The Mighty Boosh

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 09, 2005 on BBC Three

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  • One of the best.

    I really enjoyed this episode and although it did have a few low points here and there, it's still one of the best from Boosh that I've seen to date. The writing and overall style of the show has now completely evolved into something coherent and interesting. Before now the guys seemed to be throwing around ideas, experimenting with this and that, which worked some times and at others didn't. With the opening couple of shows of series two however it's clear that they have found a distinct style that not only capture's the brilliance of the first season, but allows the progression and creativity that the show thrives on at the same time.

    This episode in particular features one of the best plots of the series for me, allowing room for lots of great gags both physical and verbal. I especially loved seeing Howard dressed up as a goth and describing his toilet habits with the girls. The whole evil granny idea (although a little cliché) worked quite well too, but I didn't feel it added much on it's own to the episode other than opening up some great moments with the guys. The episode's song was also brilliant and fit it well, sticking to that same brilliant Boosh formula yet still being distinct from past creations.

    So definitely one of my favourites from the series thus far, I just hope they can keep up the pace!
  • A great episode

    This has to be my all time favourite Boosh episode. Howard and Vince are pretending to be goths to pull some goth girls and accidentally release the worst demon ever known onto the world: Nanatoo. This episode is so full of great bits I can't choose just one as my favourite. However, I do especially love the scene where Naboo faces the council. Tony Harrison and Saboo are hilarious in that scene.

    Favourite quotes:

    The crunch? you know nothing of the crunch.
    Dark side of the moon. That's one of my own

    Overall a fantastic episode and just remember: Nanageddon's coming in a nylon gown!
  • In order to shag two goth birds vince and howard steal Naboo`s dark arts book and summon a demon in the form of a geriatic woman With Nanatoo and her unholy blue rinse army stalking london Can the end of world be far behind?

    Another episode that still suprises me by how many wierd turns and twist it makes.
    The idea that the Nanatoo
    would be hiding out at a bingo hall was hilarious.
    Her specail kniting needles of doom were excellent
    as was her abilty to knit people into mummies and impale them.
    The finest moment of the ep has to go to Tony harrison
    A disembodied head and member of the shaman`s council
    he must prove to his partner he has been to the crunch,not just taken a day trip around the crunch and purchased a few guawdy postcards

    This has to be the funniest episode of The Mighty Boosh ever it contains so many killer jokes from defiling tombstones to knocking old ladies out to one of the best Boosh songs ever, Nanageddon has it all, The thing I like most about this episode is the amount of jokes in it, like when Howard tries his hardest to impress the goth girls with his corney jokes but then starts saying some weird stuff like.
    Howard; went to a graveyard today.
    Goth girl 1; yeah?
    Howard; yep did a **** on a tomb stone
    *the goth girls aren't impressed*
    but it doesn't stop there he belives this makes him attractive to the goth girls so he continues to say
    Howard; killed a swan yesterday did a **** on it, yep right on it, Saboo and Tony harrison are funny together when they are arguing about how Tony can be moved around but the best part of this episode is the song that comes on when they steal the book back off of Nanatoo.
  • The moon, as always, looks over and looks after the inhabitants of the bizarre Howard Moon and Vince Noir world of shamans, talking gorillas and armageddon grandmas.

    Once again the moon is the literal and metaphorical highlight of the continually and extraordinarily beautiful and magical second series of The Mighty Boosh. His dreamy, oblivious comments on life perfectly intersect the more lively and chaotic world of Howard Moon and Vince Noir as they hunt down the merciless ‘Nanatoo’ – a grandma-based daemon who plans to destroy the world. However un-terrifying the Boosh monster may be, Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, with their scrumptious chemistry together, create another out of this world extravaganza. Any person in their right mind would wish they could be a blundering daddy-long-legs bumping manically into the kitsch-wallpapered walls of the house that Howard, Vince, Naboo - their live-in shaman, and Bollo - the talking gorilla - inhabit.