The Mighty Boosh

Season 3 Episode 3

The Power of the Crimp

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Nov 29, 2007 on BBC Three
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Episode Summary

Flighty Zeus have stolen all ideas and fans of Vince and Howard. To get everything back they meet for a face off at The Velvet Onion.

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  • Finally this series is as good as I hoped!

    Ok series 3 it's been good but, not brillaint. Eels was entertaing because i love the hitcher but punk although good showed a very out of character Vince but Crimp brings back Fossil so it can't be bad. Ok it's another bring back a character episode which I admit this series has had way too much of already (and its only the third episode) this episode I thought was better than those shown so far the naming of the little songs as the crimp was good because now they are easy to explain and Gary Newman in a cupboard HILARIOUS good work guys keep it up!moreless
  • The mighty boosh find out thier being copied by charlatans judging by this season people would be mad to emulate them

    Okay better than the last few episodes

    it feels like a self parody

    especaily the zeus stealing thier time slot.

    the twitchy eyed northener who calls everyone sir was spot on

    the crimping is always a part of the show i have found to be great.

    "Soup" being my personal favourite

    unfortunately is quite predictable

    we just know there going to be outdone at every turn until the end

    and the set up is obvious .

    nice to se robots in disguise again and terry nutkins in tribute to a none mediocre episode i give you soup

    Soup, souper tasty, soup, souper spicy, carrot and coriander, Chilli chowder. Crouton, crouton, crunchy friends in a liquid broth. I am gazpacho, oh. I am a summer soup, mmm. Miso, Miso, fighting in the dojo, Miso, Miso, Oriental prince in the land of soup!moreless
  • Another amazing installation to incredible Mighty Boosh series. Vince Noir and Howard Moon have their identities mimicked and to prove themselves as the better duo challenge the copycats to a crimp off.moreless

    'The Crimp' a truly special addition to the series; Noel Fielding and Julian Barret showing us, once again, their random comedy genius. The episode begins with Vince having his identity mimicked. The copycat mirrors his walk, talk, breath and every item of clothing he wears - no doubt he also has ninjas delivering him Cheekbone every three hours. As the show progresses another copycat appears, copying the small eyed Howard Moon. The duo vocally monkey paw each other until the copycats steel the Future Sailors act at the Velvet Onion. After this the famous duo are about to leave town, when a amazing idea hits them....Crimp. A series of events takes place which ends in the two duos going head to head in a Crimp off. The battle is tense with both teams pulling out unbelievable lyrics: 'Spooky spooky monkey, sitting in my flat he's a primate junkie.'

    'Sweeping up, sweeping down, sweeping all around. He comes Mr broom broom.'

    'Pork pie, shiny eyed, champagne peido.'

    and finally the great: 'Crimpity crimpity now now, Crimpity crimpity ask me how

    Crimpity crimpity you will pay, Crimpity crimpity out my way

    Boing Ding Bong Bong Ding, Crimpity crimpity f**k you.'moreless

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    • Four Part Crimp Song:

      Crimpity crimpity
      Now now
      Crimpity crimpity
      Ask me how
      Crimpity crimpity
      Humble pie
      Crimpity crimpity
      Boing, ding, bong, bong, ting
      Crimpity crimpity

      Sugar-man light source
      Why did you come to me?
      Put me in a coma
      Woke up in the future
      Robot man can't you help me find my waaayyy?
      I can't understand the things you saaayyy

      Tube mouse I love you so
      I took you from the underground and brought you home
      I put you in my jacket pocket
      Took you to the meeting
      Put you in my jacket pocket
      Took you to the meeting

      Put you in my jacket pocket
      Put you in my jacket pocket
      Put you in my jacket
      Put you in my jacket
      Jean Claude Jaquettie, with his jacket on
      Jean Claude Jaquettie, With his jacket off
      Jacket on, Jacket off
      Jacket on, Jacket off

      Ooh, ooh, ohh
      I did a twistie
      Ooh, ooh, ohh
      A tiny twistie

      Crimpity crimpity
      Now now
      Crimpity crimpity
      Ask me how
      Crimpity crimpity
      You will pay
      Crimpity crimpity
      Out my way
      Boing, ding, bong, bong, ting
      Crimpity crimpity
      F**K YOU!

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