The Mighty Boosh

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM May 18, 2004 on BBC Three
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All is not well at the Zoo-niverse. Animals are disappearing one by one. Things go from bad to worse when Joey Moose, one of the zookeepers, goes missing. When Mrs Gideon reports that her python is also on the missing list, Howard is determined to save the day. Howard and Vince stumble across Dixon Bainbridge's secret laboratory and the terrible truth behind his ‘experiments' comes to light.moreless

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  • who is Howard Moon?

    this episode demonstrates one of my favorite parts of Howard's character, and that is how easily influenced he is by Vince, usually without Vince even trying. For example, after dismissing the notion of using accessories to make his face pop, he's sporting a monocle. I loved seeing that drop from his face when he thought he was going to have to fight Bainbridge (at Vince's direction, natch). The disguise of pink balloons worked so well; I was well happy that his ambient noise face got to be used for it's perfect spying capabilities. Amusingly, it was only when he used binoculars (an accessory) that he ever gained notice.

    Lets see if this trend continues.

    I would like Mrs. Gideon to recognize him by face at least. It's not often you see a pink balloon set atop of a suit. I think I'd remember that.

    shoutout to Richard Ayoade's as one of the mutants' name. I'm sure there were other friends too, but his name is so distinctive that it was easy to pinpoint.

    It took me awhile to figure out what sort of animal was used for the mutant who looked like it has a marshmallow for a head but then I figured that it must be a squid. he looked like he was melting the whole time.moreless
  • Wacky fun

    Mutants is (in the best Mighty Boosh tradition) very silly and some of the jokes are a bit obvious, but it is carried out with such passion, style and comic precision that some of the naffer members of the production can be excused: this is a show where the sum of its parts may not amount to much in themselves, but which together make for one of the funniest shows on TV. The icing on the cake regarding Boosh is Rich Fulcher, the actor who plays the Zooniverse owner Bob Fossil. He has a camp, manic quality that makes him a stand out in this great series.moreless
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Peter Kyriacou


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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goofs: The mutants of the title are are not in fact mutants. The terms mutants refers to people or life forms with damaged, altered or "evolved" DNA.
      The freaks in this episode were merely unwilling transplant victims.
      There DNA was the same they just had animal part surgically attached to their bodies. Were they mutants they would have been born like that.

    • More Boosh rock star friends as the Robots In Disguise gals make their first appearance on the show. Noel once posed alongside one of Sneaker Pimps (now in Trash Money), looking very androgynous, for the cover of a Robots single.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Naboo: Where's my frog?
      Bob Fossil: You smoked it last night!
      Naboo: Oh yeah!

    • Howard: Never Tremble with a newt.
      Vince: Exactly!
      Howard: You change it's sex.

    • Mrs Gideon: To kill a man you need a snake with a much larger bite radius.
      Bob Fossil: Oh yeah, well bite my radius, lady-us.

    • Bob Fossil: Now, our first stop today on the tour is the largest animal in the zoo, the grey legface man.
      Schoolboy: What?
      Bob Fossil: You know...the grey legface, he's got legs and another leg on his face.
      Schoolboy: The elephant.
      Bob Fossil: Well, yeah, if you wanna get technical, Mr Smartypants.

    • Bob Fossil: Welcome to the Zoo-niverse, where all your dreams come true.... niverse. I'm General Manager Bob Fossil, and I'm a human.

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