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Thursday 10:30 PM on BBC Three Premiered May 20, 2003 Between Seasons


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  • The Best Thing on Planet Earth

    I worship this show like its my religion. I swear down, you will not regret watching this. It is possibly the funniest thing ever. I love everything about it, it has a mixed combination of humour from that of a 5 year old to an old age pensioner living in a home with a cat and seventy grandchildren. However be warned: Once you go Boosh, you cant go back.
  • The perfect combo of Sitcom and Surreal

    The Mighty Boosh is one of the best british imports to the states since Monty Python's Flying Circus. And why, you may ask, would that be? Well, take two crazy unrealistic stereotyped characters (Howard Moon, the over conservative voice of reason, and Vince Noir, the rock/new wave expert with a glam obsession) and put them in very odd situations. Just the description should seem golden and hard to mess up, and they do a good job of keeping it fresh. Season 1 has them at the Zoo, which was my least favorite place for the show, and then the later seasons move them to Nabootique. These places aren't really important though because they're never in the same place in any episodes. With funny and crazy reoccuring characters and fresh humor, the boosh is a cult classic.
  • Lolz Love It SOO Much!!!

    Lolz Loved It SOO Muc I Didn't Think I Was Going To Like. I Only Watched It Because My Friend Said She Would Kidnap My Dog If I Didn't. I Really Loved It :) If You Like English Zoos, Freaky Weird Comedy Them You Will LOVE This Show Like I Do. Im Total In Love With English Shows And This Is Added To My List Of Fav Shows. It's Stupid Funny. Child Like And Adult Humor. Just the Right Amount Of Both. Spuer Wierd And Crazy But I Total Think It Is Super funny and Very Good. Noel Feilding Is Great In This.
  • The greatest show in the history of television.

    Never before has a show been this fun, exciting and original. In a time where television is at an all-time low, with shows like "How I Met Your Mother" and "Sex and the City" gaining popularity and raping people's minds with their inane stupidity, it is amazing that there are still shows of this calibre being produced. Noel and Julian have so much raw comedic talent that they can really do anything they like with the show and it will still always be the same, brilliant Boosh. If you ever feel down over the tripe they air in America, let The Mighty Boosh restore your faith in television and remind you that the britons do it so much better.
  • If only shallow futuristic prostitutes, beady-eyed jazz loving men, and a giant gorilla could be found in the same show...

    The very moment this show appears on the screen it's pure amazing. You have two gorgeous British guys who are complete opposites. I've not seen every episode but I can comment on a few specifics.
    Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt... sexual tension to say the least. I mean, I can't be the only one who hyperventilated and screamed when Vince and Howard kissed in the bouncy episode. Vince Noir, played by Fielding, is a shallow trend and music obsessed man with only one brain cell. He hates jazz but puts up with it for the sake of his buddy Howard. Howard Moon, played by Barratt, is an understated kind of funny and ends nearly every sentence in 'sir.' He wears ridiculous outfits, but not like flashy skanky Vince outfits. Mainly polyester meets tropical meets thrift store gone wrong. He's got beady little eyes and squints, kind of like he's boring into you sole. eels...
    Anyway, the point is, this show is funny, the men are gorgeous, and the random interruptions from the moon make it thoroughly pleasant.
  • Don't see why I need a summary, but, whatever. Cute guys to drool over, crackfic for plot, what's not to like?

    So, I saw their bit on The Secret Policeman's Ball earlier this week and loved them. Subsequently looked them up online and watched through all three seasons in two days. They're just absolutely the most amazing thing I've seen on television.
    Cute guys, huge amounts of homoerotic subtext. . .and maintext, come to think of it. Crackfic in terms of plot. I've got to love a show where if I quoted a fanfic to someone, they wouldn't know whether it was fic or canon. I can't even come up with words to describe how awesome this is.
    It's been a very long time since I've actually seen comedy that made me lawl instead of just snicker or smirk. And this had me in stitches every couple of minutes.
    And did I mention the cute boys?
  • "So cutting edge it goes out of date every three hours." - Vince Noir

    The Mighty Boosh is insane. Noel Fielding (Howard Moon) and Julian Barratt (Vince Noir) are two extroadinarily talented individuals, in fast paced script writing, lyric construction, and music composing (of every genre). The Mighty Boosh follows the day to day adventures of Vince Noir and Howard Moon, two over-the-top characters with opposing personalities. Each season has been set in a different location (season one in Bob Fossil's delapidated 'zooniverse'; season two sharing a flat in Dalston with Naboo and Bollo; and season three in Nabootique) and leads to ridiculous storylines and characters.
    The Mighty Boosh is so over the top, so extremely hilarious, that is one of the freshest and most interesting television shows. If you posses a sense of humour, and you are not easily freaked out, the you will thoroughly enjoy the Mighty Boosh.
  • Absolute Genius!

    My first experience with the Mighty Boosh was their stage show after season 2, which was, in itself, brilliant. The boys of Boosh are hilarious, and they give a new meaning to english comedy. Coming from NZ, I am very proud of the Flight of the Conchords, but quite honestly, The Boosh does one better. Well thought of story lines which I like to call "reliable".

    My only critique of Boosh is the character "Old Greg". He really annoyed me. The "Mangina" bit was not in the least bit funny. But overall the Boosh does kick ass! I love it, and can't wait for more!
  • Come with us now on a journey through time and space...

    The Mighty Boosh is currently one of my favorite shows with many reasons for being so...

    -the crazy adventures and shenanigans that come alive as Vince Noir, rock star, and Howard Moon, jazz enthusiast, travel from zoos to the bottom of the sea to other universes is highly hilarious and entertaining.
    -the show boasts a strong cast of characters that keep the show funny and original throughout the entire series.
    -the written and improvised comedy in the show is top dollar and sure to make even the most stiff person roll on the floor laughing.

    Overall it is a great show and I would encourage others to tune in on the crazy adventures of the Mighty Boosh.
  • one of the funniest, strangest, unique programmes, which is why it works so well!!!!

    the mighty boosh is an excellent programme!! its oddness and simple humour make it such a great and funny watch. I love both the characters of vince and howard, and all the settings of all 3 series. the strange charcters are great, the hitcher being my favourite, as well as the crack fox and old greg. The moon is also one of my favourites, he is so stupid and simple and such an idoit. The scripts are well written, the simplest and smallest things are funny such as vince liking gary newman, their daft songs, or 'crimps'. naboo and bolo are great too, having to always bail vince and howard out of some daft situation. overall, it is the funniest programe i have seen in a long time, its so different and odd its no wonder everybody loves it!!!!
  • Timeless, like Python. Musicality like no other!

    What's not to like? "The Mighty Boosh" remains unpredictable, surreal, relentlessly musical, off the wall in its bizarre juxtapositions, and eminently watchable, even to my fellow Yank audience. This has been a hard one to explain to them, given weening upon Python's slapstick intellectualism. But silly for its own sake joined like a Siamese twin to specific obsessions, all in a surreal stew, is, well, great. One never knows where it will go, other than off to a music and dance ditty. It is so enheartening that comics' personal obsessions get such free rein on the BBC. I'd rather watch one "Boosh" for my comedy fix than a 100,000 American sitcoms with the eternal fixation upon an ugly husband, his unaccountably beautiful wife, and their inevitably precocious brat (ptooey.)
  • Over-the-top absurdity, cartoonish stoner humor and subtle, low-key wit combine to create one of strangest TV shows you'll ever love.

    In my opinion, one of the best comedy shows on TV today, in England OR the U.S. Definitely not to everyone's taste, though. This is true stream-of-consciousness comedy, bizarre and (occasionally) unsettling -- though it always maintains a fairy-tale charm that keeps it from ever getting too dark.

    Each season features a new setting, new supporting characters, and ever-stranger plot lines, so it's hard to describe it overall. But the show always revolves around the relationship between carefree fashionisto Vince Noir and his slightly squarer, more uptight pal Howard Moon. Beyond that, you have to see it to "get" it, but let's just say one early episode involves Vince and Howard trekking to the Arctic tundra on Gary Numan's private jet in order to liberate a crystal egg from the clutches of the evil Black Frost. Other characters have included a monster made of sandpaper, a mystical swami with a tiny doorway in his afro, and an insane cockney with a doughnut-shaped eye who likes eels and urinating on people. If the thought of any of this brings a smile to your face, you need to check this show out immediately... though alas, to my knowledge no U.S.-region DVD is yet available...
  • The mighty boosh is absolutely brilliant in its randomness. There is very little script, most is improvised, but it is done so smoothly and with great comedic genius, thanks to Fielding, Barratt and the rest of the cast. Platinium comedy

    The stars of the Mighty Boosh deserve every award they have won, and then some. The show is seriously under appreciated, most people watch it once and don't get it, and never watch it again. If you are ine of those people please go watch another episode, it really does grow on you. The zany mental characters that crop up are the products of slightly warped minds, but when those minds introduce you the characters with incredibly catchy songs it is hard not to fall in love with them, even the likes of Old Gregg, the half man, half fish, who is always drunk on Baileys, is in love with Howard, and has a mangina! The Boosh will also introduce you to the concept of crimping, mad little songs that make some sense, if only the tiniest amount, for example:
    Jean-Claude Jaquettie
    with his jacket on
    Jean-Claude Jaquettie
    with his jacket off
    Jean-Claude Jaquettie
    put your jacket on
    Jean-Claude Jaquettie
    put your jacket off
    jacket on
    jacket off
    jacket on
    jacket off Oh Stylish
    Oh Wokkaman
    Running round Pairs
    with a tiny haversack
    Look into the future
    With a telescope
    Drawing on the past
    with an eagle claw eagle claw why?
    eagle claw eagle claw
    bo-ba boing boing
    Take the fashion coin
    slot it in the pocket of your bumbag
    Take it to Milan,
    take it to Japan 
    take it to the man Fashion Plan
    Jaquettie !!! These are often sung in harmony by Fielding and Barratt, showing that these men are not just pretty faces (Noel especially!!!), they can act, sing, dance and produce pure comedic gold.
  • Simply the best show ever to grace our teleboxes!

    The Mighty Boosh, I LOVE IT! It is simply the finest show and the greatest example of classic homegrown British comedy. The imagination shines from every episode. The radio series was fantastic and the transition to television was well deserved the first series was simply the best thing the hit television since the invention of moving pictures. Series two was still amazing, not quite as good but still way above anything else. Series 3 is not as good again but is boosh and therefore amazing. The comedy partnership of Fielding and Barret is the stuff of legends and the added bit of Fulcher adds the extra bit of spankingly great silliness. You must watch this show but make sure you watch two episodes because the first one may seem so wierd you may not see the funny side!
  • Howard and Vince, two workers in a run-down zoo, are often called upon to put their jobs before their pride. That means dressing up as animals and sitting in cages because their boss, American entrepreneur Bob Fossil, can't afford any real animals.

    This is great surreal British comedy! Howard moon and Vince Noir are a pair of zookeepers. Howard is "a man of action" in his own words, a jazz maverick who spans the genres. He does novels, poetry, organises raffles etc. Howard on the other hand is a vain electro-ponse, who's hair is integral to the show. The first series was set in the Zooniverse, while second was based in Naboo's flat.

    Original, but their re-use of earlier material suggests a lack of invention - unless they can do something new with the new third series they may not be able to take the Boosh to the a-list.
  • Its so pretty!

    Super brilliant genius of a show that exemplifies why the bbc deserve their licence fee. Its amazing what a public broadcaster can do when it has no commercial interests to pander to and is constantly expected to justify its elevated status to the public and not lily livered company men. Its sort of analogous to why HBO makes/ broadcasts the best stuff in America.

    Combining brillant surrealism with accessible lovable characters, The Boosh will surely go down in folklore like Python, the Goodies or the Goon show. I do also enjoy the wonderfully antagonistic dynamic between the two leads. And who doesn't love a Gorilla in a pinny!

    Love it to bits!
  • boosh, boosh, stronger than a moose! luv it!!!

    Everyone who watches the mighty boosh, must love it!! It is so imaginative and un-descriable!
    The mighty boosh is legendary. It gets better and better, virtually every episode makes me end up in tears from alughing so much! I love the two DVD's of the series! i watch them over and over, and never get tired! The live tour as well, on DVD is top class! The cast are just amazing, songs are amazing, the art is amazing, just the best TV show around! Love it so much and i really can't wait until the third series on the 7th November.
  • Unbelievably funny

    I only got into this recently when my sister bought the DVD box set but it is awesome! I can't believe it only had two series. It has that random sort of humour that I love so much but still being relevant. A bit like a funnier family guy except without Family Guy's major flaw. I love all the raps. They crack me up and I always sing along to them. The acting is always funny and is definitely worth watching for anyone no matter what sorts of shows you like. Basically: Watch it or don't have fun. Whatever.
  • | Come with us now, on a journey through time and space.. |

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! I will remind you that this is British comedy (Obviously, otherwise it wouldn't get a 10 rating.)

    Sci-Fi Comedy. There are not much other shows that can make me laugh on a certain level that The Mighty Boosh does. It is perfectly flawless.

    I LOVE the music in this show. One of the main reasons this is hilariously fantastic, is because of how fake it is in some bits, and once you've seen this show, it becomes obvious that it's meant to be that way and that it adds hugely to the comedic effect.

    My favourite character is Bollo, and once you've seen The Mighty Boosh, you'll see how hilarious he is. Oh yeah, hes a gorilla.
  • One Word: Classic.

    I can't praise Messrs Barret and Fielding enough for producing one of the finest comedies of the decade so far. It seems to have gone largely ignored by the masses, but I'm sure it won't be long before the rest of the nation catch-up and they'll all pretend they watched from the start! Like all excellent work you are constantly asking yourself "How did they come up with that?!" This for me is the beauty of this programme, it's completely original, imaginative and sometimes it seems completely spontaneous. It may take you one or two episodes before you are hooked but once you are you'll find yourself searching on your Sky remote through BBC2 and BBC3's listings trying to find out if it is on. If its on at 2 or 3 in the morning, so what, stay up, watch it, go into work tired the next morning it's well worth it. If your the kind of person who gets angry if you don't get enough sleep, then simply go into work wearing a poncho! It's impossible not to be happy in a poncho, but of course, you all know that! Boosh Forever!!!!!!!
  • If you know of The Mighty Boosh, then you'll probably smile with glee when you see random strangers in a cafe recite the words, "I Am The Moon", in a freaky half-lisped accent and smile cheesily at one another. If not, this is what you're missing.

    Howard Moon and Vince Noir - otherwise known as Julian Barret and Noel Fielding - bring you the latest in modern entertainment, whatever that is. But before you snort into your coffee, this delightfully moonshine comedy will catch you off guard, and packed with offbeat claptrap and various catchy tunes about soup though it may be, it's the very best type of comedy debri there is, the creme de la creme of randomness... BooshTrash! Packed full of ridiculously hilarious moments and hilariously ridiculous moments, the loveable Vince and the mentally confusing Howard face peril after peril after peril, always managing to keep Vince's hair perfectly in tact. Though no-one's exactly sure what the 'Mighty Boosh' itself is, the show is a shiny sparkly fizzy piece of fun, and scientists have discovered that the Jazz-related stylings of Howard and the Topshop-related stylings of Vince can have a deeply addictive effect on people... Luckily, anyone with 'Boosh Withdrawals' might be happy to know that a third series is rumoured to come out on BBC3 at the time of writing, so keep those ears, eyes and T.V's peeled. Viewers who fell in love with the show will adore the Live Stage show, filmed at Brixton. It brings back all our favourite characters including Bolo, Naboo, Bob Fossil, Rudy, The Hitcher and a suprise visit from our favourite Merman... For those of you with a little Boosh in you (Oh, you know who you are!), give it a shot! If you don't fall in love with Vince and his breathtaking haystack of a hairdo after the first half of Series One then there's something very, very wrong with you. 'Till then, us BBC3 weirdos will be singing along to the theme tune inbetween the ad breaks!

    I love the mighty boosh so much!!! It's immense, vince's hair makes the show and i admit without the hair the show would not be as good! And he looks good in every single random outfit he wears, i dont no anyone who can do tht! Does anyone know where i can by his zookeeper jacket?! The person who said all vince does is smile is sort of right but it doesn't matter because he's preeeeeetty!! And he co-writes it too!!!Howard moon is ace too!! Two best episodes are "charlie" and "The nightmare of milky joe"
    If you haven't already u have got to watch it and if u dont love it then u should go and see a doctor or something because it is ace!!!
    Come with us to the mighty boosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love u loads if you are looking at this Julian Barratt and noel fielding and everyone else who is in it!!!! And please make a series 3 and 4 and 5 and 6!!!!!!!!!
  • Why don't more people watch this?

    My brother's girlfriend refuses to watch this show because she thinks it's really weird and to be perfectly honest it is really weird. But since when has that been a bad thing?

    I didn't see The Mighty Boosh until my brother bought the DVDs but I had heard of it as my friend Peet is a huge fan (and looks like Noel Fielding). I wasn't really expecting to like it when I sat down to watch it but I was really surprised. This is hilarious. Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt have created a fantastic programme and their characters work so well together.

    My favourite episodes are Jungle from series one (how can you not like dancing mod wolves?) and Nanageddon from series two, although Old Gregg is another hoghlight.

    I really hope they'll do another series
  • Absolutely frickin awesome.

    This show is absolutely genius.

    My favourite episode by far has to be 'Charlie' from series 1. I would so by that novelette, or 'scribblings of a retard as Howard likes to put it. The Mighty Boosh live is also amazingly funny and I highly recommend you see it.

    I absolutely love Noel Fielding, he's hilarious. If you've seen 'The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year' (UK) you'll see him in action with the lovely Russell Brand highly annoying David Walliams, they're absolute genius. If you haven't seen it then shame on you and I recommend you download it. Right now.
  • Oh my!!! How did this ever make it on to TV, never mind get a second series.

    I\'d heard good things about this show for a good 18 months before I watched it. Now I wonder why I wasted 30 mins of my life on it.

    All the jokes were either the most unfunny drivle I\'ve ever heard/seen or, the ones that made sense, were so predictable an delivered in the most univentive ways that it was a relief to see the back of them. I laughed approximately 3 times, very quietly, inside...

    Every charater and their associated actors, with the notable exception of the extremely small fortune teller, were absolute rubbish. The worst offender of which was the much praised Vince Noir (Noel Fielding), who simply sits there grinning throughout, waiting for his \'ammusing\' line or \'out there\' anecdote. After which he reassumes his weird grinning state until his next line.

    If you enjoy humour that is relevent and/or witty, and jokes that make any kind of sense at all, avoid this like the plague.
  • This show is about 2 zookeepers at a zoo called zooniverse anyways they always seem to be the ones that get in trouble or are always the ones that get the most involved they also have a friend named Naboo who is a shaman that works up there with them

    Me and one of my friends were watching videos on the internet and he told me that he gets the BBC network at his house and that there was a very funny tv show that he wanted me to watch so I watched it then we downloaded the entire first season on DVD but it didnt work so im going to buy both series one and two because I only saw series one I havent had a chance to watch the second series but I hope to be able to watch it soon but you will not be able to stop laughing
  • Do you like Baileys?

    Brilliant, an instant classic. The story of two zoo keepers (Vince Noir and Howard Moon) that get involved in zany adventures. Vince's obvious coolness is ofset by Howard's boring exterior (that actually makes him very funny) to make them one of the best comedy double acts I have ever seen, supported by other great characters including a talking gorilla, a shaman and an the idiot zoo-niverse manager Bob Fossil.

    The adventures seem to get wierder in every episode, in my personal opinion I think the second series is better than the first, eventhough I missed Bob Fossil and his inability to remember animals names. Sure to go down as a pure great in comedy, can't wait for series 3.
  • One of the most outrageously fantastic comedies of our generation. Truly genius and exceptionally original. According to my very reliable sources we\\\'re looking at a series three in february/march next year!

    This is unmissable for all fans of all things psychadelic, musical, outrageous and basically... all things well and truly fun. This show brings happiness to a room whether that be through the peril of the mysterious adventures they go on, Howards many, many exaggerated career choices or really just Vince\\\'s hair... this show is unmissable as said before. It\\\'s bright, fresh and young yet appeals to all ages. Since seeing the pilot all those years ago I was determined and desperate to see more. Ever since I have been hooked and I can guarantee you, you will be too! It\\\'s a certainty!
  • Hilarious in a way I don't understand.

    So I'm sitting there on a rainy day weeping as I'm forced to watch what seems like an endless stream of terrible shows on BBC Kids when all of a sudden this show called The Mighty Boosh comes on and its got English people and a singing moon and Old Gregg and funk and a mangina. Needless to say, I was hooked. After watching a few more episodes since then, The Mighty Boosh has become one of my favourite shows as every episode has a plot that has nothing to do with anything, and entirely original and unexpected humour. Absolutely the best show I've ever stumbled upon.
  • you gotta watch the show it is so funny if you watch any ep watch.......All of them!!

    this is about 2 zoo keepers who go on adentures my god so funny season 1 is better then the rest Under rated and hilarious maybe my favorite show and im an aussie!! so give it a shot and you wont regret it! Charlie is very good but jungle and arctic put up a good fight it isnt called tundra it is arctic vince is funny and Howard is lame which is funny as well lol all i can do is laugh as i am writing this i am watching it please watch all i can say is funny !!!
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