The Mighty Boosh

Season 3 Episode 2

Journey to the Centre of the Punk

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 22, 2007 on BBC Three
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Episode Summary

Vince is infected by The Jazz Beast. To save his life Naboo shrinks Howard and sends him into Vince's body to locate and kill the Beast.

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  • The Boosh shines...

    The Boosh just keeps getting better and better. With some of the finest and funniest effects, this will take some beating. I thought Eels was great, but the way the series has aligned itself closer to the live show is brilliant. The jazz virus was a stroke of genius, and the way it knowingly panders to Howards Jazz Maverick delusions was perfect. At the point Howard met Vince's white blood cells/immune system and the last part of Vince not totally self obsessed speaks out, I was in raptures! "I'm Roger Black."

    pure comedy gold. I'm looking forward now to the rest of the series, and can only dream it will maintain the high quality start of the first two episodes.moreless
  • vince ,in another selfish and stupid act ,decides to play up to his punk band mates and breaks Howards fine jazz record resulting in a well deserved infection

    Vince decides he a punk now

    for this week

    and having joined a band

    his mates presceed to trash the nabootique

    and goad vince into breaking howards priceless jazz record

    record(so much for friendship)

    while on stage vince start to scat and act jazz like.

    ruining the whole punk experience for the audience.

    Back at the shop the gang discover that vince is infected with a jazz pathogen and that a shrunken submarine is the only way to save vince(though why they would want to save that stupid selfish beast is a question never answered).

    howard is press ganged into service as is his blind jazz guru friend.

    A much better episode than eels

    but thats not hard to do really

    Vinces character seems to have changed from self absorbed fashionista to selfish ,stupid ,nasty ,evil,fashion nazi.

    howard is usually the victim of cirtumstance .In this series he seems to be a victim of vince,s folly and stupidity

    i dont know why they changed this set upbut it seems to turn the two main characters from equals to unknowing enemies

    i sure hope they come up with at least one decent episode this seriesmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The terms used for the infectious jazz organism varies between the word "cell" and "virus". This shows a lack of medical knowledge although Howard and Naboo are not Doctors.
      The two are not interchangeable terms for an illness.
      Viruses contain no cells and
      (cell based) bacteria would never referred to as a virus.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Vince: (about what makes him angry) Climate change.
      Howard: Climate change?
      Vince: It's getting hot, Howard. Didn't you notice?
      Howard: That's making you angry why? Because it makes your hair a bit more difficult to straighten?
      Vince: That, and it's a bit clammy.

    • Howard: Who are you?
      Vince's brain: I'm the brain cell.
      Howard: The brain cell?
      Vince's brain: Yes.
      Howard: Just you, yeah?
      Vince's brain: Well, me and my secretary.

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