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The Mighty Boosh

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM May 18, 2004 on BBC Three
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Episode Summary

Bob Fossil sets up a highly illegal and shady kangaroo boxing match between the Killeroo and Howard. Howard thinks that by winning the fight he will impress the Head of Reptiles, Mrs Gideon. Vince enlists his uncle, a bare-knuckle fighter with a very strange accent, to help with Howard's training.moreless

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  • Lolz Loved It

    Lolz Loved It SOO Muc I Didn't Think I Was Going To Like. I Only Watched It Because My Friend Said She Would Kidnap My Dog If I Didn't. I Really Loved It :) If You Like English Zoos, Freaky Weird Comedy Them You Will LOVE This Show Like I Do. Im Total In Love With English Shows And This Is Added To My List Of Fav Shows. It's Stupid Funny. Child Like And Adult Humor. Just the Right Amount Of Both. Spuer Wierd And Crazy But I Total Think It Is Super funny and Very Good. Noel Feilding Is Great In This.moreless
  • Although this episode was not as funny as some of the other episodes in the series but its still funny for the fist episode you watch

    I think the funniest part of this episode is when Bob Fossil is giving the fighters histories and he says

    *A big crate is being wheeled in with spectators cheering and Fossil says*

    Bob Fossil;In this corner with 25 facial eatings and 24 decapitations the killeroo.

    *the crate opens and a deranged kangeroo walks out*

    Howard Moon; What?

    Vince Noir; Don\\\'t worry Howard its just building up the Hype you\\\'ll get the same don\\\'t worry,

    *and as they enter Fossil says*

    Fossil;and in this corner Howard Moon (former male prostitute).

    * and the whole crowd just stop completely then some one yells you suck*moreless
  • If you watch the second series first, the first seems a lot funnier.

    I watched this episode last year when it was first on television and thought it was terrible. The script seemed quite well written but the poor acting robbed the show of any comedy value. It felt like watching a poor script read through.

    A year later I read a rave review of the second series. I reluctantly decided to give the show another chance. One by one I got through Series Two, each episode increasing my love for the crazy, hilarious world of The Mighty Boosh more and more...

    Which brings me full circle back to the first episode of Series One. Series Two definitely seems either closer to what writer/stars Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt want to achieve or just the result of making a comedy series with eight episodes of experience behind you. Some of the jokes in Killeroo work brilliantly and others don’t, but the consistent style make the ones that don't excusable.

    The performances are generally very good - although some of the performers in this can't act as such, there is a clear sense of comedy style running through the episode that helps make it frequently amusing and intermittently hilarious.

    If you haven't seen The Mighty Boosh I recommend you start on the fantastic series two and then come back to watch series one, which has it’s small pleasures.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • With this first ep comes a sign of the future. The Boosh have a lot of rock star friends and they're not afraid to get them acting on the show. Here we see Oli Ralfe of Ralfe Band appearing as Jimmy The Reach. Oli will return in the Old Greg episode with his band.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Carp: Goodbye. The show is finished now. Go on. Get away. Sling your hook. Show finished. All over. What are you looking at, it's all over! Get away!

    • (Naboo blows red dust from a didgeridoo into Vince's face).
      Vince: What was that?? You Jack of Clubs. I said could you help me, not blow dust in my eyes! (Vince walks off in disgust, wiping it from his eyes)
      Naboo: (to camera) It is magic dust, what is he, a muppet?

    • Vince: Yeah yeah, whatever. Look, you've gotta help me with Howard.
      Naboo: What, the raging bull?
      Vince: He's more of a demented swan. That's what I'm talking about, you've gotta help me Naboo, he's gonna get killed. Is there anything you can do?

    • Howard: Monsoon Moon, they call me. Monsoon - what about this? What about: Thunderstorm Moon – he comes in like a heavy shower of pain.
      Vince: Nice. What about Hailstone Howard?
      Howard: That's good too.

    • Howard: YES!! Howard Moon, I rain down the pain, I'm Monsoon Moon, I'm coming atcha like a beam, like a ray, like a laser, don't try and stop me I'm quick. Like lightning. I'm frightening. Oowww! Chika-chika!

    • Uncle: He looks like a retard. When's the fight?
      Vince: Tomorrow night.
      Uncle: There's only one way to get this boy ready for the fight.
      Vince: Training montage!
      Uncle: With music.

    • (Howard and Vince are wearing tracksuits tracksuits. Howard's is much too small, and the legs are too short so we can see his socks and sneakers).
      Howard: What's this?
      Vince: I could only get one size.
      Howard: Your size. That's nice.
      Vince: Come on. These are the original tracksuits Carlos Santana wore when he was training for Woodstock.
      Howard: Yeah, well he could've washed them, because they stink.
      Vince: Never mind all of that, right. Let's check out your opponent, yeah? I got these videos off Naboo, kangaroo videos. Let's check 'em out.

    • Vince: What about if you fight the kangaroo?
      Howard: What?
      Vince: Imagine if you fight the kangaroo and beat it. It'll be amazing. You'll be dangerous! You'll have edge! You'll be a pirate! Gideon will be all over you like a flannel.

    • Fossil: (over loudspeaker) Moon. Come to my office right now. Thank you!
      Vince: You better run along, Danger Mouse.
      Howard: I'm not running along to Fossil. I'll go in my own sweet time. They call me the Maverick.

    • Carp: Oh, it was so salty. I'm freshwater.

    • Howard: Alright?
      Vince: Alright.
      Howard: Mrs Gideon ring for me today?
      Vince: (laughing) As if she's gonna ring for you. (stops laughing abruptly) Oh, I mean, she might do.

    • Howard Moon: I'm gonna put a move on you.
      Vince Noir: Bring 'em on.
      Howard: You wanna feel something? I'll take you out for a meal with Mr & Mrs Pain; order up some violent quiche...

    • Vince Noir: What was that? You jack of clubs! I said could you help me, not blow dust in my eyes!
      Naboo: It is magic dust. What is he - a Muppet?

    • Vince Noir: I'm a cockney bitch.
      Howard Moon: What?
      Vince Noir: I'm a ragger-muffin from the streets.
      Howard Moon: You're a french duke, if ever I saw one - you lie around in hammocks all day eating soft cheese.
      Vince Noir: Listen - I'm a chimney sweeper. (pause) All my family are into boxing - even my Auntie - she love's it.

    • Vince Noir: I mean, what do you think women like?
      Howard Moon: Trumpets.
      Vince Noir: Trumpets?
      Howard Moon: Bookmarks.

    • Howard Moon: Why would she ring for me, she thinks I'm an idiot.
      Vince Noir: Come on Howard, there's plenty of reasons she might not ring for you. I mean, maybe she's trapped in a cabinet?

    • Vince Noir: My hair's virtually a hat, all hats suit me.

    • Howard Moon: I'll take you out for a meal with Mr. and Mrs. Pain - order up some violent quiche.

  • NOTES (4)

    • When Bob Fossil calls Howard to his office. the song he plays for him is 10CC's Dreadlock Holiday.

    • The actors who play Vince Noir and Naboo are brothers in real life: Noel (Vince) & Michael (Naboo) Fielding.

    • An unaired, complete half-hour pilot of The Mighty Boosh was made before this first official episode. It included a laugh track that wasn't continued to be used once the series was green-lighted and aired.

    • Lyrics to song:

      How you get's to kill a roo?
      It's all you have to do.

      Can't tell me now...

      [repeated from beginning]