with the motorcycle)
      Brian Ferry: You fools, you smashed me with your iron horse.
      Naboo: Who are you?
      Brian Ferry: I am Brian Ferry, ruler of the forest.
      Naboo: Have you ever seen Brian Ferry?
      Brian Ferry: Yeah. What's your point?
      Naboo: You look like Terry Wogan.

    • Brian: There is a curse upon the forest, Vince. Many of the creatures have disappeared. Taken by Baboo Yagoo the green man witch.
      Vince: Who?
      Brian: Some say he is the devil himself. Others say he is a man pretending to be the devil with green makeup and special lighting.

    • Howard: I can't believe we're trapped in a box.
      Vince: I thought you couldn't get trapped in boxes.
      Howard: That was a metaphoric box. This is an actual box. There's a difference.

    • Vince: Who's trying to put you in a box?
      Howard: Well people, you know. The man.
      Vince: Have you contacted the police about this?

    • The Hitcher: Stop the car.
      Howard: Don't kill me.
      The Hitcher: Don't kill me? I'm not gonna kill ya. I've gotta take a sprinkle you onion.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Noel Fielding also stars as 'The Hitcher' in this episode. That's why you never see 'The Hitcher' in the same frame as Vince.