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We just issued 4-Episode Test verdicts for Mom and The Crazy Ones, and clearly CBS saw our less-than-thrilled opinions of both series and said, "We're gonna show those TV.com folks! [maniacal laughter]." And show us they did, because the network has given full-season pickups to MomThe Crazy Ones, and The Millers (the latter of which will receive the 4-Episode treatment next week). 

However, I have a theory that these orders were probably going to happen no matter what. All three series are anchored by big names: Will Arnett on The MillersAllison Janney and on Mom, and Robin Williams on The Crazy Ones. When you factor in Margo Martindale, Beau Bridges, Anna Faris, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, it just makes sense that CBS would keep them around through May. Plus there's the pesky little matter of ratings. 

The Crazy Ones has averaged 13.71 million viewers (I'm assuming that, like me, some of those pople are watching out of loyalty to Buffy Summers), while The Millers has averaged 12.41 million, and Mom has averaged 7.98 million. So yeah, now we're going to sit through a whole season's of fart jokes, Buffy nostalgia, and Janney wishing for the good ol' days of Aaron Sorkin. But things could be worse! If We Are Men hadn't been canceled, we would've risked contracted herpes from spending 22 episodes in that nasty hot tub.

These pickups mean that all four of CBS's new fall comedies have received either a back-nine order or the axe. 

Are you still watching MomThe Millers, or The Crazy Ones? Are you excited for a full season's worth of James Wolk? P.S. Remember Lone Star

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