The Mighty Boosh

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 09, 2005 on BBC Three

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  • The moon, as always, looks over and looks after the inhabitants of the bizarre Howard Moon and Vince Noir world of shamans, talking gorillas and armageddon grandmas.

    Once again the moon is the literal and metaphorical highlight of the continually and extraordinarily beautiful and magical second series of The Mighty Boosh. His dreamy, oblivious comments on life perfectly intersect the more lively and chaotic world of Howard Moon and Vince Noir as they hunt down the merciless ‘Nanatoo’ – a grandma-based daemon who plans to destroy the world. However un-terrifying the Boosh monster may be, Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, with their scrumptious chemistry together, create another out of this world extravaganza. Any person in their right mind would wish they could be a blundering daddy-long-legs bumping manically into the kitsch-wallpapered walls of the house that Howard, Vince, Naboo - their live-in shaman, and Bollo - the talking gorilla - inhabit.